Sleepy Hollow (2013)

Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers.

Released: September 16, 2013

Genres: Sci-Fi Thriller Adventure Drama Fantasy Mystery
Actors: Nicole Beharie, Memi West, Tom Mison

  • Currently 7.90/10
(20460 votes)

Sleepy Hollow (2013) Comments

Posted by timur


Posted by omaralsharif93

i loved this series , the series is biult on a good story with different stories each episode .I just had one problem with it they are making the free masons as the good people who helps them in order to make free masons in good image to the people watching ...

Posted by Carmecam

love this show! another great ep

Posted by Jackrabbit

I really enjoyed that , can,t wait or more.

Posted by Larsen94

This a Awsome tv Show. dam i can`t wait til Next episode. it is so Legit TV Show. you gett the feeling that you actualy are som off the persons there! gives 30 thumbs

Posted by bembotzouras

I KNOW WHAT THE WITCHES ARE SAYING! The demonspeak that is is refered to as "romany-greek" (there is no such thing) is just plain ole -bad- greek. I would've been impressed if it was ancient greek but I'm not omplaining. It's my new fav show.

Posted by Tex_Mex

Crazy good new series, must watch.

Posted by gstv87

ten minutes in: "Created By Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci" ....that's all I needed....

Posted by richhall1977

I wish this dude would change his clothes lol

Posted by mb_vv

So many angles, all logically bound. I'm impressed, and I have a new show to follow.

Posted by ThatKiddFlyyB

Think I just found a new favourite show!

Posted by Myxx

More More more!!!

Posted by Tex_Mex

Yeah I'm hooked also.....more

Posted by Myxx

ok I'm hooked. I want more.

Posted by airflix

yes...after a really long wait! enjoyed the pilot and can't wait to see how they build up the series..

Posted by ashalwayson

Whoever came up with this series is a spin on sleepy hollow brilliant.

Posted by fluffyfkrsrevenge

Wonderful!! I want more!!

Posted by Hollowakasuki

I love it. Can't wait till the next episode.

Posted by ItsEasyMkay

woot! i've been waiting for this!!

Posted by jmac68

I would like to say that if I had 20 thumbs, this show would get them all. The story line was true to tale, the acting was superb, and I give this a rating of 10/10 I was glued every second to the screen

Posted by jmac68

This has been by far a very exciting show. Acting was superb, and it stayed true to tale.. 20 thumbs up if I had 20 thumbs..can't wait till next week.

Posted by arteb182

Their Greek make me laugh soooo hard! :P And it's not a gipsy language, it's just plain new Greek (I'm Greek). Overall it's a good show, I'm hooked but the guy really needs to change his clothes :P

Posted by luke361

The new Supernatural and very good at that.

Posted by etstyrer

I'm hooked! Great Series!!!

Posted by hadora

This show is awesome,I am glad, It got renewed for season two already.

Posted by krissien95

i can see a future in this series :D and it's going to bee epic :D and this is for people that like a little scare but not too much :)enjoy

Posted by undarrow

A quick search into the so called 'Romani-Greek' has given me a brief understanding that the language is derived from the Greek gypsy (known as Gyftoi) adaptation of the language, when they emigrated to greece in the 15th century. On a side note, the term gypsy was coined by the Greeks who believed them to be Egyptian in origin. So it looks possible that the language suggested in the show could in fact be based on truth. Never the less, awesome show! can't wait to keep watching.

Posted by elena72

i am hooked... keep it I have a favorite day ...MONDAYS!!!.

Posted by trishaloubrown

Oh my goodness. I am hooked for sure now.

Posted by Elliebow

the deamon is Greek!!!!!!

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