Dead Silence (2007)

Dead Silence: Every town has it's own ghost story, and a local folktale around Ravens Fair is about a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw. After she went mad in the 1940s, she was accused of kidnapping a young boy who yelled out in one of her performances that she was a fraud. Because of this she was hunted down by townspeople who in the ultimate act of revenge, cut out her tongue and then killed her. They buried her along with her "children," a handmade collection of vaudeville dolls, and assumed they had silenced her forever. However, Ravens Fair has been plagued by mysterious deaths around them after Mary Shaws collection has returned from their graves and have come to seek revenge on people that killed...

  • Currently 6.00/10
(37645 votes)
Released: March 16, 2007
Runtime: 89 mins
Genres: Horror Mystery Thriller
Actors: Donnie Wahlberg, Keir Gilchrist, Bob Gunton, David Talbot

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Dead Silence (2007) Comments

Posted by chrissybabyxoxo

Thought it was an awesome movie. Really enjoyed it. Puppets are creepy. :(

Posted by CoolayLee

Yup like everyone says, straight eary..Thanks we say!

Posted by nb06161987

there was something about the atomosphere of this movie i like.. stories ok. 3/5 for me.

Posted by Darkangelz

Intense movie full off suspense.Great movie

Posted by Rubenchitito

Not that scary.. Half the movie was mediocre and the other half was good. 6/10. Good ending tho although very silly.

Posted by Scorpiochick

Always a good watch. Its a nice, creepy watch.

Posted by jamie1144

Quality film great twist defo worth watching 7/10

Posted by 1sassygirl

This movie is pretty entertaining and the ventriloquist doll, well...ANY kind of doll has ALWAYS creeped me out, so it wasn't hard to get me in that respect. This movie has seasoned actors as well as a pretty unexpected ending. This definitely has one time watchability. *6.5/10*

Posted by DollieFace

Lol it's totally true .

Posted by stephaybabe

Scary movie good twist The dummys really creep me out though =[

Posted by spookym

Loved this movie, 8/10, until the predictable ending, then it became 6/10.

Posted by chanelicia

The creepiness factor is high in this movie n the ending was good...but it could have been better overall with another lead actor. The puppet had more life thann Ryan Kwanten.

Posted by asreal

I could have gotten more out of the local amusement park than I got from this sad example of a horror flick, didn't d anything for me, racked up an: D-.


8/10 good movie/ending hates puppets now

Posted by Eivile

Fantastic movie. I loved it 5/5

Posted by DollieFace

It was really creepy & I loved it , so 5/5

Posted by insaneHorrorFan

Lol. This movie is well worth a watch. I enjoyed every second of it.

Posted by Darkangelz

I like this movie.. 4/5

Posted by sw33th3artz

If u want to scare ur pants off see this movie!

Posted by webcutie

I really liked this movie it had gore and a twist it was awesome 5/5

Posted by krayzie951

very cool movie really liked the story and the popping out dummy movies r always good horror nice ending

Posted by Zharok

I can understand why people might feel divided about this film. I liked it as I felt it held true to the more dated concepts of horror and it creeped me out! Acting was good too especially by the old lady who had 'lost it'. So im giving this an 8/10

Posted by TheKingSlayer

DDDDAAAAMMMNNN Did not see that coming. Made the whole movie worth while!

Posted by NottinghamWench

This movie should be classified as a comedy/horror because it made me laugh pretty much all the way through the entire movie.

Posted by CyanideDizaster

I remember watching this a few years ago with my friend; scared the shit out of us! Doesn't help that we're both scared to death of dolls ahah, worth a watch definitely!

Posted by VictorMouta

It was nice but not as good as I expected. I don't know if it's the genre, but I've always loved horror movies. It made sense and the acting's amazing, the plot and timing were flawless, but to me there was something lacking. I don't know what it was, but maybe it's just the movie didn't match my taste. It's a wonderful movie though, totally worth the watch.

Posted by Zombiegirl

that was one creepy movie! and omg, the music at the beginning already scared me haha xD good ending too! I

Posted by MUramasa13

One of the creepiest, scariest movies I've ever seen in my life. The plot, the setting, and the acting are the best i've watched in a horror movie. It's rare to find a movie that will make you jump and bite your nail with fear and terror. If you want to get scared, then watch this movie.

Posted by Bbop03

lol I saw the Billy doll in Hot Topic when this movie came out an haven't seen him there since..wish I would of got him then lol

Posted by diehardgolfer

talk about creepy i loves this movie. if you havnt seen this one yet you might want to.

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