Being Human (2008)

Being Human: A werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost try to live together and get along.

  • Currently 7.70/10
(13183 votes)
Released: 2008
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror
Actors: Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow, Chris Wilson, Ian Puleston-Davies

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Being Human (2008) Comments

Posted by rashina

it is not wokeing right so i hav to

Posted by myreahz

season 4 is on Sunday 6th feb @ 21:00 on bbc 3

Posted by fateddreamer

interesting new series. Glad the show is back. I look forward to getting to know Hal, Tom, and the new ghost girl more.

Posted by rwaites64

Think what you will about the ending, I also think they might be in a dream would but it does not matter because BBC canceled the show. Now all I can say is what the hell am I gonna watch

Posted by Sodapop_Curtis

Probably January 2012. Long way to go !

Posted by monkeyblood18

wow anne and nana messed up BIG TIME!!!!

Posted by zbossman


Posted by 90smovielover

hahahahah!! i like the new vampire hal LOL! this episode is funny. LOL! i love that girl from the caffee!

Posted by Sodapop_Curtis

I am nicely suprised by the quality of the writing & the acting, even though the writers absurdly chose a

Posted by Ender7718

good thing the US version has gotten better because this show is going down the toilet without George and Mitchell... pity

Posted by zbossman

when do they air? so i can know when to expect it

Posted by IToldYouSo

I wouldn't consider them similarities... compare the 1 episode of the American version and this. the storyline is exactly the same with some differences.

Posted by xPurpleHazeX

I absolutely love this show! The original is way better than the American version. Mitchell is my favorite on the show ;)

Posted by TRINAL

the actors are good but the writers are not so good as they were in first season even tho i english i got to say the american one is NOW better

Posted by Samir993J

Filming on the 5. series of Being Human has begun in Barry, Wales :) in 2013 you can start watching it.

Posted by Bella24Forever

hal and annie so cute together.

Posted by rwaites64

Well after watch that I am conflicted, that's all I can say.

Posted by bigjuicymonkey

This show is amazing,at first I only watched the US version,thinking they were both the same why bother? I was wrong and am glad I watched because that just means I got double the amount of being human.4/5 gonna miss you guys :(

Posted by IToldYouSo

Mitchell had a problem with Herrick, Hal has a problem with the new guy... BTW, why was basically all the old cast renewed except Annie? is her new unfinished business the baby?

Posted by Sodapop_Curtis

AWESOME EPISODE !!! Even though there are some untimely sound problems...

Posted by Verence

That is a very good question, thundercat. A very good question indeed.

Posted by Wicked78

Incredible how 3 non-human beings try to live a human live and doing it better then most of the human beings :-) Just love it!

Posted by Sodapop_Curtis

Have the writers got alzheimer ? Since when werewolves' blood is lethal for vampires ??? Herrick litterally ate McNair et was pretty fine afterwards. So many contradictions between series 3 and 4...

Posted by fantastik

they put too much too fast into one episode. This show is practically on life support! how can you kill off 3 of the four original cast. annie is great of course but without Mitchel George and Nina it's not the same show at all. what a let down... :(

Posted by fateddreamer

I just can't see Hal going evil. Tom and Allyson were soo cute!


must admit am not impressed with this series,a think its went doon hill since the oringal caractors left it,sorry a was disapointed with this episode bring back the oringals somehow.0/10

Posted by southern21belle


Posted by Bella24Forever

I love this show so much.When is it coming back?

Posted by Bella24Forever

I am so excited to watch this episode cannot wait to the is show .

Posted by DamieSG

Seriously... And now we're going to sacrife a child...

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