Stargate: Atlantis: With the Ancients' city of Atlantis discovered in the Pegasus Galaxy by Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Major Sheppard lead a scientific expedition to the ancient abandoned city. Once there, the team not only find themselves unable to contact Earth, but their explorations unexpectedly reawaken the Ancients' deadly enemies, The Wraith, who hunger for this new prey. Now with the help of newfound local allies like Teyla Emmagan, the Atlantis Team sets about to uncover their new home's secrets even as their war of survival against the Wraith begins.

  • Currently 7.80/10
(22494 votes)
Released: July 16, 2004
Runtime: 45 mins
Genres: Action Drama Sci-Fi Adventure
Actors: Jason Momoa, Jewel Staite, Colm Meaney, Amanda Tapping

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Stargate: Atlantis (2004) Comments

Posted by RogueRequest

This was probably the most memorable episode of the series and was very emotional. It goes to show you what can be possible when writers take a leap of faith and do something that most people won't consider.

Posted by redstone80

if you notice with lee da g he has been muted, he makes comments on anything he watches, mostly without any value or usefulness. he is a troll without a bridge to hide under.

Posted by army1959

pretty cool ep McKay got coned again

Posted by yoginiprincess

and what happened to mentioning the absolutely gorgeous jason mamoa in the cast??? Hellooooooooo only reason im watching!

Posted by fhys

I remember expecting more from this episode.. Ooh well.

Posted by kizurika

Why did they cut the series its much better then Universe....

Posted by MikeF110282

only thing i didn't really like was the very beginning, the ship flies over icy Antarctica but as was shown in the episode of SG-1 Lost City when Atlantis was there Antarctica wasn't covered in ice, other than that I thought this was an awesome launch for the series, so much promise to it and when they ended it left it open for a SG A movie which was supposed to close off the story about the conflict with the wraith

Posted by fhys

This was a really good episode but at this point I still wanted Dr Weir as the head of the Expedition.

Posted by mzebley0829

Agreed, love all the Stargate series. They are just great and I love watching them over and over again.

Posted by cptmiller132

ronan carson and shepard are my three favorite characters in this series since carson is gone now their are two and this episodes has both of them in it so i expect it to be good

Posted by army1959

i love the way Rodney calls Shepard kirk when he gets around women

Posted by cptmiller132

what are your orders sir. oh well uh do what he says lol favorite part

Posted by astrawave

They give a great story-lines, but rush the ending to fit into the timescale.. I've noticed a lot of them are like that, lots details and drawn out sequences, then the ending is rushed.. better it had been a bit longer to explain that Rodney was (as we all do) having a conversation with a lost loved one in his head.. I loved Beckett.. he added a depth which is now missing.

Posted by arpemyr

Colm Meaney!!! cool!

Posted by gdkool

This episode had great effects of the city

Posted by army1959

i love they way people from other sci fi shows are on here

Posted by fully93

not likely, the funding got cut for SGU as not enough people were watching it and thy didnt make enough, SGA had a similar result except they had pleanty of viewers just the series got long winded, i guess people got bored and stopped watching it. and SG1 was the same, got to long and started to lose viewers.

Posted by army1959

hey its carson and our old pal tod dum dum dum suspence

Posted by liveoutloud

Why do the good ones have to end?

Posted by compo01

Why Ford? Let them help you!

Posted by RogueRequest

Wow, all they had to do was ask someone who played World of WarCraft to not come off sounding like they were making fun of Wow players.

Posted by bish02

you know what drewdie11, you are right...I noticed that he does complain after each episode as well!! Hmmmm!

Posted by army1959

Rachel Luttrell is hot but you should check out her younger sister Erica Shukrani Luttrell o and the ep is good as well

Posted by fhys

Loved the CSI-like episode.

Posted by raven13

Probably my fav episode. The way they used the music, especially Johnny Cash was perfectly executed.

Posted by Moviezzz88

Great episode to end a season with!!

Posted by arpemyr

Atlantis compound looks like Deep Space 9 promenade...

Posted by gdkool

Ronon Vs bullet time was a bit over the top!

Posted by army1959

what did we learn rodney is an idiot with women roan is a bad ass and a new way to cook mice

Posted by fhys

I liked this episode.. thought Zelenka was sooo cute!

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