Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: VH1 is bringing a southern-fried tale of struggle, love and temptation to Atlanta, Georgia with an all new season of

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Released: June 18, 2012
Genres: Reality-TV
Actors: Rasheeda, Shay Johnson, Lil Scrappy, Karlie Lewis

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2012) Comments

Posted by JBEAUTY24

fucking bullshit..

Posted by dinamoncayo1

I don't care what anybody says this show is too funny and who wouldn't be entertained with all that drama.. one of my top reality tv shows

Posted by asianboi510

LoL at Benzeno's raggady no neck ass.

Posted by The_Jackal

Erica needs to leave that wack a$$ momma's boy and come pop it fo a real ninja. :) She has a daughter by him, me and her can live off of whatever Scrappy earns. lmao... but on a real though, that outburst was a long time coming. I give Erica no wrong for that. Momma Dee is wayyy foul for the ish that she does... the dude's about to get married and you're going to dangle a heaux in front of him like that? No bueno! I reckon that she's a bit cookhoo too since she almost really believes that she's a Queen living in a Kingdom, smh. I am so mad that Rasheeda didn't get to connect with K. Michelle; K really needs a thrashing to calm her lil a$$ down. Stevie is KING... POINT-BLANK-FIN!

Posted by The_Jackal

Hahahaha... Mannn this episode was bananas; b-a-n-a-n-a-s!! LMFAO... I believe Joseline 100%; she's that kind of woman that has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She sees Stevie as her 'Captain save a h0e' and she loves him to the core just because of that. I think Mimi's one foot out the door and the only reason she's clinging on to him is because of their child. Every episode of this show is WILD and every character has got something going on... I love this show!

Posted by Tish7

This finale what awesome...loved the ending segment. I hope I have a love like Rasheeda's, that's how it's supposed to be...Stevie J is a fool, he'll truly come to regret his mistake later on down the line. I respect the women in this show and Benzino was decent but also seemed desperate...."at the end of the day" this was one great season and I'm looking forward to more!

Posted by Tish7

for real, K Michelle starting to scare me...she acts mental. And with that mouth she has I cannot believe she is anyone who wouldn't scrap it out with a man.

Posted by Tish7

Can't wait for the season finale!! Great episode as always, drama drama and more drama + jokes.

Posted by Tish7

Comedy at it's finest!

Posted by tootiet

some reason i agree, joseline is definately my favorite, shit shes real, and shit does happen.....i blame that sorry assed dude

Posted by keenasmith

I don't think that was her husband that was her manager

Posted by nasa_kaan

HAHAHAHAHAH Joceline WWF-ing his behind !!!!

Posted by nasa_kaan

Im Joseline Hernandez - Irelevant ahahahahahahaahahh Hillarious !

Posted by nasa_kaan

Yeah i agree princess !

Posted by BMoosh

Well said popa1983, and anyone who hits the useless button for this guys comment, is just an ignorant, mindless sheep :)

Posted by BMoosh

Haha thats it people, click the useless button for my comment, you can't answer my question so all you can do is click the button :)

Posted by kirahbaby

I am getting tired with mimi...she likes getting played for a fool..even stevie call her molly maid SMH...Scrappy mom really need to stay out of his business..even if she prefer shay,she still should respect his decision instead of trying to force him to shay.

Posted by mocami121

Stevie J is reality Gold K Michelle is being good and thats a new side to miss memphis I like Erica is still Erica and i t looks like Scrappy might be growwing up His mama no comment and Mimi is just dumb


This was funny!!! You must watch!

Posted by tab58064

I can't watch this's embarrassing. There's a segment of black America who has no problem with having us look like ghetto idiots when we are lucky enough to have a show. And to believe that grown folk with children sit and watch this shit with their children!! SMH!

Posted by TatianaNZ

K Michelle! SMDH. Were you bored and trying to be relevant? Mimi asked you to come along for a reason, and that was to support her. You didn't even personally know this guy and you're giving your opinion which clearly wasn't wanted or appreciated. Mimi is supposed to be your friend, if she's not feeling your conversation, then hush up.

Posted by TatianaNZ

Mimi, what you doing? Stevie J doing his rat impressions just irritates the heckery out of me, he isn't going to change because you're not forcing a change. We teach people how to treat us. What are you teaching him?

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