The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: When the Pevensie family are evacuated out to the country, they are unaware of the adventure they will encounter. During a game of hide and seek, the youngest daughter, Lucy (Henley) discovers a wardrobe which transports her to the land of Narnia. Covered in snow, Narnia is full of weird and wonderful creatures, but is watched over by the evil White Witch, Jadis (Swinton). When all four Pevensie children end up through the wardrobe, they discover that it was meant to be, as two daughters of Eve and two sons of Adam must join with the mighty lion, Aslan (Neeson) to defeat the evil White Witch.

  • Currently 6.90/10
(181620 votes)
Released: 2005
Runtime: 143 mins
Genres: Adventure Family Fantasy
Actors: Liam Neeson, James McAvoy, Tilda Swinton, Ray Winstone

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) Comments

Posted by xOhhIvy

love this movie and they have cute accents and i would really like to ride that lion :D 5/5

Posted by turtleshell52

I was a good remake! They stayed close to the original and some what close to the book! I enjoy all of the original movies, but I like what they did with the dawn treader movie and can't wait to see what they do with the Silver Chair!!!! definitely a good watch!!!

Posted by Sci_Fi

This was the best film out of the three (gross revenue wise) but i like the prince caspian one the best.

Posted by RMT197

Love this movie and every character in it! a great adventure movie!

Posted by horse_goddess

fantastic job :) great for people who LOVE fantasy 9/10

Posted by chinaeyess

This is my Favorite among Narnia, but I like them all

Posted by EkulNaneek

Very well done, nice conversion from the book!

Posted by ashiquzzaman

one of my favourite one 5/5

Posted by OnceNefarious

There are not many modern movies (90s or newer) that I like. This movie, however, was a pleasant surprise. The acting was good on the part of the Pevensie kids. The CGI for the animals was good, and in general the special effects were good but not distracting. Liam Neeson was, as always, superb. The BBC Chronicles of Narnia productions were good, but this movie proved that even in a modern world of crappy movies, some people still know to make GOOD remakes. 4/5

Posted by ethan1989

Good movie I should think, was particularly made for the kids;however, that is not to say anyone can't enjoy watching it, if anything atleast one time.

Posted by Alexmcdeere

Great Fantasy Movie.

Posted by raven13

This was pretty good considering it's aimed at a younger audience. 3 out of 5.

Posted by csrmartinez

Ooops sorry Kenny I accidently pressed useless as I wanted to agree with you!! Movie is Lame... I give it 3/5

Posted by truqueen_01

i enjoyed this movie a great deal, surprised it took me this long to actually watch it. well time to watch the next one.

Posted by moviesmalta

one of my fav movie

Posted by Moonchildx

Incredible! I just get lost in this film, one of my favourites 5/5

Posted by scalvim

Uniquelly beautiful. Just that scene of lucy in the snow with the lamp post... eternal. I've also read the books as a child and can honestly say this is a good, sweet adaptation to the big screen. The casting was suberb. I was a little disapointed they did not made the movie of the "Magician's Nephew" first, or at all really, it's the book prequel to the book that inspired this movie, I always found it odd, even in the past, very old version that exists of the Narnia series *really old,in the past version the character of the lion Aslan is a guy in a costume, yep, really* that they always begin the movie serie in the second book. Either way it's a extraordinarily good movie, very much worth a watch and the sequels are also pretty good.

Posted by daveyboy1

me n me girl love this movie. brings back school memories 30yrs ago of when we read this book every week in class. love it. 10/10

Posted by otakutwin

A good film but not as good as the BBC version. That was more closely to the book but still this version is good very good.

Posted by saahikat

Wonderful movie! Can't wait to see the Prince Caspian one now :) :D :D :D

Posted by ToysAreForKids

I don't really like this movie...4/10

Posted by proana

I enjoyed this movie a lot. I've never read the book and I'm not planning to though. I think this was very original and entertaining. Good acting for a bunch of unknowns!

Posted by Tish7

I remember as a kid I used to watch the animated version on tv around Christmas time. It literally creeped me out. The movie version however, strikes an emotional level that I like. This is one of the best fantasies of all time!! 5/5 (I see people mentioning that there was a prequel in the book series...hopefully they still do a movie based on it...I wouldn't think it's too late.)

Posted by sofkalicious

Makes you feel the magic.

Posted by turtleshell52

they're good and theatrical,but nothing like the original movies! The originals were more real and just as entertaining!

Posted by Skoda91

I didn't get the part where santa claus is... -.-

Posted by malaysiaboy

One of the greatest fantasy,action movie of all time!!! The actions,effects,story n the acting r all jz amazing n outstanding. Worth a thousand watch!!

Posted by Cartipper

This was a great movie, they carried it out so much like the book! I was amazed. Really enjoyed it.

Posted by lotte310

I love this movie, it so magical, and aslan in so cool, and at the end when there back to the real world and then when the professor says try me... ohhhh I love it, and I secretly think he has bin in Narnia to....

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