Teen Wolf (2011)

Teen Wolf: Awkward teen Scott McCall's life changes forever when he is bitten by a werewolf and becomes one himself. Some changes are positive - increased prowess in sports, super-hearing and a boost in confidence. But there are problems, and dangers, that come along with being a lycanthrope.

Released: June 05, 2011

Genres: Comedy Drama Horror Thriller Action Romance
Actors: Daniel Sharman, Gideon Emery, JR Bourne, Linden Ashby

  • Currently 7.20/10
(21404 votes)

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Teen Wolf (2011) Comments

Posted by scoot

i like this film werewolf

Posted by tchari5255

Good show so far...

Posted by Deucalion

Season 3 Eipsode 13, 14, 15 are they getting made....??????

Posted by nativenz2004

just finished watching the 3rd series. this show rocks! bring on season 4!!

Posted by 1channelisgood

This website is hacked bullshit

Posted by Forbiden_Kiwi

true blood is a lot better

Posted by thchotel

lol anything from MTV is considered a "horror" in my opinion.

Posted by Heddyy

Allison has such a wonderful smile

Posted by imcrack

watch S4 E12 on videoweed.es

Posted by scumbagmat

its getting soooo good i cant wait for next episode

Posted by TvObsessed

It's a good show but it's not something I'm into but i'll still watch it because it is still entertaining 8/10

Posted by OBroseyfann07019

OMG the second half of Season 3 comes back on my birthday WOOP haha crnt get enough of the show! love it!

Posted by chicha

i wish it didn't take a turn like this, i think its all just a little too much with all the Japanese (I'm sorry if its any other culture I'm not sure) supernatural things. i personally liked it better when it was just all based on beacon hills and i think they are also introducing new characters too quickly. i don't get how Isaac and Alison got together tho, i know that in real life they are dating and stuff but was Scott too distant? i really hope they get back together :/

Posted by Isaiah555

i hope stiles and liyda get together

Posted by MorgZRose

I am surprized that that happend wow! what a turn out!

Posted by jordan4k

Teen wolf is the best show ever

Posted by BigMike87

wasn't there a t.v. show about a teen wolf back in the nineties was more of a comedy drama ? .

Posted by sakgab

love the show at first I underestimated it but when I so the pilot I couldn't wait to watch the next episode I watched all the episode in only one day ps: I love stiles so much and I love his way to see things and he's sarcasm can't wait to see tomorrow's episode

Posted by crayondall

I love this show, so easy to become so addicted!

Posted by dantech

Oh wow, He's going Alpha!

Posted by Deucalion

The starting song on Teen Wolf sound similar to The Walking Dead starting song :/

Posted by mickamorgan

decaulin scared the shit out of me and i mean literally . thats the ugliest werewolve ive ever seen

Posted by jamario12

wow I like episode 12 wow what I show I love it so much

Posted by nativenz2004


Posted by Master_Kush

Dereick is a Omgea Then Turns Into A Alpha after killing His Dad who Was The Original Alpha. The Vet Is Just A Vet That Heals Pets 95% Of The Time The Other 5% Werewolves. Scott Is A Aplha Of His Own Pack But Joins Derecks To Kill Jackson The Ocnoma Or Whatever The Lizard Creature. Ema, Isac And The Other Guy I Cant remeber Are Omega's Of dereck's Pack.

Posted by IchabodCrane

Sorry to say that, but in my opinion this show gets lamer with each episode. Still like it though.

Posted by alsaedyalsaedy123

they need putlocker or sockshare on episode 7

Posted by GoldPeach

I am confused about Alison and her stance with Scott... I feel like I missed something.

Posted by Roshelle_Lopez

scott is much hotter in season 2

Posted by andreweck

preferred the MTV logo in the corner, much less annoying than this stupid MUCH thing...

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