The Ninth Gate: In New York, the money-driven dealer Dean Corso is a rare-books expert and partner of Bernie, who owns a bookstore. He is contacted by the renowned collector of books about the devil Boris Balkan, who has just acquired the rare The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows from the collector Andrew Telfer, to verify whether his book is authentic or a forgery. Balkan explains that the book was

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Released: December 24, 1999
Runtime: 133 mins
Genres: Drama Fantasy Horror Mystery Thriller
Actors: Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin, James Russo

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The Ninth Gate (1999) Comments

Posted by Raven61


Posted by chinaeyess

Johnny Depp is a very good actor, as always.

Posted by Carri121

Good movie...I was intrigued all through it. Johnny Depp Rocks!!

Posted by Serenitynell

More occult thriller than supernatural in actual content but the storyline was fairly gripping. One time watch only for me though.

Posted by spanishdoll

such a rare book, but the book analysts smoking a cigarette in the place where these books are

Posted by wottawoman

last word correction; credible.

Posted by EddieT

Ver7: Megavid. Run Time: 02:13:00. Do u love a good horror flick, are you a devil worshiper, witch or sorceror, a gore monger, someone who likes the thrill of feeling scared, or enjoys watching a scary ghost story? then, u will be sorely disappointed in this film. However, if u like the thrill of a long detective mystery chase, then u will like Johnny Depp in this one. :) NOTE: the ONLY blood shed in this film is a punched nose.

Posted by ragtime2k

interesting storyline, though it becomes predictable after a while. The ending could have been better than that (I mean: A LOT better...). Nice movie overall 7/10

Posted by TiaMarie

Why is that not matter the role Johnny Depp somehow just nails it? I gae this story a 5/5. Because although I have no idea what the f*ck just happened, it kept me interested, lol.

Posted by jay201


Posted by mcpepper111

I agree - good movie.

Posted by Crenshaw

Kind of lame story, didn't like the ending kind of vague. The Tourist is a lot more like it.

Posted by verderubro

Good movie but there's no much attention to detail.. a million $ biook n you treat it like that.. 8/10

Posted by spider6969

This was quite slow but did enough to keep me interested, Pretty good all round. 8/10

Posted by Frankie_Kate

i just finished watching this film... I love Emmanuelle Seigner as the devil incarnate, she is so beautiful, if i believed in the devil, this is how he/she should look.

Posted by truck59

Great movie all Johnny Depp...

Posted by HongKongCavaliers

Artfully constructed and deliberately paced, making up for the many ludicrous twists and turns it takes. At the very least the action is moved by earthbound dementia rather than by the power of a divinity. Polanski prefers to stay close to his characters and follow their reactions to the events they are confronted with instead of going for high-tech special effects and latex devils with horns. Psychology and suspense are favored to spectacle here. But as the movie builds momentum, the ending goes "Poof".

Posted by einrthm

amazing thrilled and intensive.

Posted by wottawoman

just began watching this film and although i think it will be worth watching, i question how a private collector would allow a possibly unique and, consequently, extremely rare and valuble book to being exposed to oxydation, sunlight, and corrosive acids (from being handled)in order to authenticate it. it's inconsistant with how valuable artifacts are normally handled. as a stamp and coin collector i have items which, even though far less valuable, i never touch with my bare hands. i think that lack of attention to this detail, in and of itself, makes the movie less believable. a pity.

Posted by raspberryjtsix

Astonishing movie that will bring into actions darkness and mystery and puzzlement a bit to fragment what happening. Enjoyed this movie have it in my collections as well. rate it a 5/5

Posted by mandrake

Good movie. Jonny Depp always delivers.

Posted by Snakeboyeric

Very interesting with the way the mystery unfolds into the story. Definitely a good movie. The ending was perfect, the way it should have been. That alone makes a great reason to see it. At times the story seemed a bit rushed, with Depp making some interesting and uncharacteristic decisions, but altogether came together nicely. 7/10

Posted by backroad_420

I think I been with devil before also, great movie.

Posted by Rullar

I like The Ninth Gate alot and while ur right about handling of rare,valuable books u might be taking it a little to far with it but whatever. enjoy

Posted by VictorMouta

This film is unmatched. The characters are superbly developed and played; what an amazing cast. The finesse with which this movie was made is almost tactile. Depp's part gave Corso a confident air, and that made a world of difference to the final cut. Wonderful sets and locations, even though it wasn't actually shot in Portugal, the landscape is breathtaking. Sets also happen to be breathtaking because every 5min Corso is lighting up a cigarette; that drove me insane, but it was common at the time. I don't know, but that mysterious woman just drove me up the walls, found her to be quite the seductress. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery movie, with a pour of occult and supernatural.

Posted by Seimo_182

remember this movie:P a good one...:))

Posted by mcpepper111

I enjoyed this movie. It was suspenseful and thrilling. Good film for any JD fan or fan of the genre.

Posted by kids5

a very good film by johnny depp,more than worth a look i think I'll save it to watch again.4/5

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