Man of Steel (2013)

Man of Steel: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 143 mins

Genres: Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi
Actors: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Carla Gugino

  • Currently 7.80/10
(172747 votes)

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  • Currently 5.00/5
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Version 2 4784 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 3 3517 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 4 1436 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 5 3303 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 6 4001 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 7 3953 views
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Version 8 1945 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 9 4212 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 10 2591 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 11 3258 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 12 4512 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 13 4113 views
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Man of Steel (2013) Comments

Posted by jokes4khan2

when is this movie out and when can we expect it to be on 1 channel?

Posted by simathy

where do i find the url for this film

Posted by jnudo2000

Not soon enough! Hopefully by this weekend.

Posted by LishaC24

is anyone else annoyed by the changes they made to channel 1...way too many pop ups now!! and the sponsored URLs require a credit card on file..i dont like that. even the search engine has changed.

Posted by Katydidm

give it a day or two for english version

Posted by ethan7th

Lishac24 Download Opera browser n put extensions addons on it like ABP, AdBlock and NoAds, and will make you better experience browsing around and sure you that. peace take care.....

Posted by sam21972

@LishaC24 try installing ad blocker plus if you use Chrome. It helps a lot with the pop ups.

Posted by stermaxima

its not fare the no film man of steel is useful beth it is the lowerst Quality

Posted by armastoderas

Lisha're right about all those pop ups ! I'm bored to close pages after every click .In my opinion it is (still) the best movies site , but I'm little worried

Posted by Al3xKing

Saw this last night good film a little choppy in places (Keeps jumping back to the past) and a little to much CGI in parts it didn't need to be used and even then it wasn't the best, Krypton was beautiful and it was nice to see a certain amount of time spent there. The way Clark becomes superman wasn't the best, I just keep thinking what if he didn't hear that conversation -_-, and the fact that a certain person knows who he is right from the beginning was a bit of a let down. Didn't expect the final fight to end like that considering it's Superman aka the boy scout. 3.5/5 Another film that trailers make it look better then it is but still a fantastic film that makes up for Superman Returns, also if this truly is the start of a DC collective universe then it's a good start. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Posted by CrystalAbyss

Argh! They're all in spanish

Posted by niko44mkd

if anybody is tired of ads just download adblock

Posted by dredd185

2 bad its in spanish

Posted by vargasca

i seen it in the Theater on Imax-3D, awesome movie, awesome musical score, awesome cinetography, 10 out of 10 in ever aspect. a most see movie.

Posted by nasakaan

Watched this at the pictures its just brilliant amazing defo need to watch this on the big screen !!! Though didnt realise how expensive the cinemas have become !

Posted by celeost

i think the movie its not complete, its has most of it but it seems theres a missing part ..............

Posted by 2shuvels

i am getting fckin sick of all the stupid pop ups to get to one movie your deleting 5 pop us its a fckin joke infact this site is now a joke i have more others thats better than this with no pop ups

Posted by Frank36

Don't watch, unless you don't mind the cam operator has filmed with a very cheap recording device with poor picture quality, is holding it like he's drunk and has chopped off the last 35 minutes of the movie. I counted the number of pixels. 50.

Posted by orbit

What the hell has happened here with this site. Looks like i will be changing sites soon.

Posted by aminito

indeed the site is getting worse with those endless pop ups!! I hope they gonna fix this mess soon!

Posted by malvona

i know been noticing those pop ups and their really annoying

Posted by SKINARD222

I gotta say this, "WHAT THE HELL?! It's nerve racking now to see an American movie in a foreign lingo before english. Maybe if they seperated the languages on branch sites we/I won't have to be so annoyed searching or waiting for english versions. 'E.Ichannel', hmm, hows that sound?

Posted by ActuatedTrash

i did thur free three form wal mart for me.

Posted by nadieaqui

incomplete movie. movie in spanish.

Posted by lowsonator

not in english when will it be english

Posted by MexicansAreGay

can we get rid of all the mexicans?

Posted by ZarTheAnR1971

when will the english movie come out?

Posted by vue4u

This movie was so f*cken epic. Seeing it at the theaters is a must!!!

Posted by eddieman12

yes, WAY too many annoying popups

Posted by Richv1

The site was hacked and they are still working to fix it. They have done a great job fixing what they have so far. Consider it lucky the whole site was not just shut down. Plus remember you do get what you pay for. You are getting more than your money's worth here. I am sure as they are able to they will fix more. But it does take a while.

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