Forbrydelsen (2007)

Forbrydelsen: The brutal murder of a young girl launches an extended police investigation. Detective Sarah Lund is supposed to leave for a new life in Sweden, but can't bring herself to leave the case behind. The girl's parents and friends struggle to cope with their loss. Troels Hartmann is campaigning to be mayor of Copenhagen, but struggles when links are revealed between city hall and the murder. Over a time span of twenty days, suspect upon suspect is sought out as violence and political pressures cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer.

  • Currently 8.10/10
(6287 votes)
Released: 2007
Runtime: 58 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Thriller Mystery
Actors: Kim Sønderholm, Anders Nyborg, Bent Mejding, Johan Gry

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Forbrydelsen (2007) Comments

Posted by gorki

I must thank You!!! Amazing Series!

Posted by cassiopex

This is soo addictive! The best policewoman since Tennyson in Prime Suspect. Tend to jerk us around a bit too much with false trails but seeing Sofie Grabol acting like a wild bulldog of a woman and never letting go is mighty fun..

Posted by massabielle

Oh My God!! Just finished season 2 and needless to say....AMAZING. Brillantly done!! Sarah despite her hardcore focus in her work, is so intense and right on with her theories. Great show and I am glad that this season is 10 episodes. The first was great but 21 episodes for the same story line is too much it could have finished off at episode 10. Despite this however this is a SOLID and INTELLIGENT show to see!!

Posted by HaloAngel

Wow oh Wow! this show is brilliant!

Posted by HaloAngel

This show has so many twists and turns. Its great.

Posted by cassiopex

Wow, this policewoman's only equal is Tennyson in the original Prime Suspect and that show may be that good too...

Posted by lorddealings


Posted by HaloAngel

This show is wonderful and really full of emotion from the girls mother and father...Great actors!

Posted by Momorane

Danish thriller at its best. Gritty, realistic, beautiful scenery. Great dialogues, and well thought sound design. The actors are exceptional, their characters very complex. It feels like a Scandinavian distant cousin to The Wire.

Posted by cassieman1

have watched the american version of this and much prefer the original danish verion 10/10

Posted by ramada

brilliant,got to watch season 2 now ! 10/10

Posted by gorki

this is an excellent series. Just amazing! Is there going to be a 2nd season? Thanks for everything!

Posted by TheShadowofsparta

Best detective show on tv (excluding Sherlock perhaps). A superb follow-up season to an already awesome sseries

Posted by massabielle

I agree in that the subtitles after episode 6 I think was just disturbingly horrible. I can't even say it was so bad that it seemed like a kid did it but I won't because not all kids are alike. I would like to say that a tired, incapacitated adult who just didn't give a crap wrote the subtitles. Horrible but I mustered myself to watch because the plot was getting good. I managed to get the gist of it though. The subtitles though need serious improvements but I have seen when it is BBC connected the translation is on point!!! I am glad to see that it was not just me who noticed this obvious blunder.

Posted by MUDPOOCH

I cant believe that this show is still up and running. It was crap when it started and its even worse now. They should just pull the plug and close down this turd factory before it gets any uglier...

Posted by Sybilisation2012

Thank you very much! (To the one who uploaded these episodes of the Killing/ Forbrydelsen.) I'm really grateful. Have just been watching the first 3 episodes of the 3rd season on the BBC, and was sure I wasn't going to find anything here, but luckily I was wrong... And with English subtitles - great!

Posted by Riley87

Gripping stuff, im definately in for the long haul. This program is excellent, i love the element of mystery they manage to keep up throughout series one and cant wait to get started on series two :)

Posted by Sodapop_Curtis

What an unexpected ending !

Posted by nayisha

seriously... give me a bag of Doritos and a copy of Rosetta Stone Danish and i could do a much better job of translating. i am really loving this show, so i've overlooked subtitles that made no sense, but this episode is the absolute worst so far.

Posted by HaloAngel

this show is nerve wrecking...I was sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the whole show...

Posted by TheShadowofsparta

Another super season. I will sorely miss Lund and the show

Posted by Stravaganza

This is a very good show. Good music, good acting, only sometimes I think the episodes are a little too dark, by that I mean that most scenes have little sunlight in it..

Posted by 22blanche

I think the Danish version is much better than the US one, not that the US lacks merit. It's just that I'd seen the Danish one first and love the actress that plays Sarah Lund. I heard recently that the 3rd series is being filmed now and that's it for The Killing. History. No more :-(. I'm so sad. I'm jealous of all those who haven't seen the first series because, it's so brilliant. It's a must see show! 5 stars. Thanks to those that added it.

Posted by nayisha

too marvelous for words. 100/100!!!

Posted by sativoid

That's rather too much to read into three words and a question mark. It would be quite another thing if there had been a question mark AND an exclamation mark. After all, Forbrydelsen is an excellent thriller and, as such, viewers are left hanging at the end of each episode. Having watched all three series in a marathon session lasting days, I resorted to watching S03E09 in Danish, but gave up and decided to wait till English subs appear. Even though the subs hinder meaning as often as they convey it, I'm still immensely grateful for the efforts of those who devote their time to providing them gratis, because without subs many of us would have no way of broadening our cultural horizons via world cinema.

Posted by TheShadowofsparta

yes. love this show. Go Lund

Posted by HaloAngel

I would have never thought it!

Posted by Arcticfox

top notch viewing, its a total mystery whos the killer, im hooked

Posted by Sybilisation2012

Thank you for uploading!

Posted by nayisha

holy cow! wow.

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