Falling Skies (2011)

Falling Skies: The chaotic aftermath of an alien attack has left most of the world completely incapacitated. In the six months since the initial invasion, the few survivors have banded together outside major cities to begin the difficult task of fighting back. Each day is a test of survival as citizen soldiers work to protect the people in their care while also engaging in an insurgency campaign against the occupying alien force.

  • Currently 7.10/10
(44914 votes)
Released: June 19, 2011
Genres: Sci-Fi Action Thriller
Actors: Jessy Schram, Noah Wyle, Doug Jones, Sarah Carter

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Falling Skies (2011) Comments

Posted by sandsman1

i dont even watch this on tv anymore i wait and come here to watch without comercials its so much better without them -- thanks to who ever loads this great show

Posted by 90smovielover

This episode went by quickly... they could have done so much more in this episode. I think im starting to agree with overfiend.. maybe the writers are loosing there touch, i mean common what the heck was that??!!... Is that little girl a traitor? cause what was the point of this little situation right here. The next episode better shed some light on whats going on with ben and what is this Famous Charleston they all speak of.

Posted by Valkyr

If you thought this was your typical episodical action-packed type of series that dumbs everything down so that the audience can keep up you would be wrong, Falling skies is by far one of the most realistic, believable and relatable series of its genre, its all about deep character development and the realistic vision of the age old story of resisting against oppression, Falling skies could and should win awards for all that it has achieved so far. Here are my Ratings, Acting 8/10 (fantastic acting on most parts, However sometimes let down by the less experienced actors) Plot 9/10 (not too many flaws with the plot although i wish they could have a few more twists and turns, just to play with the audiences emotions a little more) Directing 8/10 (Very good direction for the most part however there a several points in the plot that could have been done alot better than they were) Character development 10/10 (The character development on Falling Skies is the best i have seen in a long time, although a few more charcters would be nice i cannot mark it down because the character development that they have done has been perfect) Special effects 7/10 (Lets face it, this is the 21st century, CGI is king and unfortuneatly Falling Skies comes up a little short until midway through season 2 although slightly above par for its budget, it could have been better, Season 3's CGI is much better and this is the only reason i rated this as high as i have) Overall 42/50 (A good overall by any standards, This show is a definite must watch for Sci-Fi and drama fans alike) Valkyr

Posted by tribute

loving this series, really enjoyed season 1 and season 2 is better.

Posted by vinyl_killer

finally an end of the world scenario (film)longer than just two hours :D

Posted by alijacup30

i love it, can;t wait anthill next week

Posted by rosepassions

communication is the key... i loved everything about this episode..

Posted by bigno13

that was awsome i would hope that that humanoid thing at the end of season 2 is a ally. i think he might be because you see a slight grin on its face before it ended. season 3 should be very interesting!!!

Posted by 90smovielover

Some of the comments below are right, but i think the place the lady is talking about is the set up the aliens made because there is no way this would make any since. And NO it is no Ben's fault , ben can't help it that the aliens took him and turn him into this thing that he is. He's just a kid, nobody asked for there world to be taken over and have a bunch of things attack there children. In wars like this theres always going to be a victim and thats what ben is a victim.. What do you guys suggest they do??? leave the kid behind??? The kid is going through alot but its not his fault, at the end of the day i think he will choose to do what is right.

Posted by rosepassions

I knew that red eye fool was doing something crazy... why is his son keeping secrets?

Posted by mrbaptiste

Couldn't make it past the first half hour. If you like Fringe, Battlestar or even SGU you will find the production values too low, the story weak and the cast un-engaging .. I HATE THE SUMMER TV SEASON

Posted by riddic2639

This show is awesome. I don't see why people are commenting that this show is bad.

Posted by brian195951

good show! just proves that a story doesnt have to be filled with violence to be good. interesting ending to season1. leaves you thinking about how about what direction they will take in season2. hmmmm got awhile to ponder on that!!

Posted by thebigdee

guess i,ll have to watch this 2morrow then huh...should be good

Posted by rosepassions

i always felt like charleston was a trap from the jump!!

Posted by pfloyd234

One of my favorite shows!! Excellent!!

Posted by Asad360

i saw steven spielbergs name on here...gotta watch it now

Posted by alijacup30

I love it can;t wait anthill next episode.

Posted by ChristineCatheryn

:D Yepie I was so happy for the Captian! :D Very good and scary at some parts!

Posted by dancingspider

not bad so far,,but shit better start hittin the fan sooon! cmon its an alien apocalypse!!

Posted by xoxsexysophiexox

loveeeeeeeee this show .... wish they had made mo0re series ... only just started watching them :D

Posted by who11

You and me both. Enjoyable, but there's no depth to the characters. At least with the walking dead, they had flashbacks and spoke about their past.

Posted by King_Of_Film

So it begins...

Posted by riddic2639

Keeps getting better and better 5/5.

Posted by King_Of_Film

This show is too damn good and that was a nice ending :)

Posted by justmorgan

I love this show so well done

Posted by omgitsgail

Is it me,or are they trying (also failing) to be like "The Walking Dead"?Reminds me of that except aliens instead of zombies. lol just my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions.. haha

Posted by xoxsexysophiexox

haha omg i know right .. everyone is like its just a tv show but its like jesus, cant you just urggggg ... it annoys me as well but i just want hal and maggie to hook up, but hal going for his ex girlfriend pissed me off haha :P

Posted by GnosticTray

so the south will rise...great show and living in myrtle beach not faraway..

Posted by thebigdee

brilliat episode wonder what ben,s agenda is

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