Drop Dead Diva: A vapid aspiring model killed in a car crash gets brought back to life as an intelligent, overweight lawyer, hoping to find the meaning of inner beauty.

  • Currently 6.90/10
(7334 votes)
Released: 2009
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Action Comedy Drama
Actors: April Bowlby, Mädchen Amick, Jaime Ray Newman, Paula Abdul

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Drop Dead Diva (2009) Comments

Posted by LittleOwl

When is the series 4 finale out?

Posted by sammyxcakes

Luke's okay but I miss Fred he was so good on this show!

Posted by imarkable

love this fucking show!!! :D

Posted by pufferette

i hate like!!! let her grayson get back together i cant wait for it to happen

Posted by Senurita

I gotta say this is probably my favourite episode so far...I loved Millie the old lady who didn't want to sell the house, Kim is finally starting to seem like a real person and Jane is fabulous as always

Posted by sugafrost

holy cow, i need a minute to process this...

Posted by Senurita

Hmm interesting twist with Alisa... sad but pretty good episode

Posted by imarkable

im not going to spoil so don't read ahead!!! but i loved the ending :D

Posted by filmfreak158

i love this show but im getting bored with the near kisses and will they wont they? between Jayne and Grayson its been stretched out for too long now for that reason alone im only rating this episode 3/5

Posted by filmfreak158

@Alalarama I understand thats what the shows about im too impatient and find it annoying all the long stares and near misses cos if it was me and the love of my life was looking at me the way he looks at jayne id be locking lips with him ages ago hahaha, Thanks @provost2 now i know its not just me that thinks they need to move on. Thank you to both of you for replying to my comment x

Posted by JessKay

ok what the hell is with Luke always interfering in Janes life, what happened to free will and letting things fall into place, it's like he's a demon not an angel. It is just ridiculous that Jane and Grayson aren't together, they are meant to be. Seriously this show is starting to bug me. arghhhh

Posted by sammyxcakes

where is episode 13? i love this show and i really wanna see what happens next!

Posted by Bella24Forever

I truly agree they are amazing.

Posted by Bella24Forever

no i want Freddy.

Posted by xxxvickyxxx

oooooh that was brill. love it, so glad nikki went away her character was annoying me. as well as that i wish owen would leave, i really don't like his character.

Posted by hic66

i thought this was going to be flaky...but this turned out to be great...i burned thru 2 full seasons within a week! cant wait for season 3....

Posted by imarkable

Great new episode, although if kim is in it throughout the season i may stop watching.. don't get pissed i said nothing bad about(i hate kim). really happy to have this mix court and drama back! come on diva lovers we have to give feedback to keep our shows!.

Posted by xxxvickyxxx

this show gets better and better every episode! omg i just wish jane and greyson would catch a break already. they deserve it, i hope stacey keeps luke occupied cause he interfers in jane's love life way 2 much.

Posted by BedaHumra

ahhh its true!! I looked it up and Lifetime have decided to uncancel it...Im so glad =)

Posted by imarkable

i really liked it, not as good as some have been but its a new chapter i think.

Posted by AnneVorachak

OMG! i can't wait till the next episode!!!!!!!!

Posted by xxxvickyxxx

love this episode, im also a big fan of dance moms, it was great 2 see maddie acting.

Posted by iheartagoodstory

Okay: love jane in the suit pants...she's usually in a skirt suit, but I'm digging the pants! Love Stacey in the cardigan at the ex fiance bonfire...don't know much about designers but the cardigan was like a combo of missoni and chanel. love the song at the end too! What a great song to end the episode. Who is it?

Posted by Myxx

oh my gosh!!! Why was this only an hour? where is the rest of it? I feel cheated! Come back already! What ever happened to seasons being year long?

Posted by Senurita

Wow I did NOT expect that ending!!!

Posted by ms_sweets

is anyone else video playing choppy

Posted by jessabella

ok are all the actors the same when it comes to the court cases?

Posted by Udolie

One of my guilty pleasures. Funny, interesting concept and addicting.

Posted by ducatibabe

Can't wait for the next season... will Grayson tell Deb/Jane that he knows the truth or will he have some happiness in a romance with The Judge??? Love this program... is so different from the norm. xxx ^_^

Posted by charm_baby

OH NO! what about her BFD?! lol

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