Defiance (2013)

Defiance: The series is set in the near future, where aliens known collectively as Votans have come to Earth seeking a new home after their solar system was destroyed... See full synopsis »

Year Released: 2013

Genres: Action Drama Sci-Fi
Actors: Julie Benz, Jaime Murray, Tony Curran, Grant Bowler

  • Currently 8.20/10
(839 votes)

Defiance (2013) Comments

Posted by jerry9817

its getting better now

Posted by Tupinambisx

This is definitely a good watch. Take time and let the characters build. It really draws you in.

Posted by lovelyhook46

Everyone Version 2 is Episode 11 don't waste your time with it!!

Posted by Hugh_Og

I though it was only on season 1 but this says 2

Posted by tabonesaviour

this start very good 5/5 any chance for more of it

Posted by fayooz2pac

you guys r one episode late

Posted by hevro

when does episode 10 come out ?

Posted by swolfmoon

Watched Version 31 (Gorillavid) and the quality was decent, no complaints! Thank you! Now, for the episode, I won't spoil anything, but the big noise this episode is not just that Kenya's missing husband resurfaces, but that Alak and Christie are finally going to tie the knot...except a short conversation between Datek and Rafe makes Datek decide that he is once again against his son marrying a human. Stahma (Jaime Murray) shines as the mother of the groom, and tries to give Christie her "something borrowed"...her first attempt is sweet but rebuked, so in an effort to stay on Christie's good side, she offers up a different "something borrowed" just before the ceremony begins. The Castithan singers at the beginning of the wedding ceremony are by far one of my favorite parts of this excellent episode! This episode is by FAR the best of them all, so far. I hope that this trend of every episode being better than the last continues, as there is only two more episodes left of this season! At the end of every episode, I can't wait for the next, and I am so glad this show was given a second season, it certainly deserves it. I am so impressed with it so far, I am glad I gave it a chance, and I hope that many others decide to give it a chance too.

Posted by HunterAlpha1

how ironic that i watched this episode when i had a cold and fever.


Great Sci-fi series. Unique concept, good character development. Interesting special effects 8/10


Terrific series, great special effects, well written and directed! 5/5

Posted by orsonwells

difiance great science fiction

Posted by Hogsihi

loved it!!! why ppl always compare? see it for what it is. diverse, interesting and definitely refreshing :)

Posted by Zro1Zro2point0

What is keeping episode 8 ?????????? i have to see it , i love this show and the game ..... did they have season finaly or something ?? any 1 know whats up with episode 8 ???

Posted by bad_dog_down1982

This show isn't that bad. But Yeah Game Of thrones inst that good either. so slow and no action for like a season and a half. talk talk talk talk talk talk.

Posted by gothlite

Another one of those self-important, humorless sci fi's with nothing new. The alien design has been seen before, the CG is not that good. Graham Greene is wasted as an actor here.

Posted by Toonaholic

Fun watch, you might like it, I do. Thanks for sharing your library.

Posted by decriminalize

You can never compare Game of Thrones to this show, this show just seems low budget compared to a show like GoT. I only watched 15min of the first episode & that's all i needed to see.

Posted by lvjustice2004

Why did they start the season over? I was already on episode 8....

Posted by Bluraz

Haha! Best episode of Defiance yet.

Posted by edgarjohnny

what a great show

Posted by alexjorge

I watch another all season of a show thanks to Thanks so much.

Posted by xPrimeDust

where si the S02E05? fk vodly bad updates even when it come's to movie bad updates

Posted by Hogsihi

love it! 9/10 hope season 2 is coming up soon :) ty

Posted by Sumonelse

It's Season 1 Episode 9 not season 2. Season 2 doesn't even begin until June 19 2014. This is more than 2 months premature.

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