Duck Dynasty (2012)

Duck Dynasty: Series introduces the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business while staying true to their family values and lifestyle. Ask anyone in Louisiana and they'll tell you that the bayou state's favorite first family doesn't live in the governor's mansion but in the backwoods, where the Robertsons' rags-to-riches story is still unfolding. A homegrown mom-and-pop operation, Duck Commander has become a sporting empire by fabricating top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys out of salvaged swamp wood. This newly minted multimillionaire family is kept in line by business-savvy Willie, who runs Duck Commander with the help of his brother Jase,...

  • Currently 7.40/10
(2935 votes)
Released: March 21, 2012
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Reality-TV
Actors: Clint Bowyer, Jase Robertson, Kay Robertson, Korie Robertson

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Duck Dynasty (2012) Comments

Posted by d_Rob

LOL @ Jep. Great episode. :)

Posted by moviecrazy100

there filming this show right down the road how cool, and people here don't act like them. we do hunt a lot.

Posted by mb_vv

Phil's ability to spot any form of law enforcement is off the charts! He's always a part of the mess and then he just slips off. Haha! Some good laughs.

Posted by WiredShut

Si was crazy funny when he was talking about how he's good at causing a diversion.

Posted by KAT77KAT


Posted by JlovesM557

This is such a funny and entertaining show!

Posted by 22blanche

Nop, count me out. Too many beardy weirdies with old village mentality for moi. Another reality tv show to snooze through. Thought it'd make a far more interesting cookery show.

Posted by Solo713

Recommended by a fan and a friend. Not for me but it wasn't bad. Enjoy!!!

Posted by ccchimairaaa

I really do not like this show. Seems way too scripted and just do not enjoy watching it. I would rather watch cartoons or Seinfeld re runs over this show any day. :P

Posted by CraftyDog

Show is hilarious, they all crack me up and it all remind's me of bits of my own family.

Posted by bashfulbrother

This family are the real Beverly Hillbillies. Phil had a path slated for him in pro football. He played for Louisiana Tech as their first string quarterback, and was in line ahead of Terry Bradshaw. Even though he had plenty of offers to play pro ball, and if he had taken one of them, he would have been a household name due to his skill with a pigskin. Instead he followed his dreams and now he is a household name for the things he truly loves.

Posted by bashfulbrother

This is probably one of the funniest, touching television series I have ever seen. The scenes of those little grandkids pestering grandpa and uncle Si are just too funny for words. Phil and Si were woefully underarmed.

Posted by bashfulbrother

Phil is just too cool. It would be wonderful if every grandpa took that kind of interest in their grandkids life.

Posted by bashfulbrother

Even though sometimes things just seem to be a little too convenient, the real story here is a family that supports one another.

Posted by bashfulbrother

Phil is the greatest grandpa. Those grandkids are going to remember him and what he taught them all their lives. The best scenes are when his grand-daughters start pestering him. Got a lot of respect for that guy.

Posted by bashfulbrother

That is one of the most touching episodes I have seen on this series. I love the way they are always looking after their kids and putting them first. Great family.

Posted by bashfulbrother

This is positively hilarious. This show is the real Beverly Hillbillies. I love the women on this series too. First, they're from the south so they are meticulous with their manners and their poise. Second, they are the perfect contrast to the men. When he started gutting that duck, I just lost it. I love the way all of their children respond with "yes, sir, yes, ma'am".

Posted by bashfulbrother

I have waited 20 years for a show like this. Finally a series where men are not running around being women. Everything these guys say and do is what every other guy says and does in the real world. Caring for the family, hunting, fishing, and harassing your buddies as much as you can.

Posted by bashfulbrother

Great episode. Those little girl grandkids that Phil has are really too cool for words. And people can rest assured that the kids got decent presents after the cameras were shut down at the church.

Posted by bashfulbrother

This is a real "Beverly Hillbillies". If I hadn't spent the first 3 years of this century working as a store rep for one of the biggest sporting goods chains in the world I wouldn't have believed this. I actually have been on the phone with a couple of these people and this is the real deal. Knock 'em down, Willie.

Posted by kiwi20

this show is to funny i laughed the whole time great watch to brighten your day

Posted by kiwi20

i was so weak when will started racing at that speed i could of raced funny episode

Posted by kiwi20

i love this show but sometimes i think there putting women down they like there any better but huh i think not

Posted by 23ncbigh

Si make Duck Dynasty a great show.

Posted by abbaescue

I enjoyed all four episodes! I was in stitches with episode 4 though!! Look forward to seeing more of them.

Posted by Blackfire2k6

I wanna know who's the hot girl by Ms. Kay lol

Posted by hellonnnewman

My cousins live a couple miles away from these guys. The show - even though it's heavily scripted - is totally entertaining. It'll make you happy happy happy!

Posted by junster33

Somebody help! I kain't stop watchin' this show!

Posted by junster33

Even if the show is partly scripted, I enjoyed every minute. Reality tv at its best!

Posted by LOCKY1888

Not back till the New Year jack!! Then its on like Donkey Kong!

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