Rookie Blue (2010)

Rookie Blue: To serve, protect and not screw up. See more »

  • Currently 6.80/10
(7906 votes)
Released: 2010
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Crime Drama
Actors: Gregory Smith, Greg Bryk, Callum Keith Rennie, Eric Johnson

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Rookie Blue (2010) Comments

Posted by tiffaj82

Wow, suspenseful episode!

Posted by irish69

love this show season 3 is due to be aired on abc may 24th with guest star william shatner

Posted by mihaela12345

THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!!!! I LOVED IT!! so happy anddy and sam are together<3 <3

Posted by paulyka

I'm glad to see someone with a clear mind I also don't believe how many ppl like this terrible so called TV Police Drama.This"Show"is so bad that as a Canadian I feel the need to apologie to the non Canadians who actually watched even 1 episode of this shiit.I mean the creaters of this series make Canucks look extremely Stupid.Most of the positive comments are by Ladies so I guess it has a Soap Opera feel for Female viewers Thank u again Peace my friend

Posted by Senurita

Argh this episode just makes me wanna watch more rookie blue!! Can't wait for the next season.

Posted by irish69

well said,classic lol :)

Posted by fabulosity89

I've been waiting for S03E01 for so long!!

Posted by olga83

i love it a love a show with more then one elmenet and sam and andy has a very intresting realtionship cant wait to see where it is heade 10/10 for me

Posted by Bella24Forever

Did you know this show was first and NYC 22 copied theme of the show.

Posted by Senurita

Ahhh good episode! "Heavenly: ahaha I bet!! :) *warning* SPOILER alert below

Posted by irish69

no way,i hate wen it says to be continued,looking forward to the next episode that one was great !!

Posted by crude75

I don't think any relationship in this show is gonna last for long

Posted by angel2684

I love this show so much I am so glad they brought it back.

Posted by bloodycrampuff

this show was terrible. 90 % of the decisions the characters made were not only stupid and selfish but did nothing to develop the characters. I would hope if a cop, even a rookie, ever made mistakes like the ones on the show that they would be shitcanned instantly. I did however for some unknown reason watch all 4 seasons... maybe just to see what terrible decisions a person allowed to be a cop can make. i guess its kinda like the same reason i watched weeds. its totally unrealistic but i like to see what sorta stupid situations they can create and get out of. terrible show tho.

Posted by neviboo


Posted by fabulosity89

I was really hard for me to keep up with this show on TV but I had to because I loved it, so happy I can relax and watch it when I'm free on this site! Why is it talking so long for season 3 to start though?

Posted by feefeetrixy

God Sam is soooo sexii, love rookie blue !

Posted by Mat_hump3

they only started filming S3 in september my best guess is it will hit the screens Spring/summer 2013 unless they pull their finger out then we might see it around feb time but that just a hope

Posted by idalgobr

this was the worst episode ever with extreme bad acting

Posted by cavio

On 12 July 2010, the series was picked up for a second season after only three episodes had aired so haha mr JsDubon82

Posted by daisy316

Seriously brilliant episode. This show just gets better and better.

Posted by Bella24Forever

Rookie blue you rocked my world with season 3 ep 9 .You made me really upset and i hope you bring that charecter back like they did in criminal minds.

Posted by judeisidro

Great pilot episode for its 3rd season. Just enough ingredients to satisfy the questions harboring on viewers minds when they ended season 2 and just enough mix too to keep viewers (myself included) watching out for next week's episode. Sam and Andy still sizzles! Is it Thursday yet?

Posted by paulyka

I lived in Toronto for 14 yrs but I have never seen two Black Woman Cops Partnered up together and I had a Lot of dealing with Cops in those Days(My younger stupid days)I don't know about this show yet I have to watch some more Episodes not the best so far

Posted by MrsBreesy9

I know right, hopefully it continues next week!

Posted by Mat_hump3

Great show reminds me of my first day on the job any one know when it will be updated with the rest of season 2?

Posted by Bella24Forever

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i want to scream .Maybe it will just like criminal minds and that CHARACTER comes back.

Posted by tutu101

oh how rude of him! i thought he was going to say it back!!

Posted by Mat_hump3

thanks for letting me know

Posted by tiffaj82

Fantastic episode!! Action packed! I still want Andy and Sam to end up together!

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