Seinfeld (1990)

Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld stars in this television comedy series as himself, a comedian. The premise of this sitcom is Jerry and his friends going through everyday life, discussing various quirky situations that we can all relate to (especially if we live in New York). The eccentric personalities of the offbeat characters who make up Jerry's social circle contribute to the fun.

  • Currently 8.90/10
(95080 votes)
Released: May 31, 1990
Runtime: 23 mins
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Bryan Cranston, Teri Hatcher, Thomas Dekker, Patrick Warburton

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Seinfeld (1990) Comments

Posted by raspberryjtsix

Love this show it always some chain connection peculiar occurrences one right after another and very comical,, The women movement just cant seem to make any progress in the world of bribery cant they love jerry..

Posted by palsarmir

WTF Jerry is talking about nobody knows I know exactly what to do below the equator!

Posted by nillich

Classic Kramer in this very funny episode!

Posted by nillich

There's no Moops - George vs. The Bubble Boy! :'D

Posted by Jowel

Seinfeld is one of the best sitcom i ever seen probably the best

Posted by timnemeth

version 3 is the right episode!!!

Posted by interpol909

Best Show ever =)

Posted by sprained_mind

funnier is not a word? :S I think what you meant to say is that "more funnier" is grammatically incorrect

Posted by naptownbound

a festivus for the rest of us! break out your aluminium poles, its time for the feats of strength

Posted by nillich

Brilliant episode! George Costanza, former archtitect, now marine biologist.

Posted by nocheeseplease

wow. ummmm.... how does this ep not end with them being spoken to by police and banned from working with children? 'You don't consider age in the face of cleavage'? That's the creepiest thing ever said on a sitcom that wasn't in a 'very special episode'. They make sure we know she's 15 and that thats a child they'r eyeing up. Sooooooooo creepy.

Posted by ConnieLynchitz

Great double episode. The show really hit full stride here, the writing was superb.

Posted by bcranberry

hello newman:-

Posted by raven13

Not even close.

Posted by xkat2009

LOL!!! this 1 is a classic!5/5

Posted by naptownbound

thats gold jerry

Posted by ConnieLynchitz

Still holds up after so many years. Hilarious episode.

Posted by xkat2009

kramer makes a great detective! this episode is a classic! 5/5

Posted by nillich

'But I don't wanna be a pirate!' Very funny episode.

Posted by surajp333

Epic show.. just epic.. I am wondering how this one is rated less than other screwball sitcoms. There have been moments in Seinfeld that I just couldn't control my laughter, the best part being that the show involved just elements from the daily paved out lives of the characters in the show. Clean, pure, unadulterated comedy which is nothing short of a classic. 5/5

Posted by jamesus

what a shame , for finale, what where they thinking, should never have happened. :(

Posted by bcranberry

love the part when Steinbrenner talks lol

Posted by Deekity

Seinfeld still awesome to this day. I haven't watched them all but every episode I have seen is funny =D

Posted by nillich

Jaaa! Very funny episode. Vandeley Industries!

Posted by nillich

Colin O'Brien and Dylan Murphy in this marvelous episode!

Posted by nillich

Kramer and the librarian, young George Cantstandya, atomic wedgies and most of of all the brilliant performance by Philip Baker Hall as librarian cop Mr. Bookman - I love this episode!

Posted by RikRocks100

this is dumb, "how i met ur mother" is way more funnier

Posted by Rolandzzz


Posted by Dayzie

Um, since when is "funnier" not a word? Did they remove it from the dictionary when I wasn't looking? LOL that's the silliest thing I've hear all day. Or is "silliest" not a word now? Sprained_mind was correct about the grammar error.

Posted by xkat2009

also a classic! no one gets this,that and the other!

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