Elementary (2012)

Elementary: A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.

  • Currently 7.60/10
(20170 votes)
Released: 2012
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Action Crime Drama Mystery
Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Natalie Dormer, Aidan Quinn

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Elementary (2012) Comments

Posted by marillion

Will openly admit to going into this show expecting to hate it for many reasons. I expected a cheesy version of the BBC's Sherlock. The biggest compliment of the show I can give is that despite that predisposition I really really like this show. JLM has created his own unique Sherlock persona and it works very well. Lucy Lui as Watson is so different from other Watson's that it actually works for me. The show is picking up steam and I am looking forward to what comes next

Posted by 1Fractured1

Darn Good Sleuthing!

Posted by 1Fractured1

Gets better and better everytime! This one is the best so far.

Posted by 1Fractured1

Being a huge fan of the original,the first half of epi 1, was not good and I almost dumped it! Then started to get much better and watched epi 2. Liked this one very much and will watch another! I do believe that the use of Sherlock Holmes and Watson names are not necessary with the only similarity to the original being the violin! Better than most of the newer series and could have stood on it's own, providing the writers don't mess it up!

Posted by Akrim

I like how Sherlock was bragging in the beginning under the auspices of research.

Posted by army1959

the ending was intense

Posted by army1959

what happened to the house keeper ? good ep

Posted by army1959

this is really starting to come along

Posted by army1959

i wonder how many people changed their fb status after this one

Posted by battlecrow

File Nuke is great just give that a try! Avoid clicking ads

Posted by battlecrow

Love the show, Love the Sherlock Holmes character we are seeing modernized and LOVE the female Watson. WAY WAY more realistic in our modern society and hell I believe back in the day if it wasn't so un-proper to travel with a women that was not your wife we would have seen a female Watson!

Posted by dee71

Brilliant show, love it

Posted by dee71

Loving this, Johnny Lee Miller is brilliant

Posted by gabrieldismas

well dam if this isn't getting interesting

Posted by gman713

As usual...great episode!

Posted by lyonte2000

Don't know why, but the next episode will be on the 25th. and then the next episode after that will be on may 2nd. i really don't understand why they break up the season like this, it is rather irritating. But at least they didn't cut it.

Posted by Mcarter94

Elementary suddenly became the suddenly became the mentalist and i love it

Posted by NoX

the apsolut best version of Holmes series iv seen. all lead roles are great and lu lu as watson is so weird and new it just fits. good job. 5/5

Posted by Piquerish

I'm American, and you are, indeed, spot on. Holmes was too glib by far and both main characters, despite their acting credentials, were rather poorly drawn and two-dimensional.

Posted by Piquerish

Elementary presents an interesting variation on a theme and it works to a degree. The story produces some tension, but that is deflated by an often too-glib Holmes and a score designed for filling teeth. As much as I wanted to see characters that were more than two-dimensional paper cutouts, people I could care about, I kept seeing both Holmes and Watson as overwrought caricatures. I know that this review will draw fire, but my assessment of Elementary is genuine. It passes muster, but deserves no more three average stars of five. If it's your cup of tea, by all means enjoy. But caveat emptor. Ready ... aim ... .

Posted by stevenmullen26

Great show, can't wailt for next season.

Posted by Sullyf

Great chemistry between Holmes and Watson. I already love this. Since this is a twist, when does he do her? Can't wait to see! 9/10

Posted by Wyneberg

woooooooooow this show has turned into GREATNESS. Never saw that coming and i though i went through every possible version lol. Who ever wrote this must be a genius. cant wait for next season.

Posted by tvsavedmylife

I like it, the realisation of the Sherlock and Watson and the actors playing them seems to work.

Posted by bloodycrampuff

Biggest issue of mine with this show is Lucy Lui's character. Her insistence on dredging up the past gets tired, especially considering he hasn't had a single moment of relapse throughout the show so far.

Posted by gemboy

works well i like it

Posted by TracySwingKid

I like how they have reinvented Mrs. Hudson. I was wondering when she would appear.

Posted by gorki

The BBC version seems more true to the spirit... this is just a tasteless version... see ya sherlock

Posted by gorki

Spot on, my dear!

Posted by paulwall223

"you named a bee after me?" he's getting sooo laid...at leastif this was normal relationship he would.

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