House M.D. (2004)

House M.D.: The series follows the life of anti-social, pain killer addict, witty and arrogant medical doctor Gregory House with only half a muscle in his right leg. He and his team of medical doctors try to cure very ill ordinary people in the United States of America.

  • Currently 8.60/10
(107304 votes)
Released: November 16, 2004
Runtime: 45 mins
Genres: Drama Mystery
Actors: Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison, Odette Annable, Kal Penn

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House M.D. (2004) Comments

Posted by ericcartman773

House is easily my favourite tv show and though i am sad to see it end, it could not have been done better. 10/10

Posted by geishas

my favorite episode after house vs god

Posted by Jazminique

Has anyone listened to his music album??

Posted by drtronemh

each version are not the same 2 for one here !!!

Posted by damelt

one of the best shows on tv. i wonder whos going to be house's new superior?

Posted by raven13

I'm really going to miss this show, House was such a great character. Nice finale, seeing a lot of familiar faces from the past.

Posted by MissAyla

I love this episode, so emotionally touching.

Posted by blagojex

Troubled by his own genius, brilliant performance by Laurie!

Posted by Girlfromdk

if they kill him off,ill have to come to the us and ass woop the show writers..That will just be so low after so many years of watching.

Posted by Devvil

I'm kind of sad that the end is so great, if it would be lousy then it would be easier to say goodbye.... :

Posted by habibi2010

just no words for this episode :(

Posted by Original6ix

great show but the finale was horrible! easily the shows worst episode it strayed away from the essence of the show and really was one of the crappiest finales ever. from the writing to the absolutely unlistenable soundtrack in the episode which took away from any emotional attatchment to the shows goodbye, brutal ending. it deserved a way better send off inmo!

Posted by MissAyla

A very touching episode, it's good seeing the characters develop and grow.

Posted by pic_n_mix

WOW! That was a pretty cool episode. Plenty of laughs, sweet quotes between House & Foreman. =D And great twists on the House/Stacey relationship. (I have to admit, I haven't liked the way she has made him all soft. The character is better as a complete dick! :P But is she the one that...?...later on in the series?Or was that one of Wilson's women? =/ )

Posted by Kaiserkid7

Lol Love House with a Butcher Knife! xD

Posted by habibi2010

all i have to say AWESOME!!!!!!! :D

Posted by jazzy0213

Good Episode that questions loyalty and honor. Whether for the right or the wrong reasons, can you stand by yours?

Posted by MissAyla

Great episode. Wonderful story line.

Posted by pic_n_mix

Hahaha! House bring the parents to court...twice - that was funny. Pretty good episode. House is breaking down everyone left,right&centre...but who will betray him to the fascist, corrupt cop in the end?

Posted by werbelow

This is the best episode of House I've seen this season. Outrageously funny!

Posted by Eldoron

Not happy with the way it suddenly ended!

Posted by MissAyla

Very good episode indeed.

Posted by moldybacon

lol the location of the tick

Posted by MissAyla

I love this episode, very enjoyable.

Posted by deimantasz1

One of the best episodes of House series

Posted by zms

Thank you, great episode! Interesting and funny to see the 'Insert blood' lines!

Posted by Ladysturn

House is an original show...i love it, but i was they would stay away from youth in asia topics...

Posted by chatpilot

This was one hell of an episode with a couple of surprises and twists.

Posted by prissykity01

I have always loved this show.And it just keeps getting better =] I wish House didnt have to wear the ankle monitor though he much more fun to watch when he can get into more trouble lol

Posted by iCyber

i really hope that house would recruit the hot doctor from jail! considering that she probably lost her job there for helping house, it would be a gd break for her to find a decent job !!! (K)

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