World War Z (2013)

World War Z: United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 116 mins

Genres: Action Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors: Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, David Morse, Ori Pfeffer

  • Currently 7.40/10
(12297 votes)

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World War Z (2013) Comments

Posted by Eepster

This movie was a take on how the real take over would happen, mass amounts of them plowing into cities, I liked this movie a lot. 8/10

Posted by crispyhoodlum

need 3d glasses

Posted by Morgnth

A tad boring for a AAA zombie action flick. 5/10 forgettable.

Posted by ndugu

@ ksw2k2 ; you dont have a "&%$#$" idea my friend, I hope you are ready. This S&%$ could happen any time.

Posted by abentwookie

Awesome, I can finally log in again! And there is now a better version of World War Z uploaded that doesn't have half the screen blocked by a seat. :P This is a good movie, better than I expected.

Posted by wolverine00756

this shit is awesome

Posted by JxUxGxO

Should of had more zombie action, but i guess it was an okay movie 3/5

Posted by wolfen2k7

It was pretty good. Just really didn't care for the way the "zombies" were.

Posted by ksw2k2


Posted by Rteddy

Ummm yeah its a little hard to post a movie that doesnt even come out until tomorrow people. Plus, umm, well its FREE, so stop complaining.

Posted by Brandedpupils

Filenuke ones not bad. Good video, decent sound quality.. If you've been waiting to watch this like I have then its time. The copies good enough to enjoy the movie. If you ignore the slightly bad sound quality.. like through a can... 9/10 movie 8/10 sound

Posted by Treva2000

What I got to see was pretty darn good can't wait for the ending rofl...kinda a bummer rofl...but hey can't complain!

Posted by alch1299

there is more chair than movie

Posted by biguno1

Saw this in the movies. I think it really could have been better. 6/10

Posted by brett76

not as bad as i thought, good job to keep a zombie movie fresh. And dont moan about the copy, its free. Filenuke is easily watchable.

Posted by 1greatYuaTja

Right?..if all I gotta death with is ads here and there to see new movies for free..all good..its not like you cant close out the ads..

Posted by thisisthyear

i made it about twenty minutes in and decided not to waste watching a good movie on such a shitty recording. thanks for trying im gonna wait a little while longer

Posted by le3MastaShotz

Its not the website its the lazy bastards who go out and record the movies! I had a friend who would go to the local cinema to get recordings during the DVD era and because the cinema was mostly empty he would get a good quality filming each time! There is a lot of money to be made from doing this a lot more then the price of the admission. People today just go out with whatever camera they can use and stick it under a jacket giving us shit like this! VHS was better then this.

Posted by steelhart75

Went to the Drive-in to see this. Pretty good movie. Another "must see" for all us zombie fans. But still doesn't top Romero.

Posted by boxler

I saw this yesterday at the cinema, in 2d not 3d, 3d would be lost on this film as its too fast. The film is good at the start and it works very well and kept my interest. But and there is a but, the last quarter of the film falls very flat, with all the chasing and traveling around the globe in the first three quarters, the pace of the film slows right down and Im not sure why they did it, it did ruin a great film there seemed to be something missing. Also and I do hate to say this but it just seemed very odd having brad pitt in the lead role, it didnt quite work having such a famous actor in the lead, I think it would of worked better with s different lead actor, but all in all I give this film 8/10

Posted by ndugu

@ ksw2k2 : and what if should happen?? then what? you'd run? HELL NO! dfened your family and blow some fraggin' zombie's skulls to heck!

Posted by JasmineSkarsgard

Best Zombie Movie! Definitely a MUST watch!!!!!!! 5/5

Posted by Presario

I cannot believe that after only 29 minutes, I xd out of World War Z. Yes, I did, because I think The Walking Dead, Dead Set Serious, And The Crazies are well-made and better entertaining movies than this one. World War Z is great because of Brad P., but that is about all.

Posted by UpperEchelon

Great movie, that episode of south park World War Zimmerman was hilarious!

Posted by amberbritt

Not what I expected wish it had a better ending 5/10 didnt like it to much

Posted by silveregg

No idea why Brad Pitt did this movie .. Surely not for lack of money .

Posted by KopKingDave

THIS is how a zombie movie should be made, Not boring dull rubbish like The Walking Dead.

Posted by mobus

Good Movie, even thought it's nothing like the book. My only gripe is that they show a black guy getting out of his car to ask if the family is okay... what can you expect from Hollywood liberals... they inject fantastical events into outrageous scenarios. Savages don't ask if your okay, they rob, beat and rape you. Hollywood is trying to make innocent people feel like it's okay to be a victim. This propaganda should be rejected.

Posted by kenkaupo9

i saw it in 3d cinema it was so good movie.10/10.I recommend

Posted by Lenzz2099

Great movie. If you like 28 days later mixed with I am legend, this will not disappoint. 8/10

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