Parks and Recreation: The absurd antics of an Indiana town's public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place.

  • Currently 8.50/10
(34526 votes)
Released: 2009
Runtime: 21 mins
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Paul Rudd, Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones, Chris Pratt

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Parks and Recreation (2009) Comments

Posted by MikeB3000

Ron is freaking awesome!

Posted by GoldPeach

hilarious as always.

Posted by nasa_kaan

I agree wit the below comment ! its an ace show !

Posted by sessheomaru

u under cook fish, jail, u overcook chicken, jail roflol

Posted by whoisjohngalt

best episode of the season...LOL

Posted by Texbbq

If you like the office, you'll like this.

Posted by zxcvasdf

new's flash, we're screwed!!haha great show, I love it. Highly recommend it. 10/10

Posted by sessheomaru

ya, good question andy, where ARE all the faces? lol!!

Posted by MikeB3000

lol, orin really is a creep.

Posted by kitfisto28

similar writing...the humor is no where near the same. If they cant get The Office back on track that show has maybe one season left.. still very funny but it feels like its run its last sad as that is..but theres talks about Shrute Farms having a spin-off show. But parks and rec's future looks bright.. its still early for the shows run And its not being bogged down with a similar "will jim pam get together" plotline that seemed to be painfully dragged out in the office's first 5 seasons.. where as parks get funnier each season

Posted by ruthiie_bby

when are there going to be new episodes?? did the show just stop or something??

Posted by IainMiller

Damn, I wanted to see the mustache!!

Posted by Taken104

They already made season 4 but the season premier is going to be this fall so like October.

Posted by sessheomaru

roflol leslie's impersonation of tom was hilarious and perfect.

Posted by idrow

I'm surprised how much I disliked this show. It's awkward and unfunny.

Posted by Taken104

Tom is the best.

Posted by IainMiller

Right there with you man :D I know I'll be watching this until the early hours :P

Posted by ThisGuay

Good show. Very funny, and the characters are great.

Posted by 22blanche

Can this programme get any funnier? This is so my favourite programme atm (April 2013). This programme at this juncture; series 3, ep10 is eclipsing 2 Broke Girls; series 2 ep22 and The Middle series 4 Ep20. Community and The Mindy Project are losing their mojos though, I'm hoping they'll pick up. Parks and Recreation has matured somewhat in series 3, and the new characters are adding value and enhancing the comedy magic.

Posted by ccchimairaaa

Andy is the highlight of every episode

Posted by 5ive

I officially love this show :)

Posted by MrGutsy

Ron reminds me of Garfield the cat

Posted by x__meeshall

This show is SO FUNNY! It's my favorite show. It's really unique and Amy Poehler is hilarious!

Posted by sessheomaru

Knope 2012!! lol bobby newport is hilariously not the man for the job

Posted by sessheomaru

YESS!!! lol sam and josh, omg this episode makes me wanna go watch some spisodes of the west wing

Posted by tyelupin

This show is great! Can't wait for the sixth season to start!

Posted by i_Wobble

Moo Moo, Stop it your a sheep. No you are.

Posted by MikeB3000

Is that a threat? Why yes, I thought it was obvious. Classic!

Posted by Wjennings246

I have fallen in love with this whacko series! Amy Poehler rocks!

Posted by SusanSLK

Lmao, hilarious episode !!

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