WWF Monday Night RAW: The best of the World wrestling federation battle it out every week. In the squared circle, to see just who is the best of the best

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Released: January 02, 1993
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Action
Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Paul Levesque

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WWF Monday Night RAW (1993) Comments

Posted by Dr300

feed me more feed me more

Posted by Chrismakavelli

On RAW just before the Cena vs Punk match at the tout part the Undertaker returned on Saturday at an event in Texas, and Jerry Lawler said he WILL be competing at WM29?

Posted by KyrianXVII

Youtube don't have it...

Posted by xPurpleHazeX

RAW was meh.. Only thing good was CM Punk/Jericho and Rock/Cena at the end.

Posted by Impulseseeker

Wow. Cm Punk's promo at the end rivals his breakout promo. amazing

Posted by skuja666

Father Christmas is Dead LOL :D

Posted by ronnsays

if john cena loses this one..i quit my 15 years viewing of WWE. I m a rock fan , n john cena fan..but cena deserves this one more then anyone.

Posted by darkdragon27

last match was the best laughed my ass off and the only thing i like about cm punk is his music he can dead for all i care never liked him o and happy new year all

Posted by Chrismakavelli

I agree, but i think thats the point, I think they are aiming for some sort of Sandow esc type heel, self centred, full of himself type character.

Posted by Chrismakavelli

Apparently I hear from good sources that Punk WILL face Taker at WM29. But its getting very close and still nothing...

Posted by Chrismakavelli

I loved this RAW, best start of a RAW for a long time... I wonder where The Undertaker is going to fit in?

Posted by Chrismakavelli

This was bloody terrible. Roll on WM.

Posted by omahablackrose

Rest In Peace, Paul Bearer. I hope Undertaker puts CM Punk into a coffin for the disrespect shown in front of the fans in that auditorium and around the world. Undertaker should make this upcoming Wrestlemania a true tribute to Paul Bearer and have an old school WWF coffin match to seal the deal and Takers undefeated streak.

Posted by Chrismakavelli

They do for me mate

Posted by xPurpleHazeX

Best RAW i've seen in awhile :)

Posted by lennybhoy18

no put or sock this week thats a sting

Posted by Chrismakavelli

oh my god... lmao

Posted by SAH1220

Why are all the episodes now one week delayed?

Posted by darkdragon27

best raw in weeks 5/5 lmao

Posted by Soucy24

hmmm...here we go again with the "good vs evil" cliche. *sigh*

Posted by Impulseseeker

SPOILERS. Someone needs to sgi the stick fight and make them light sabers. would be epic. Also CM PUNK decked a fan! Watch the last minute and you see him knock that dude the hell out!

Posted by bassassasin

I thought it was a very entertaining episode atleast compared to most lately. Lots of good beat downs, dont want to spoil it so just watch for yourselves, one thing i will say though is I am sick of every week ending it with cena laid out in the middle of the ring, he needs to grow a set of kaholes and quit being such a little panzy @$$ beeoch.

Posted by nononoyes

funny how you wrote this 10 months ago, and the same comment could be made today.

Posted by thecritic2007

Its really time for wwe to revamp and get rid of the PG-rating this company is going down faster than a $2 hooker. bring back the ruthless ere

Posted by devinchi

Umm... maybe you should get a couple facts straight. Triple H is still the COO of the WWE, he's just not the General manager of Monday Night Raw anymore.

Posted by ksaid75

last monday raw april 4 2012 was the best wwe show ever OMG Brock Lessner is back.

Posted by Seby_Mizuki

Curtis Axel is like a Kurt Angel 2.0 yet defective. BORED!

Posted by PuRp

Thank you WEREWOLFF. U r the man.

Posted by mattbrown121

i agree i also think there wasting talent, i think daniel bryan's skill and ability should be used more and given a push as he was in some of the better matches in the past year, and i dont get why they are making ziggler look crap when he is a very gifted athlete and as champion they shouldnt make him look so poor, and i also think the divas division needs a huge shake up and i think they should move paige up to the main roster but maybe im just biased as she is a close friend of mine


last time they had career on the line match that person actually did retire so a doubt triple H is retiring for good,but god a hope not he still has at least another 5 yrs in him at least for wrestling besides all the broken bones and all that he still has it in him,cannae wait for WM29 this yr looking 4ward to it big time is any1 else feeling the same way as me??

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