Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn: A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

  • Currently 5.20/10
(27449 votes)
Released: September 27, 2012
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres: Action
Actors: Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Adrianne Palicki

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Red Dawn (2012) Comments

Posted by captaintopbollox

This was quite good, though alot of room for improvement by the director, it just seemed a little disjointed to me.

Posted by gunny1952

Well stated wolfgarr as gut check is the proper term.Soviet and Cubans where a lot more feasible and possible at the time.But Chinese and North Koreans are really a stretch of the imagination.

Posted by 101beerman2

Better than i anticipated! Good flick overall 4/5

Posted by Lord_of_Bacon

This film deserved a better director, better writers and a slightly larger budjet. what could have been a modern day epic about fighting for your home, was just a cliche flag waving, cheesey teen-drama, that was barely strung along on a rotten plot. The original remains the best

Posted by hallo0

yeeeeeeeeey what a nic propaganda film the new enemy for america the north koreans but it has some nice action scene's

Posted by simonsays1

this was much much better than the slow, dull, and boring original. 4/5

Posted by bashfulbrother

Great remake of the original. A little more realistic. It is very significant due to the situation we live with right now.

Posted by PuRp

Not as bad as ppl make it sound. worth a watch.

Posted by Bkirk

Not as good as the original but still good. The concept is actually plausible and believable. 7.5/10

Posted by DannerDaliel

I really liked the original movie, and im going to watch it again. This ... not so much.

Posted by giftedhands05

you cant even see it really good plus its not the entire movie probably better to wait until the good version comes out plus the original had a better storyline than this one.

Posted by yungC310

really??? if u liked this movie then u have no imagination vietcong, minute men and the rebels that fight this way have way more guns and way more toys and a lot more man power,this movie is so unrealistic. a 5 man russian spetnaz team would take them out in like half a day marines or not this is laughable. now if lets say they were all children of navy seals or delta force id sorta believe it but no sorry 3/10 also we'd wipe out north korea with our pacific fleet and the south korean army so the N. korean soliders would have no home to go to

Posted by kitfisto28

Some good action and surprisingly dark moments but overall pretty bad film. Obliviously a remake (why when the original was bad as well i dunno) which is to bad when i like some of the actors. A funny premise (somewhat original in the first installment) Dialog was total cheese and didn't match exactly what the characters were doing (chalk this one up to bad writing). Some people say go watch the original (i certainly won't). If you need a fix for mindless action this fits the bill... but besides the action this was a pretty painful film.

Posted by 90smovielover

It was pretty good but i wasn't to impressed. It felt sad because of the situation we are going through right now so it seemed like it could happen, but sometimes it got a little corny. And seeing fat josh from drake and josh grow up was cool but confused me a little. But hey it was alright and worth a watch 6/10

Posted by vue4u

It's an ok movie. If you don't like it, boo hoo. Go sit in your room and cry about it. xD

Posted by zaraki119

Wow, this movie bit the big one. North Koreans? Really?

Posted by beibeiqi

This movie was sooooo good! I loved how they made it more modern and it actually pins up with north korea and their present-day threats and such. It's great. I love how they fight back and it's so bad-ass. I don't exactly like how some people survive and others die kinda thing (not going to say :P) but yeah it's so good I believe they set it up for a sequel. Josh peck was brilliant in this. I want to see more more more!

Posted by dreampunisher

Go America!! If anyone even thinks of invading us they better watch this movie first.

Posted by robotwarrior

I actually really enjoyed it, I just sat back and didn't think about plots or directing or anything just saw what the movie was. A nice form of escapism not intended to be a favorite of the critics. An enjoyable movie if you don't go looking for holes to poke at.

Posted by mediabuff

Implausible but very enjoyable. It's no more inaccurate than any other movie that's come out as of late. Once you get past that you have a good action movie with some surprisingly good acting. I recommend it to anyone who isn't a movie buff that's too good for this. 8/10. To points docked for accuracy.

Posted by biguno1

Not as good as the first one. It was an ok movie. 7/10


I think this film is really good and because i never saw the first im not comparing it to anything, but i have to say Josh peck cannot act at all he can't even cry i swear thats like lesson 1 in acting school.

Posted by raven13

You have truly mastered the art of sarcasm, or are insane.

Posted by obyice

is a good film 6/10

Posted by Amaaahh_13

, Connor Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and good old Josh lawls. what can i say i loooved it :) stink ending though is there a part two?

Posted by suhailee

Awsome Lots of action 4/5

Posted by NextHypeBBK

The First 10 minutes was boring..gets better, trust me!!10/10!!

Posted by donmally

So ficticious. No way a bunch of untrained kids stands up to north korean soldiers, especially in hand to hand/close range combat. even american special forces say koreans are some tough s.o.b.s. they wouldve all been dead, no way a bunch of people with a few days practice shoot straighter than a trained killer. 1/5 just for the gun shots.

Posted by budmn09

Real good movie better then the first one...two thumbs way up

Posted by scomo

Yeah, thanks for that spoiler. What else happens so I don't have to watch it?

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