Warehouse 13 (2009)

Warehouse 13: After saving the life of the President in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the Regents, an Authority above and outside any government, have collected over the centuries. Their new assignment: retrieve any lost objects and investigate reports of new ones.

  • Currently 7.40/10
(16595 votes)
Released: July 07, 2009
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors: Paula Garc├ęs, Anthony Michael Hall, Ashley Williams, Jaime Murray

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Warehouse 13 (2009) Comments

Posted by metroboy24

IMO This episode really marks a turning point when you start as a viewer to feel like "part of the gang" since the Regents story kind of "lets you in on a secret"- and they really needed that! I am re-watching all of them to catch up to S3 and if they hadn't done this episode and let you also feel the family vibe between the characters in this one instead of taking itself too seriously, and becoming more "fun," then I don't think this show would have made it and become so successful. I'm REALLY glad they did this ep when I thought about it that way, cause we all know the budget/effects aren't that great and the reason the show works is you LIKE the people in the show, this one particularly made me LOVE Claudia and realize Artie is cool under his grouchiness, so good on them. And more Mrs. F. is always a trip I already liked her! 10/10 for story and the first one of season one that made me have fun watching them during their hijinx and madcap adventures lol

Posted by Zenspider

It's 2013 about time we had a new episode...

Posted by bonespawson

New faces, old faces - keeping my interest - another good episode - next episode preview looks awesome...hope it doesn't disappoint.

Posted by Zenspider

What! What! What! How can they leave it like that?! Why not show the whole series back too back? 2013 is gonna seem like a life time away. Boy, what an ending. Cliffhanger.....

Posted by IToldYouSo

Couldn't they have EASILY saved Beth?! Just like Myka saved Pete??? Take the knife out?

Posted by raven13

I love this show. 4.5 out of 5.

Posted by acuthcrenth

this is epision 5 not 6??????? why the mix up?

Posted by vampwalker709

lmao james is fucking awesome

Posted by PLaCeB0HeR0

Reminds me a Fringe.Lets watch another episode.

Posted by serenaf

I love all the Star Trek actors guest starring in it!!!

Posted by mabiniss1

I officially have a crush on Allison Scaggliotti or Claudia. lol

Posted by saly_390

I luv the moment where pete discovers that his own mom is an ange, super hilarious!

Posted by kellysam

ep 15 aired last night and is not online since the website went down and i lost my original account due to my info being deleted! no episodes are being uploaded for any tv series that i can see

Posted by youngsmithy

goood episdoe =) 9/10

Posted by CROMPTON

Best episode in the series took place where??? ATL wooo that episode was crazy !!! 10/10

Posted by MadChild88

amazing show glad that its back

Posted by metroboy24

AWW! I LOVE Claudia and that was cool of them to give her the platform to showcase one of her own songs - she sounds great. This was a fun one, but NOTHING is better than when Claudia and JInxie - the dream team - get into wacky hijinks! Ashmore brings much needed balance to Pete's 12 yr old "id". We love em all tho. Next I wanna see Mrs. Frederick have a 70's artifact cause her to let down her hair up in tha club and show her drop it low HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA now THAT would be good television comedy, and by its very nature, science fiction.... LMAO

Posted by BetterThanSuicide

just a few more hours

Posted by stevewm1978

At Syfy and Hulu

Posted by Terrordar

Is dat sum Data???

Posted by REDspike

great ending for season 2 but really sad ending :0

Posted by IToldYouSo

I wish they did an episode where an artifact was created... I think it would be interesting. Also: the Hollywood sign should be an artifact! =D

Posted by avenger770

Wow Greg Parker from Flash Point.

Posted by bonespawson

Awesome Episode - Not going to spoil anything here, so just going to say wow....

Posted by SyFyfan88

Excessive drooling, awful problem. Interesting episode great ending of a storyline and a great cliffhanger.

Posted by youngsmithy

lol good episode =) 9/10

Posted by SyFyfan88

Great cliffhanger ending and an interesting episode!

Posted by kizurika

damn you veehd for not being available in my country!

Posted by Daragh

This episode would have made a brilliant series finale. I do have to ask the question: Why didn't Artie use the watch earlier? Come next season, when he reverses time, he will be the only person to know what happened that fateful day. I wouldn't be able to handle that burden.

Posted by SyFyfan88

I would love to a drink like that, just without the side effects! Great episode!

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