Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbor: Pearl Harbor is a classic tale of romance set during a war that complicates everything. It all starts when childhood friends Rafe and Danny become Army Air Corps pilots and meet Evelyn, a Navy nurse. Rafe falls head over heels and next thing you know Evelyn and Rafe are hooking up. Then Rafe volunteers to go fight in Britain and Evelyn and Danny get transferred to Pearl Harbor. While Rafe is off fighting everything gets completely whack and next thing you know everybody is in the middle of an air raid we now know as "Pearl Harbor."

  • Currently 5.80/10
(164630 votes)
Released: May 21, 2001
Runtime: 183 mins
Genres: Action Drama Romance War
Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Alec Baldwin

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Pearl Harbor (2001) Comments

Posted by ruffertrh

I thought this movie was brilliant. Loved the story line and everything and I gotta say this is my fave war film so far. 5/5

Posted by Rompe

Must must watch! In my opinion, best part is the last half of the film....but the entire movie tells such a story about what happened to so many Men and Women, especially those in the war, during this time period. You really had to make each day count. You never knew what was going to happen. My Amerikan Grandfather had friends that died and lived through Pearl Harbour. I have been fortunate enough to be taken there and have gone to many memorials. Sad how the survivors are slowly dying away, but they are at least getting to join their pals, friends, lovers, families etc that never made it through this time and hopefully be at rest.

Posted by sab1960

I enjoyed this film so much, even though it told the story of the pearl harbor tradegy it also portrayed a different love story 10/10

Posted by psukegreen

The difference between this and Tora tora tora. Easy across the universe, gone with the wind and the notebook came up as Similar to Pearl Harbor. Want to know what comes up for tora tora tora, Twelve o clock high, Empire of the sun, midway, Battle for Britain. This is a horrible make on pearl harbor with a made up story line of an horrific event. This would be like having a love story at the WTC incident and having them holding hands and jumping at the end.

Posted by GentiSMB

great drama even though i knew what was gonna happen with Danny 10/10

Posted by Ender7718

worst movie ever, as usual Michael butthole Bay completely missed the mark, he really needs to stop directing...

Posted by vinodh

legendry war/love movie...must c movie for all LOveRs i guess... widout a dbt i rate>>> 10/10 :-D

Posted by moreoftheworst

This movie has been my 1# favorite movie since I was 6, 10 years in the running, hoooly <3 <3

Posted by michealval

great war movie 9/10

Posted by diehardgolfer

this was one long movie but turned out awesome. the battle scenes rocked.lots of individual stories unfolded in this war epic and is worth watching.

Posted by tattwa_1

almost same kind of triangle love happened in India. The woman was remarried and even pregnant after some years since her first husband was announced dead in the war. But when the war finished, surprisingly he came back alive and found his wife married to another guy and pregnant! The woman was in such a problem, but she divorced the later one and went back to her first Love! In the movie also, it's probably been wise for her, but still not perfect to refuse her first Love! Some may have different opinions though!

Posted by supremefl0w

Still one of my all time favorite movies, being in the military people dont know all the other hardships that they would go through to be the best, film left me speechless every time i watch it! 10/10

Posted by TMLeose

Terrible Movie, the Love triangle is too Hollyweird for me. Back then people had morals, a TRUE friend would have never jumped in the sack with her or married her, he would have given her hope that he was still alive. It send the wrong message, there is no honor in Danny's actions and most soldiers are honorable people. Special effects are great.

Posted by sonam01

an ok movie but a sad ending

Posted by tanisha4c

Such a sad movie, but really good 10/10.

Posted by dragonmist

i loved it the dog fights was cool i was on the edge of my seat my heart rate has come back 10/10 movie

Posted by Kazz1004

I can't believe some people are hating on this movie! I love it. The acting was brilliant! One of my favourite films. 10/10

Posted by GideonFalcon

one word, Beautifull

Posted by TMLeose

to "Hollyweird" for me, the love triangle created is sickening, so I skip those parts. Back then, people had morales, my best friend would be giving my sweetheart hope, not stealing her away. Then it would have been a great movie.

Posted by Mr_Muzik

The first time I saw the trailer for Pearl Harbor, I thought-"WOW! This might be really good!" That is until I discovered Bay was directing it. I don't understand why so many people say they were disappointed. They seem just as surprised as the U.S. military was that morning of 12-7-41. This was a stinker and you could see it coming way before it hit. I am a little disappointed that this project was given to Mr. Bay. A historical story such as Pearl Harbor should be taken very seriously and not glorified with overdone special effects and a lame plot. I recommend this movie to you if you like over-the-top and melodramatic action movies (i.e. Armageddon). This movie was made for the casual movie-goer who doesn't mind a lame brain story and just wants to have a fun day watching a bad action movie. I do not recommend this movie if you want a moving or dramatic account of that fateful day and appreciate quality cinematic experiences. Because Pearl Harbor is definitely not. I really hate the fact that Disney invested so much into this bomb (pun not intended). In short, this movie was a complete and utter waste of good money and time. With the amount of money used this should have been a quality epic. And to think, Michael Bay and Touchstone are cashing in on this atrocity of a movie. A real shame.

Posted by malaysiaboy

Very good movie filled wit great effects n a great love n war story. Ben Affleck's love n the friendship between him n Josh Harnett,Cuba Gooding's feel of being cornered,Kate Beckinsale beauty n her sorrow,n the intensity of the war,it was all nice n compelling 2 watch. It's pretty long bt worth watching. The oni slow part was the beginning 20 mins. I think Josh Harnett's n Cuba Gooding's acting was the best. Great movie n Michael Bay is alwayz a superb director.

Posted by CIV

I cry every time I watch this movie.

Posted by RMT197

This movie was such a poor representation of pearl harbor. Hollywood bores you to death with unnecessary love scenes for almost 2 hours before the attack. The attack itself is well done, but if your going to watch this film, skip to the last 30 minutes and save yourself time, and boredom.

Posted by jazzjam

All time favorite love the cinematic soundtrack. 10/10

Posted by iLucero

I hate to love this movie. I can watch it over and over and still cry every single time ♥ Josh Hartnett is my favorite actor. 100000000000/10

Posted by vaskovekta

very good film, emotional and the effects were great, the did well with this.. defo adding to my faves

Posted by Snik3rD00dl3

I LUV THIS MOVIE.!!!! But i wanna just smack that gurl in da face. I mean the best friend really.? And then she gonna get prego by him... Wow that is just sad...

Posted by Prbs_Gtm

just don't miss it, one of the great movie.

Posted by Snik3rD00dl3

Ok I take that back from my last comment... I am so sad about the ending but at least something comes out good and happy.

Posted by Ponchblues

It was Ok, one time watch!!! However the film lasts almost 3hours and in some parts is a little bit boring!!! 6/10

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