Murdoch Mysteries: In the late 1890s, police Inspector William Murdoch takes a new, more scientific approach to solving crimes. Assisted by coroner Dr. Julia Ogden and Constable George Crabtree, Murdoch introduces such concepts as finger marks and lie detecting machines. He has the support of his somewhat doubtful superior, Inspector Brackenreid, though at times, even he finds Murdoch's methods - and claims - somewhat astounding.

  • Currently 7.50/10
(2357 votes)
Released: 2008
Genres: Crime Drama Mystery
Actors: Dakota Goyo, Peter Stebbings, Stephen McHattie, Rachel Wilson

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Murdoch Mysteries (2008) Comments

Posted by mrandmrskiwi

Oh my goodness! What an ending! I don't if I can stand to wait until next season to find out what happens.

Posted by mrandmrskiwi

Awesome, wonderful, fantastic ending to a great season! Bring on the next season!!! Love Murdoch!

Posted by Ladysturn

Great show. Love that it is suppose'd to be placed in old Toronto, Canada...with good looking Murdoch/Yannick Bisson

Posted by wildaboutharry

This is hands down one of the best TV series I've ever watched, and since I am getting up there I have watched a lot. Acting, scripting, and premise are all outstanding. I have yet to watch a bad episode. Speaking of episodes, S5E8, Part two of Walk on the Wild Side can be found on Youtube.

Posted by lilack

This is a very underrated show, very captivating.

Posted by wildaboutharry

February 20...does anyone know when the last episode will be uploaded, or has the network just taken a hiatus? Along with millions of others I am totally hooked on this series. Murdoch rules. I will keep a vigilant eye out for the continuation of the adventure. Yannick Bisson is the perfect Murdoch. His portrayal of Murdoch is on a level with Jeremy Brett's of Sherlock Holmes, and Maury Chaykin's Nero Wolfe. He has defined the role. And, I sincerely hope he will continue to do so for many years to come.

Posted by bufford55

season 6 has been held back and will begin in Jan.

Posted by annacolleen

I dislike it when shows like this take the investigators, and make them the investigated. This is the 2nd part, continued from last week show. I'm sure the writers are going for ratings, or maybe they are looking to write Dr. Ogden out. I'd like to just get back to seeing Murdoch solve crimes , and not be in them.

Posted by Ladysturn

A good man like Murdoch should never back down from his principles and faith rules even to marry the woman he loves, unless she too is repentant of her sins. But in this case she believes her career was worth the death of her child? Good eps. I'm glad they stayed with the Catholic views Murdoch would have been strict on.

Posted by RedheadThePirate

I have fallen head over heals in love with this show. It's funny b/c I saw it on here but there were no episodes available despite all the listings. I searched and found all the episodes on youtube. If you look for user STRANGECHARM1 , you will find they have all the episodes and you can watch them in order from the first season to the last. You can also watch all three of the movies as well. Hope that helps :) As for a write up about this series, it is exquisite and expertly written. The amount of detail put into each episode is truly remarkable and I am always amazed and in disbelief at the way they craft the characters and scenery. They do credit to the time and morals of this period. I think we take so much for granted when I watch this series. A lot of times we truly take for granted how far we have come. Yes we need to go farther but when you look back at where we started it is truly amazing what we have accomplished. Watch this and drink in the serene surroundings and characters that push a stunted civilization into a brave new world.

Posted by Ladysturn

good eps. Who done it? the green fairy?

Posted by mrandmrskiwi

The tension between Murdoch and Julia is a bit old. I wish they would either get together already or just get her off the show. It's sad, but it seems silly to keep the frustration alive.

Posted by sportygirlzero9

May I cry? He and Julia are meant to be together!!!! This is so wrong! I don't know if I can even consider continuing the series! Goodness! My heart feels as if it's been stabbed twenty times!!! Murdoch you idiot! You should have stopped the wedding!!!!

Posted by kotka79

I hope we will never see the French man again!!!What an annoying persona and the accent!

Posted by mrandmrskiwi

Wow! I hope we get to see the French detective again!!

Posted by mrandmrskiwi

I agree Anna. And while I love this show--I am so over the Julia and Murdoch saga. I'm beginning to think she is just incapable of allowing herself to be happy. I used to root for them and now I just feel sorry for him. I thought this season would finally see them together. I'm left disappointed.

Posted by mrandmrskiwi

Oh my goodness--such a good episode! The tension is building!!!

Posted by TiaMarie

Not a bad first episode. I'll have to watch a few more to really get a feel for it though.

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