South Park (1997)

South Park: South Park is an animated series featuring four foul-mouthed 4th graders, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show is set in the Colorado town of South Park where weird things keep happening, whether its being abducted by aliens or avoiding Kyle's little brother Ike. The show is based on the short film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, "The Spirit of Christmas".

Released: August 13, 1997

Genres: Animation Comedy Fantasy
Actors: Isaac Hayes, Kyle McCulloch, Kathryn Howell, Elisa Gabrielli

  • Currently 8.80/10
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South Park (1997) Comments

Posted by cleverity

@rectusduminus "Rectus Dominus": sung during s1e10. 'Rectus' and 'luna' are analogically scatological equivalents, but 'ass master' illuminates that toothless grin goatse wide, where shit [taken in like a carcass accepting maggotry] falls so loosely out [without the fundamental grasp to either retract or contract] and exposes just how 'deep' the vibrionic rabbit hole of repressed homosexuality really goes [which is apparently anus to grade five language center, and not very straight at all].

Posted by dominusluna

@cleverity hey you little puke, take a moment and spread some love you gender confused little faggot and go fuck your mother.

Posted by dominosluna

sticks and stones ....

Posted by dominosluna2

I'm so sorry for foaming at the mouth again, I forgot my medication. I have fantasies about cartman bending over

Posted by dominusluna

@promo89 Left wingers going to the government was more accurate with the DMV episode. Butters looked to the government where liberals always do and that was the point. He was recruiting others on his quest to fulfillment and I saw it for what it was. Obama was their god. Any Christian that worships this devil is not a Christian. You are way the f*ck off. Pretty much everything you said could be correct if you reversed it. That's how it is with liberals. No one knows to what extent we are being watched, computers,phones,heard the one about cameras coming out in TV's so that they can look into your house? Getting rid of all UHF ,VHF signals so we get no reception without a newer digital TV? I'm not saying I believe it, I don't even own a TV but these people in power are so corrupt / anti-Freedom if anyone was to use such technology I think it would be them. I heard these TV's were coming out, I don't remember what year,I didn't think it was really possible but now I wonder. It could be Horsesh*t,I'm not gullible but the Devil in Chief is pure Pol Pot / Jim Jones evil.

Posted by yagercarlaa327

Working form home is great! I don't make housecalls anymore. I only work from home now which means i do "In Calls" only.. Which is a lot safer for me and my tricks. There is a less chance of me getting raped again, and even better i have my own box of condoms right beside my bed so i do not get another STD

Posted by 1world1country

Before this meeting starts, I have to let you know that my face has tested positive for queef sores :))

Posted by nickbertoline

@magami , do you also believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, unicorns, and trolls. You sound like a unhappy little man, i bet you got beat up a lot in school.. LOL looser

Posted by Blue_rider

Yeah you're right about one thing dominusluny you can't argue with a sick mind and you are so obviously sick. Enough said I'm not wasting any more time on a sick troll like you other than to suggest you seek help instead of getting your thrills trolling.

Posted by dominusluna

@promo89 your monkey is doing the "monitoring". South Park knocks everyone and everything.I never said I was a Christian but Atheists are still closed minded idiots. You will find that this is a Christian Nation when the shit hits the fan and that's just common knowledge. People can believe what they want here (as long as they don't harm others). That's what makes this country so great.Islamists attack Jews and it's seldom reported, like the piece of shit that drove his car into a Jewish Women's Center. And using the liberal stereotype that is dumber than they are.. when was the last time you heard of Christians bombing abortion clinics? 20 or 30 or 40 years ago but they talk about it like it was yesterday. The f*cking morons don't get it and don't mind lying, just like the MYTH of global warming. You must be absolutely corrupt and follow the script and talking points to be a good liberal. I am a Conservative and already know what I believe and I don't need talking points.All liberals are bad, it's just that the gorilla and her monkey are much worse as in marxist/pol pot bad.

Posted by dominusluna2

As funny as it it is I have someone using my name you enjoys looking at Cartman's ass and other perverse things. I guess it gets their rocks off. Check the spelling someone is trying to clone me , badly. They probably jerk off fantasizing about me. That would be my guess. I do have a picture of the liberal demonic messiah obama but it's spelled "dominusluna2" compared to their "dominosluna2". Someone is apparently acting out their fantasies using a derivative of my name, so be sure to give them credit and not me. A low-life with no-life I suppose. I have to guess that they are queer for me and need me for comfort. Who's to say?

Posted by dominusluna

I didn't like most of the last 2 seasons. Reverse Cowgirl and Jewbacabra were ok maybe a few others. 1-15 couldn't be any better. That's just me. I hope they haven't lost their touch. I hope Season 18 returns to the greatness it was.

Posted by Wickedpa

dumbassloonie why are you still here ? every post I have seen from you contains NOTHING useful From your repeated hostility I can only surmise that you are an experimental intelligence(?)that escaped from a bio hazard dump site.

Posted by dominusluna

Always a great show.

Posted by dominosluna

if only that were true ....

