The Game (2006)

The Game: A spin-off of "Girlfriends" featuring a group of women who all have relationships with professional football players.

  • Currently 7.10/10
(2673 votes)
Released: October 02, 2006
Runtime: 21 mins
Genres: Comedy Drama Romance Sport
Actors: Jason Momoa, Brittany Daniel, Stacey Dash, Lee Majors

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The Game (2006) Comments

Posted by bettyboopbbw69

Yeah kinda looks like it. Blueroseatl

Posted by neviboo

wow what an ending to the series....

Posted by thomas_co2

I like this show but seriously not liking so story line so much since B.E.T took over, but its still watchable.

Posted by makini2186

First time I smiled too! Things aredefinitely looking up!

Posted by Jayharmony

Derwin had me deing of laughter in this episode!!!

Posted by treneicia

i love the game!!!!

Posted by thomas_co2

Wow, Pooch Hall and Tia Mowrey Have just been fired from the game.

Posted by Raines

Derwin.. Imma miss you babe.. I cried. Too heartbreaking to watch him go............

Posted by StoleeThatsMe

When the show first aired I didn't give it a second thought, but as time progressed it definitely caught my attention and surprisingly entertained me. I found it very funny, I enjoyed the drama, I liked the characters, and the show's angle of displaying various sports couples. By season three I began to feel as though some of the writers must have been replaced or just dropped out because the material was no longer as humorous as it had once been. Now that the show has been given a second chance I hope that episode two of this new season is much better than episode one. The new episode does deliver the the drama (as always), but the humor is mediocre at best. I wasn't impressed with the comedy in this episode nor the untimely laugh track, however Tasha's new "Baby" is so WTH it's hilarious! Tasha, Tasha, Tasha; she needs to stay off the white wine if she's going to begin dating men whom she's peeled off the bottom of her eight hundred dollar stilettos. I wonder if Stimpy realizes Ren is on another show now? LMAO and cRingINg all at the same time, now that's comedy! Melonie/Derwin of course deliver the best of the drama this episode, Kelly has lost her mind, Malik's still soulless, and Jason's just Jason. I hope that the pressure of the show's comeback will ultimately pay off.-Stolee

Posted by Bella24Forever

This show is losing its flavor and sooner or later they need to cancel it.

Posted by selamsabillion

wtf the Sound and video don't go together :( i cant watch it its really distracting!!

Posted by thomas_co2

Pooch and Tia wanted more money but the show wasn't getting enough views to pay them what they wanted and they wouldn't go lower so the network fired them, you can even look on Tia's twitter she says she will not be returning for season 6 of the game.

Posted by Sarkazm

I haven't watched in awhile but the stories are good individually...but they aren't really tying together for me. Brandy as Chardonay, classic and cliche all at once. She did great though. I think I'll start watching again.

Posted by Bella24Forever

This was the most dramtic episode.It was amazing.

Posted by GoldPeach

Love this show. Season 4 was awesome looking forward to season 5!

Posted by bettyboopbbw69

Meh... I wonder if Moesha see her daddy next week...before his hairline recedes to the back of his neck.

Posted by neviboo

dont play with miss tasha mack...

Posted by xeffyzef

oh gosh soo much tension

Posted by thomas_co2

no one more episode

Posted by versebtm

I have been waiting patiently for this favorite show of mine to come back. Not only is it back with a vengeance, they added Brandy Norwood and Jennifer Coolidge. I love the both of them, the story lines are a bit far fetched to me, but I have never hung out with the elite sports crowd to be able to have anything to compare it to. I truly enjoy the actors and the attitude of this show, it will be one of my favorites forever.

Posted by taty078

this is episode 1 and 2 combined

Posted by ayobella

lmfao damn Tasha Mac! Got to admit that she does have the upper hand. Melanie was getting a bit annoying.

Posted by thomas_co2

Tia announced on her twitter she wont return next season., and I'm pretty sure Pooch is leaving too.

Posted by neviboo

i love the game, ok dat was a knock out and a

Posted by missz4

what happened to episode 2?? is it just me or is this the same as episode 1??!!

Posted by cheryl100761

love blue, the story lines are moving slowly as the scripts are longer, the show drags.

Posted by evoyne

I just had to watch the return episode. The original story line with Melanie and Derwin is the reason I started watching the show. I am so glad the writers completed Derwin's story. Now if only Tia Mowry-Hardrict will return with Pooch Hall to really give us a tear jerker to complete the Melanie and Derwin story line. After that, I will not watch the show anymore. It just isn't the same.

Posted by pufferette

does anyonne know approxiamtely when the new season will start?

Posted by rea15

i love this show it makes me laugh hahaha best show ever:)

Posted by MrSILK1

The game has lost its luster.... becoming to predictable...and two much like a "REALITY" SHOW

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