The Ring (2002)

The Ring: Rachel Keller is a journalist investigating a videotape that may have killed four teenagers (including her niece). There is an urban legend about this tape: the viewer will die seven days after watching it. If the legend is correct, Rachel will have to run against time to save her son's and her own life.

  • Currently 7.10/10
(155415 votes)
Released: 2002
Runtime: 115 mins
Genres: Horror Mystery Thriller
Actors: Naomi Watts, Brian Cox, Pauley Perrette, Amber Tamblyn

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The Ring (2002) Comments

Posted by fishkettlebanana

I liked the japanese version best but, the best ghost story I have seen so far is THE PACT is a horror mystery thriller with the most disturbing idea I have seen in a movie to date. its a masterpiece I have to tell everyone how good it is

Posted by jasonmode7

LOL im reading comments here like "it isnt scary" ... OH YES IT IS ! .. and the video tape that they watch that ruins the lives of those who watch it is pretty dam twisted and scary also ! ..... The only American remake i can say off the top of my head which is actually as good as the original,amazing viewing material !! The Japanese and American versions

Posted by theedarkhorse

Scared me from the start

Posted by delaell

i watched the original movie version, Ringu, before this one and the Asian one was way better. The american one only scared me in the beginning and that it.

Posted by Film4o

One of the best horror movies. 10/10

Posted by jaisankaru

good movie interesting story 7/8

Posted by mediabuff

This wasn't scary at all. I love horror movies and was expecting something great by the reviews, and I'm a Naomi Watts fan so I gave it a go. So disappointed. Didn't even get my heart racing once. The acting was good and the ending makes you think, but that's about the only positive things I can say about this movie.

Posted by chatpilot

I had heard a lot about this movie, but sadly it did not live up to my expectations. I felt long and drawn out and once or twice it had a creepy moment but other than that it was too slow for me. This is worth a one time watch though, because once you see it and know what it's about it kind of ruins it for you if you watch it again.

Posted by Ashelis29

Pretty good remake of the original! For the most part, yes the Japanese version is scarier, but... and those of you who've already watched it will know what I mean... the bit where they find that young girl, hands down the closest I've come to having a heart attack whilst watching a film!

Posted by Vamptasia

I'll never tire of this one. Great movie. Now Watch Ring 2. Even Better!

Posted by MagicSlaughter

I guess everyone heard about this movie, Gotta love a good classic watch 8/10

Posted by RMT197

this was the first horror film i ever watched and i literally was so scared i couldnt move. i had nightmares lol. such a great film, as i watch it now it isnt scary as more creepy, and very eery with multiple scenes that will keep you on edge. 8********

Posted by Bellnation

This is one of the scariest movies ever made and shut up people who are like yeah wasn't so scary, everybody knows you were scared as hell because this movie messes bad time with everyone who watches it and stop putting on an act. 10/10

Posted by tremor_ncafc

This movie is a 10/10 for me. My favourite film by far. As for comparisons with the original Japanese version, it seems to depend which you see first. People who say they saw the original first say that its better than the remake. I tend to disagree with them but then again I did see this one first so....

Posted by BeyondFierce

One of my favorite Horror movies. Although this is the American version I have to say that Asianhorror truely is the best. It's like they invented Horror. lol Anyways, if you wanna get scared you should watch this. :P 10/10

Posted by ness17

its an ok movie its scary but the Japanese one is so so much better it was fairly ok but disappointed though

Posted by webcutie

It was good but now i really wanna see the orginal if its actully scary

Posted by Danny3110

liked it but i think the japanese version is better

Posted by ZakNickAaron4ever

This film really freaked me out when I watched it first time and it still gives me the chills now when I think of that girl and the well. I remember watching it first time with friends then alone in the dark on my own again a few weeks later and its so much easier to follow when your really on it, other than struggling to keep up the film worked and the chills were real, the actors and actresses all really pulled it through and nailed the killer ending...9/10

Posted by vinodh

perhaps d no.1 horror movie in the last three decades........worth watching it...see it in 5.1 surround guys........(i watched it in 2002 itself, still feel the liking) i rate it>>> 10/10 ;-)

Posted by Rullar

Not all that,it's alright. Not realy scary though until late & storyline is a little bit out there. 5.8/10

Posted by KayleighSian

I first watched this about 5 years ago and was absoloutley terrified and couldnt sleep for about a week!! Just watched it again and i mangaed to watch the whole thing without hiding behind a cushion although it still creeped me out but i dont think i'll have any trouble sleeping this time :L The overall film is very good and i like the story to it - much better than the usual gory films, this film has real scary scenes and not just discusting scenes.

Posted by TheLonersManual

Definitely good. I like the original Japanese version a bit better, if you can stand sub titles.

Posted by AkLvKk

hahahahahahahah one of the funniest comments ever!!!! XDDD (but no offense :))

Posted by gothicchick17

This is a good movie. but the little kid pisses me off. idk why.

Posted by yasmy_girl_2010

the best horror movie i had ever freaks me out

Posted by TheHitmanWonder

Seen the pact. Great Movie!!!

Posted by asreal

right off the top this flick racked up an strong: B+. something I never done B4, this flick some kind of way just got to me mentally it had a strange affect on me when I seen it awhile back and that weird feeling re-surfaced when I watched it a second time {real, real CREEPY!}.

Posted by KougorStorm

Great movie, 10 times better than the 2nd one

Posted by liamb93

great film sure to be a classic but the kid has the vibe of damien from the omen 9/10

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