Posted by dominosluna

Like I said, ...find 'em, stalk 'em, peep 'em, beat off ...

Posted by megami

First off @ dominusluna perhaps you should check your facts about how long ago Christians have attacked abortion clinics and there workers for example Dr. George Tiller was assassinated at church by scott phillip roeder however if that isn't recent enough or because you find it doesn't meet some weird criteria you have here are some more recent attacks on actual in clinics which I have put in ascending order December 12, 2005: Patricia Hughes and Jeremy Dunahoe threw a Molotov cocktail at a clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana. The device missed the building and no damage was caused. In August 2006, Hughes was sentenced to six years in prison, and Dunahoe to one year. Hughes claimed the bomb was a "memorial lamp" for an abortion she had had there.[35] September 11, 2006 David McMenemy of Rochester Hills, Michigan, crashed his car into the Edgerton Women's Care Center in Davenport, Iowa. He then doused the lobby in gasoline and started a fire. McMenemy committed these acts in the belief that the center was performing abortions; however, Edgerton is not an abortion clinic.[36] Time magazine listed the incident in a "Top 10 Inept Terrorist Plots" list.[37] April 25, 2007: A package left at a women's health clinic in Austin, Texas, contained an explosive device capable of inflicting serious injury or death. A bomb squad detonated the device after evacuating the building. Paul Ross Evans (who had a criminal record for armed robbery and theft) was found guilty of the crime.[38] May 9, 2007: An unidentified person deliberately set fire to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia.[39] December 6, 2007: Chad Altman and Sergio Baca were arrested for the arson of Dr. Curtis Boyd's clinic in Albuquerque. Baca's girlfriend had scheduled an appointment for an abortion at the clinic.[40][41] January 22, 2009 Matthew L. Derosia, 32, who was reported to have had a history of mental illness[42] rammed an SUV into the front entrance of a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota.[43] January 1, 2012 Bobby Joe Rogers, 41, firebombed the American Family Planning Clinic in Pensacola, Florida, with a Molotov cocktail; the fire gutted the building. Rogers told investigators that he was motivated to commit the crime by his opposition to abortion, and that what more directly prompted the act was seeing a patient enter the clinic during one of the frequent anti-abortion protests there. The clinic had previously been bombed at Christmas in 1984 and was the site of the murder of Dr. John Britton and James Barrett in 1994.[44] April 1, 2012 A bomb exploded on the windowsill of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, resulting in a fire that damaged one of the clinic's examination rooms. No injuries were reported. April 11, 2013 A Planned Parenthood clinic in Bloomington, Indiana, was vandalized with an axe.

Posted by dominusluna

@magami I said that I had not heard of any such events and knowing the brainless media that we have, it would have been front page for weeks. I support abortion because most Christians won't butcher the babies inside them. The Godless left/feminist type will as though it's a right which it isn't, it's a little human inside them and that's how the majority of Christians think. Liberals can abort and faggot-genocide themselves into extinction for all I care. In a Christian Nation it can't end any other way. Political correctness cannot save the liberal species of man.Human shields pretending to do some good and "No Rape Zones" at their so called "occupy" gatherings is not going to save anyone. Only removing the Devil Messiah in the white house and returning America to Americans. Elections are coming Thank God. Oh yea.. and south Park rocks!

Posted by dominusluna

Thank you! for your Time and Effort! LOVE THIS SHOW!

Posted by dominusluna2

For the confused episodes, you look at the episode that it shows.They are just reversed. If #1 is #7 then #7 is #1. Makes it much easier, I just figured it out on a fluke/brainstorm. Reversed them and got the right episode.

Posted by nickbertoline

weaverr23, Quit spamming get a real job instead of trying to scam people, I hope somebody pulls off your arms and beats you with them

Posted by dominosluna

dominusluna ! ...always a great blow ...

Posted by Mihailo_Mimi

Winter is coming ....

Posted by cleverity

"Rectus Dominus"? What tragic irony.

Posted by Daimen

Gotta love SP

Posted by Pewdiepiefan1

Lol scooby doo.

Posted by dominusluna

This marklar is pretty marklar.

Posted by dominusluna2

Just watch South Park and forget all your troubles. And when you yank it, forget about other people's "shortcomings" and concentrate on your own. It's all a game and I love to play with your head and offend you with simple truths (you know who you are.) Now grab that S&M magazine or video and get busy. Grow a pair first. I'll stick with South Park.

Posted by dominusluna

You don't ask a retard with a stuttering speech impediment to deliver an important message to someone you care about or sing a long Christmas Carol for that matter. Bang a Raisins girl Stan and keep Wendy as a friend if that's all she's going to be for now. Hopefully you can bone her later with no strings attached or if the relationship blooms, you can dump her and break her heart, or keep her and things will be as they always should have been.Find 'em finger 'em f*ck 'em forget 'em. You can never tell when a bitch is gonna betray ya,sometimes it's best to betray them first.Or be loyal and take the chance that you won't have to kill her in bed with another man.

Posted by dominusluna

Extremely funny. Michael Jackson, I mean Jefferson and his face-lift problems.

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