Catch Me If You Can: An FBI agent hunts down a young con artist who successfully impersonated an airline pilot, doctor, and assistant attorney general, cashing more than $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in 26 countries.

  • Currently 7.90/10
(273997 votes)
Released: December 16, 2002
Runtime: 141 mins
Genres: Biography Crime Drama Comedy
Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Adams

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Catch Me If You Can (2002) Comments

Posted by rwlover

deffinetly one of my favourite films. couldnt of picked any one better then leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks, 10/10 <3

Posted by TiaMarie

Honestly one of the easiest 5/5 rates I ever gave. It's funny and touching and Leo and Tom did their rolls perfectly, as always.

Posted by 2ndKingDavid

Genious plot! Keeps up the excitement during the whole movie! Leonardo and Tom plays awesome! It also has a great message with a great ending! Makes you think... Don't miss it! 10/10

Posted by browneyedgirl

This is based on a true story and has got to be the best told story of any con man ive ever heard. The fucken kid at 16 was already a mastermind, or was he just a scared little boy? amazing movie!!!

Posted by Clewsay

the theme tune is beautiful

Posted by arelvsaa

Great movie, with two of the most talented actors.

Posted by movie_gal

It's been quite some time since I've seen this movie, so I've forgotten a lot of detail..But I remember enough to know I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be watching it again. 4.5/5

Posted by soulkiller360

good combination of hanks and di caprio 9/10

Posted by doublekk

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time and this movie features two of the greatest actors of all time Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks:D How could this movie go wrong, I like the fact this movie is based on a true story, it has a great cast as well as great emotional performances:D 7.9/10 This movie also has comedic moments, a good soundtrack and has some fantastic shots. I like how quite a bit of it takes place on multiple Christmases c'mon who doesn't like Christmas? It's just a great adventure, this movie is in my top 100 Movies for sure.

Posted by seagreen

i could watch this movie a hundred times...actually, i probably have. it's a fun movie with great performances all around. a great rainy day stand-by to have on hand.

Posted by damilish

great movie, better than i expected. and its true

Posted by Alec_Azam

Brilliantly cast and acted. A fun and intelligent story that'll stick in your mind after seeing it. The length is excusable due to the prestige and talent of Hanks and Dicaprio. 8/10.

Posted by Nonation_86

one of leonardo's greatest movies...a must watch 9.5/10

Posted by chinaeyess

Nice storyline, good acting, good choices of actors

Posted by Chantaye

Been watching movies on here for a while, yet this is my first comment .. Real good movie..I'd recommend it.

Posted by iMayEatYourPeople

seeing LeoDiCarp in his younger days is always a treat :) wow, this is really based on a true story? im impressed, this Frank person is a genius. but he was clearly a kid.. there were moments where the character showed that even though his smart as hell hes still immature and he needs guidance. the acting was stellar, of course. the plot and the pace entertaining. i cant help but like Frank, i dont want him to get caught but at the same time i want him to stop. fleeing is tiring. my classmate was right the ending was the best part. 9/10

Posted by GentiSMB

really great movie 100/10

Posted by raspberryjtsix

Great movie i guess the real conartist laugh about this now he gone a long way and just about did everything with much determination but surely makes everyone understand there much to life then living a lie. rate it a 10/10. Leonardo Di and tom hanks they just amazing in their performances you never seem to go wrong with their movies. Leo remind me of jack nicholson in his talent to pull off about every character to the book and actually be convincing others actors just dont have it in them but he does...

Posted by CarlaLove

interesting move. :) i enjoy watching it. 8/10

Posted by festa1983

1 of only 2 leo films i liked

Posted by kizurika

I am not a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio but I have to admit he is a good actor and this movie was awesome. 8/10

Posted by Wuderz

Great movie! Good true story, and very accurate to real events that Frank Jr did! 10/10

Posted by MilenaNena

Leo as always just brilliant. I liked the whole movie, 7/10, because I wasn't impressed. You will enjoy this flick ;)

Posted by gnysgthartman

Classic Swag. ;)

Posted by nicodemu

One of the first movies to make the con man seem like a romantic ideal in this generation. It was a great movie.

Posted by daville1

dis 1 of my fav dicaprio movies. 10/10

Posted by GUILLOT1NE

leonardo never fails to impress his part, done it again in this fabulous movie, this is a seriously must watch. divine from start to finish

Posted by selrahc77

Really funny and nicely done, Leo was really good, 4/5

Posted by Cacibubko

this one is good character was awesome

Posted by trigga0121

best films ever. even if it is 10 years old now. 10/10

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