This Is the End: While attending a party at James Franco's house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.

  • Currently 8.00/10
(25802 votes)
Released: 2013
Runtime: 107 mins
Genres: Action Comedy Fantasy
Actors: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Emma Watson, James Franco

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This Is the End (2013) Comments

Posted by I_AM_SANCHO

BigBear87. I watched this with your girlfriend too. Rolling around and fucking. good movie, my memories cherished x

Posted by BigBear87

Loved it... Watched it with my girlfriend... we were both rolling and laughing our asses off... continuous stream of plot-twists and freaky humor. Every single actor there is making fun of himself with every word they say. 5/5

Posted by glennc80

Really enjoyed the film, great entertainment and a great laugh with it, another great rip vodly grats :)

Posted by alhanouf

Extremely stupid ,I highly recommend not wasting your time on it.

Posted by marcuss

Total dross. I struggled to watch 10 mins.

Posted by wonderwmn

The storyline is so stupid it had me in fits of laughter. The guys are awesomly hilarious and loved it when Emma Watson showed up! Would watch it again for sure.

Posted by 1greatYuaTja

Out of all the people who could upload movies, this is the best version?...Come'on. And whats up with the hiden ads while watching movies?..that shits annoying -.-. It's just weird that Pacific Rim came out July 13, and it's already a TS version. Man of steel-When it was uploaded was already a TS version, damn near DvD quality on both movies when uploaded, and this movie's been out almost a month and we're still stuck with by far worst copiy I have ever seen. That's it for my complants haha. Thank's too all the uploaders out there that make this site what it is, you people save us a whole lotta money!!!

Posted by theblackdeath134

drink up already craig!!!! look at him taking bitch sips outta that champagne glass! but make sure there's enough for all of you wont you!

Posted by Quazi187

Kool movie Lol Danny Mcbride was funny as lmao Watched it 3 times now.. 9/10

Posted by huffy1001

this movie is packed with highly paid stars but still falls flat. it goes from comedy to horror in a bad way and just isn't that funny - it plays with religion in a bad way as well. also with sexuality, mostly homosexuality. 10 top stars and they resort to toliet humor.

Posted by theheat

actually there was another movie similar called "RAPTUREPOLOOZA" which came out the same year which was sorta better. this movie gets a 7 out of 10 stars.

Posted by dinamoncayo1

So disapointed since i love this guys but the movie was a waist of time 2.5/5

Posted by Jack_T

@InfamousElGuapo: Are you sure you got your point across there? That's gotta be the longest comment I've ever seen on here, do us all a favor and take your short story of a rant somewhere else.

Posted by LeBronJames

Why can't i watch a movie WTF!

Posted by orias

The movie made me LFMAO...Thumbs up for the actors n actress playing their own role...But why did they have to kill Rihanna she's so freaking sexy:(

Posted by InktUpSoldier

I love all the actors in this movie they are all my favorite great flick!!

Posted by tiphanie102

had some funny parts, one-liners I'll keep in the back pocket, but mostly just passed time.

Posted by sgtharry77

i watched this on a ruff ts version sop i watched again with my teenage nephew last nite and he was laughing his head off even better than before micheal cera was fn hilarious and danny mcbride no one else can do what he does so good "and you jonah you c&nt" fkn funny 5/5 all the way

Posted by Dizzydan79

Load of rubbish, expected better off a decent(ish) cast

Posted by maria5


Posted by kled

i just cant believe that on a low budget , they managed to get so many stars and even impressive graphics, thx to all the producers. movie- 7.5/10

Posted by theblackdeath134

this is one motherfuckin long comment by InfamousElGuapo what if admin deleted this comment you spent ages on? they clearly dont feel the need to play G-d with you but rather just me the ugly dirty motherfuckin admin. I created an account here just to comment on this movie, which I developed an immediate, tangible, visceral hated for. Its not creative, funny, 'cutting edge', its crap. Schlock served-up for the Jackass/Jerry Springer/Howard Stern crowd mentality too stupid to realize they're being insulted the entire 107 minutes this celluloid abortion is on the screen. Seriously, if you believe rape jokes are funny you need immediate counseling. Imagine, sitting at your PC and purposely writing jokes about violent rape. Imagine the level of dysfunction it takes to do that. And the idea that shallow, narcissistic douchebags will survive the Apocalypse is enough reason to not want to. Seth Rogen you are a talentless hack, as an actor, director and writer. Do humanity a favor and find another line of work. But don't take my word for it, here is what some of today's leading critics have to say about this awful film: 'This Is the End' is a party you want to miss How long would it take to count the idiocies in "This Is the End"? Fooled you! Trick question. Numbers don't go that high. Colin Covert - Minneapolis Star Tribune it got irritating and self-congratulatory long before it was over and I desperately do not want to see it again. Andrew O'Hehir - It's a hit-and-mostly-miss affair... Keith Uhlich - Time Out New York A story lurching moment-to-moment for inspiration, or full of ceaseless gags about every bodily fluid, or featuring rape jokes or the sight of Franco spitting food into Hill's mouth, doesn't pass as wit. Tom Keogh - Seattle Times Dies a slow, wheezing, woefully unfunny death. Dustin Putman - Imagine how funny it could have been if they had actually put some thought into the humor instead of trying to appeal to the basest levels of comedy, and then imagine if they had actually done something with this story. Jeff Beck - It's disheartening that, despite some half-hearted overtures toward shifting the comedy paradigm, the filmmakers make little attempt to expand their comedic pale

Posted by theblackdeath134

its that same ts version its been here a month wtf.

Posted by theblackdeath134

i wont bother checking its probably the the same shitty ts version honestly you should be banned for putting up shit versions. hold on i'll just check to be sure no actually i wont bother.

Posted by salkizar


Posted by ZombieHeade

I've watched this movie several times now with friends and family, and I still laugh at the crazy stuff in it. While it will never be a masterpiece, it was never meant to be be one. Some people have a hard time dealing with certain entertainment in movies, unless it follows their typical Hollywood standard. Break the standards and they label you bad. Typical Hollywood hogwash on the bad reviews. This movie is funny if you like sex, drugs, and rock and roll jokes. Today's top comedic actors making a slapstick comedy about the End of the World. The best comedy of the season in my opinion.

Posted by hossy88

Just got through watching and this movie is hysterical! Laughs from start to finish, great cast, great acting..great movie! 7.5/10

Posted by theblackdeath134

no shit i got 4 out of 10 comments on the latest comments page thats like news headlines, nows my chance to make it big time wuhoo!

Posted by Enayet


Posted by Alan8o5

Good Movie, some parts were pretty funny

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