Man of Steel (2013)

Man of Steel: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 143 mins

Genres: Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi
Actors: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Carla Gugino

  • Currently 7.80/10
(172747 votes)

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  • Currently 5.00/5
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Version 2 2207 views
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Version 3 4488 views
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Version 4 2635 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 5 4443 views
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Version 6 3367 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 7 1516 views
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Version 8 3353 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Version 9 795 views
  • Watch Man of Steel - HD Version: 5/5
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Man of Steel (2013) Comments

Posted by nasakaan

Watched this at the pictures its just brilliant amazing defo need to watch this on the big screen !!! Though didnt realise how expensive the cinemas have become !

Posted by Carlos_K13

can anybody hear me yo you out there?

Posted by kirke27

don't bother watching rubbish copy

Posted by doubled

Is there going to be an English version of this going up?

Posted by bigno13

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 because it reminds me of the mass effect video game series

Posted by Totenkompf

just got back from the theater. This was a freaking epic movie to watch on the big screen! tons of action and great story, they have finally made a good superman movie! 5/5

Posted by gypsyblood

this comment is for LishaC24: is anyone else annoyed by the ungrateful idiots that keep complaining about stuff on the site? YOUR WATCHING MOVIES FOR FREE!!!!, WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY FOR IT...QUIT COMPLAINING AND JUST ENJOY THE MONEY YOUR SAVING BY USING THIS SITE RATHER THAN SPENDING IT AT A VIDEO STORE......aside from that..great movie here...and pretty good copy...7/8 (video/audio quality)

Posted by northboy

totally awesome better than all the other superman films

Posted by feniqx

Yes, I too am annoyed by the changes and the fact that this movie is only in spanish??? WTH

Posted by Shemani

totally out of sync

Posted by stermaxima

its not fare the no film man of steel is useful beth it is the lowerst Quality

Posted by lukas1286

I hate the pop ups, every new page comes with a page. hate it.

Posted by niko44mkd

if anybody is tired of ads just download adblock

Posted by vue4u

This movie was so f*cken epic. Seeing it at the theaters is a must!!!

Posted by pbbunny1078

Amazing movie, completely loved it, somewhat new turn on Superman, still a great movie tho

Posted by jodthompsonsc001

This fuckn shit keeps puttn up some fucked up screen say U Need to creat account but I got

Posted by interscope69

Wow, now he looks like a guy with no underwear...Way to go...

Posted by MexicansAreGay

can we get rid of all the mexicans?

Posted by Sona

Quality of Video is good for a TS version, The audio is very good as well it is just about 3-4 seconds out of sync as the video plays out. Its irritating but for saving 30 dollars i am glad :3

Posted by cobaltbloo

yes I am very annoyed with all the pop ups!.Every time I click I get a pop up. Sometimes its so bad I go to and watch something on that site. Same movies.. no pop ups.

Posted by payne2k5

too many popups? then u obviously have not heard of adblock plus (available for all browsers) MAKE POPUPS A THING OF THE PAST!

Posted by sandblaster

Gypsyblood you are so right, it does my nut in with all the complaints ffs get a coffee and be happy.

Posted by _vampire_lover

great film! better than I thought! absolutely loved everything :D

Posted by eugilla

The pop up ads have gotten so bad on this site it makes me go to other sites to watch movies. So sad because this was my favorite site.

Posted by Carlos_K13

does anyone know when a better copy is being put up really want to watch this movie?

Posted by sam21972

@LishaC24 try installing ad blocker plus if you use Chrome. It helps a lot with the pop ups.

Posted by smilefaceboy1

best movie i've seen since iron man 3!

Posted by jcrobot

Finally a fresh take on Superman. I liked the intensity of this movie. I found the combination of Flashbacks coupled with his struggle to find his identity to be quite appetizing. Granted, I am always excited for a Marvel or DC movie, this one was all I hoped it would be. It is so ironic that Amy Adams previously auditioned for The Dark Knight, as I cannot imagine her playing anyone besides Lois Lane. She was perfect for this role. The next one should be interesting... Obviously people are mad that Affleck is going to appear as Batman, but he should be fine playing the older version of Bruce Wayne. A lot of people have worn the Bat-suit over the years, all were ultimately FINE. Though no one will likely find their way out of Christian Bales shadow, I am still excited for the next one. All of these DC movies (Some much worse than others), of course, are leading up to a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, which will be great if they continue down this path, making these larger than life movies, with great actors, great directors, and darker stories than their predecessors.

Posted by supertrini11212

its in English now!! its ova bout 2 watch it 30 times lol

Posted by zer0

they have to much pop ups and the search is mess up and now man of steal is not in English fix plz are rating going drop

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