World War Z (2013)

World War Z: United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 116 mins

Genres: Action Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors: Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, David Morse, Ori Pfeffer

  • Currently 7.40/10
(12297 votes)

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World War Z (2013) Comments

Posted by Lenzz2099

Great movie. If you like 28 days later mixed with I am legend, this will not disappoint. 8/10

Posted by sheski

Very good movie, I have a short attention span and this kept me interested from start to finish. You have to like this type of film and be looking for entertainment, it is beyond me why someone who doesn't like'outbreak' and 'zombie' type movies would watch it then give it a bad review. Lots of action and suspense, I wish I had seen it on a big screen.

Posted by YayCutiePants

Brilliant movie, highly recommend 10/10

Posted by wonderwmn

Got to say, for all the "awe" this movie got, I was expecting better. Will Smith's 'I am Legend' had the same basic storyline and was awesome. World War Z... well it has Brad Pitt in it... that's all. 6/10

Posted by wolfen2k7

It was pretty good. Just really didn't care for the way the "zombies" were.

Posted by WindleStorM

When does the actual movie come out, the sound is horrible over my tv on the version.

Posted by doyley38

Hollywood: make up your mind - can zombies run or do they shuffle? for the person responsible for posting this: good job. you took the chance by recording it, so fair play to you... awful film though - book stomps all over this POS...

Posted by TheLoneWolf

Not bad for a PG-13 zombie flick.

Posted by Presario

You can get the full feel of the movie from start to finish with Firefox+Ad block Plus...LOVE IT!!! I give the movie 3 out of 5, Cheers.

Posted by asreal

pretty good epedemic flick:B-.

Posted by banannax3

Great movie! Must watch :)

Posted by dogman68

Thought I would try this film as I thought it would be a poor film, however I enjoyed it and the CGI was superb.....OK the story was very predictable and what you see is what you get.......6/10

Posted by omaralsharif93

Good movie i just hated the part that they put israel army helping all ppl muslims,jews and christians all equal but this is not the real thing hapeening in the real world we live in. in the movie in this minute 63.00 the zobies are climbing the wall of israel in the real world this wall exists the israel govrments build it in order to keep the palestians out from thier homes and forced all of them out this is the true israel army not the one the movie .thannx for reading this

Posted by JasonLaQuette

Movie was awesome !

Posted by highhhrider

idk what the hell people are complaining about but this movie was good i havent seen a good zombie movie in a long time and this one definitely hit the spot i really do hope they make a sequel or some sort

Posted by QBallz420

Great movie. 8/10 some parts are slow. and whoever casted brat bit as the lead role must have been high on something. For all the complainers..... dont complain its FREE. yeah i agree with some of the comments thanks for steering the viewers from the bad cams. But give me a break people, if you wanna see a Quality movie, spend 7 bux or w/e it costs at your local theater and watch it there.

Posted by crispyhoodlum


Posted by TCGchirp

The last half didnt hold up with the well crafted beginning. 7/10

Posted by JasmineSkarsgard

Best Zombie Movie! Definitely a MUST watch!!!!!!! 5/5

Posted by brett76

not as bad as i thought, good job to keep a zombie movie fresh. And dont moan about the copy, its free. Filenuke is easily watchable.

Posted by Csquared092

nowhere near as good as the walking dead but still pretty good 4/5

Posted by ndugu

sorry, I might have done a mistake. I didnt saw my post, so I post my sincere feelings just as I felt them, over and over. I do mean no harm.

Posted by ndugu

@ ksw2k2 : and what if should happen?? then what? you'd run? HELL NO! dfened your family and blow some fraggin' zombie's skulls to heck!

Posted by mogob40

for all you z fans this is well worth the watch 10/10

Posted by ndugu

@ ksw2k2 ; you dont have a "&%$#$" idea my friend, I hope you are ready. This S&%$ could happen any time.

Posted by ndugu

@ ksw2k2 : and if when /&%$# happens, you'll be running, when it happens: be prepared

Posted by ipawklaus

another rubbish zombie movie.

Posted by Tex_Mex

Great Zombie Flick

Posted by AshEvil

Love It... Awesome Movie...

Posted by KopKingDave

THIS is how a zombie movie should be made, Not boring dull rubbish like The Walking Dead.

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