No Ordinary Family: A typical family has special abilities.

  • Currently 6.70/10
(11342 votes)
Released: September 28, 2010
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Comedy Action Drama Sci-Fi
Actors: Josh Stewart, Julie Benz, Lucy Lawless, Luke Kleintank

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No Ordinary Family (2010) Comments

Posted by aelleasing

finally everything is coming out into the open, which will lead to the obvious Confrontation the show has been building to

Posted by gdkool

I like the show but the family are so annoying with there superpowers especialy the son when he sees 'EVERYTHING' as a maths problem.

Posted by motanul

this movie is worse then X-MAN at least there where 50/50 humans and mutants here they are all mutants or become mutants .... worse show ever

Posted by hello121090

I tried to like this show and for many reasons i find it boring. i watched the first episode, didn't like it but made myself watch the 2nd thinking it would get better....i was wrong.

Posted by Lecks90

Interesting episode....waiting for the next season!!! :)

Posted by fhys

Can't believe I can't have more : (

Posted by sessheomaru

whaaaatttt???? awesome episode. oh man, katie...

Posted by motanul

Special powers is the hardest subject u can take on .... the line between a great show and a fail is to thin .... just look at heroes .... first season was a great success the rest where just a drag no1 was watching after thing got out of hand and there was to much superpower ... if this show makes it to 2nd season i bet there won't be a 3rd ...

Posted by DonwayneG83

LMAO HA! I didnt know katie playd the redneck chick in Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball..

Posted by MannyCastro94

do they post an episode every week, every 2 weeks,or one every month? how does this work again? reply to me if u have an answer

Posted by sessheomaru

great show, i'm starting to like it

Posted by IainMiller

gotta say people, if they really are cancelling this show it's cause every one watches it online like this rather than watching it on tv so the veiwings are low, which is what they base it on. (btw I watch this on tv but if I miss a week I catch up on this) just saying though you can't moan about it being canceled when you guys are probably the reason for it being shut down in the first place :(

Posted by werbelow

damn they wrote a new synopsis

Posted by mkolskaa

OMG! When does the new episodes come ?

Posted by PennyLane00

I thought this was going to be awful, but its pretty good. far better than modern family. worth a look. x

Posted by MannyCastro94

when does the next episode comes out?

Posted by TiaMarie

I love Jackson Rathbone <3

Posted by penthius

Oh Josh Stewart is soooooo hot hot hot!!! He is listed as a guest star but I hope thats a very very long guest role, yummmo lol

Posted by cakir

Well first two episodes I fought it will fail, but to be honest it just gets better every time

Posted by DonwayneG83

there was an amercain show called the misfits of science,from back in the 80"S it was about supers too,and it stard Courteney Cox..

Posted by metroboy24

awesome, great to see Eric Balfour from Haven & Texas Chainsaw remake doing something so soon after "Skyline"

Posted by Love_Scenario

very The Breakfast Club-ish

Posted by het_uiltje

lmao here take my cock!

Posted by MikeF110282

they didn't give jim the serum they dosed him with that plant in steph's lipbalm that takes away his power for a while as for the other plot holes can't really fault any of those as the other guy who had hums ability was impervious to needles also

Posted by penthius

Oh the show is awesome , love it! ;-)

Posted by penthius

I could not agree more purplemovies ;-)

Posted by DonwayneG83

wow Dap's Boyfriend starting to take advantage..

Posted by femflirt

I absolutely loved this! a bit sketchy in spots but they are still building the storyline. very good entertainment

Posted by LostLilGurl

no y did i get cancled!!! it was so good!!!!!

Posted by Pirategirl

I loved it, had to skip ahead a few times, when it gets a little slow, but I think it is a good superhero family show that might work

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