Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus: This film is set in 2093 and takes place in the same universe as the 'Alien' movies. A group of explorers, including some archaeologists, are on an "undisclosed" mission. They arrive at a planet millions of miles away from Earth. The team spot what they believe to be signs of civilization. They go to investigate and find more than just signs, they find conclusive evidence. But some of them have an ulterior motive for being there, including the Weyland Corporation. They believe that this is where the human race actually came from. Things soon turn from excitement to survival once inside their discovery.

  • Currently 7.20/10
(265471 votes)
Released: June 08, 2012
Runtime: 124 mins
Genres: Action Drama Horror Sci-Fi Adventure Thriller Mystery
Actors: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce

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Prometheus (2012) Comments

Posted by 1Fractured1

5/5 Absolutely the most spectacular sci-fi movie I have ever experienced! Unforgettable!FAV!Hope there is a sequel,there set up for one! Can hardly wait for it!!!WOWWIE!

Posted by Godisgood2

movie was kinda boring to me, the best part was the ending part to me. 7/10

Posted by Godisgood2

punisher0836, no one is stopping you from uploading, have fun and upload from the host you want, and stop complaining about what host other uploaders upload from

Posted by blackangel90

10/10 Awesome movie. Great trama with action suspense and sci fi thriller.You wont imagine whats coming next.

Posted by chatpilot

This was definitely a one time watch for me. It was pretty slow and uneventful and even the last half was kind of corny. I did not like this film at all although it had some cool special effects.

Posted by alhanouf

they have Michael Fassbender and the best role they can give him is a robot O_o reallllyy

Posted by gman713

This seemed to be a cross between Alien, 2001 S.O., and The Amazing Colossal Man. Trouble was...I didn't care about any of the characters. Great visuals along with a weak plot line. Just OK...6/10

Posted by Harrier

At cjames22dox..... This is a prequel to Alien... what happened before and how that ship was stranded/crashed and full of eggs. Look at the shape of that crashed ship and you will realize that it is the same shape etc as the one in the first Alien.

Posted by Harrier

I enjoyed this. Some of my pre "Alien" questions were answered and some more were created... maybe we might be lucky enough to get some more in time? Will be watching it again when DVD quality copies are available

Posted by Hookedonphonics1

Predictable, but good.

Posted by horror14

4/5.. Loved the action it maked me shiver lool (:

Posted by Icunvmenow

me too...disappointed and I wanted to love it! I think this could have been amazing, the best film of the decade! But someone had to have changed around this script, it just seems like two different ideas, like alien origin movie, and alien/god theory film, where we came from, with alien thrown in at the end!! okay! what the hell was that! lol!! can u imagine how great this could have been? The acting was superb! The filming and scenery was amazing.....I am bummed out for sure!

Posted by Icunvmenow

I was too thinking that, but then...It almost seemed like there were 2 different writers, and one wrote about a movie, like you said, alien origin, then another writer came along and hacked it up, and wanted to add to it, an alien/ god/ where we came from....kinda theory film, and then the script was left messed up, cause if they just went with the alien origin thing, and got just more into that, it would have been great, but it side tracks off, Oh I don't know, It was such an amazing movie, and had all of this potential, and I agree with u!! but was sort of disappointed too

Posted by Icunvmenow

hey now, don't be sorry, it is true, its almost like there was a script, then someone decided to hack it all up, change around some stuff and leave originator parts in/ who knows! what a mess, I too wanted to love this, and it really could have been the most amazing movie! but its all screwed up! And it is not you, it is really this movie!

Posted by Icunvmenow

Who the...what the the??? And where? WHY?? What's the point of..............And that is exactly how I felt after watching this! What the hell did I just watch????? I wanted to love it, But, I am so lost...

Posted by Icunvmenow

AWESOME! I love it! Great flick!! Thanks so much for the movie!

Posted by Icunvmenow

That was a really great movie! I do hope for another one to continue...but that wont happen, spoiler alert....................if she finds them, and gets all the answers she is looking for and of course we would all like to know, then wont this end the excitement of the Alien genre? just sayin..

Posted by kmn086

@TastyTodger - You are not a film critic, shut up.

Posted by Kushritous

meh it was alright, 6/10.. at the mid-ending i swear that her suit had 30sec of oxygen left..

Posted by MaxImumPayne

Wow I can believe you violated the rules just to post that lol you are truly a movie lover and I'm not ripping on you

Posted by mizeorand

meh, wasn't bad, plot was just missing something. I didn't like the 'boyfriend' scientist guy's character - it didn't make any sense. As far as scifi films go, it was pretty good though, could've been a blockbuster with some plot tweaks though. Also, its hard to believe the director didn't have Alien in mind when making this movie - isn't the map of the 'temple' the exact same one used in Alien vs Predator? it looked like it to me and at that point i forgot it wasn't supposed to be a prequel to Alien. Still a 7/10

Posted by moviefan543

I'm just saying this because I see everyone arguing about whether its a prequel or not. I just happened to read today in Rolling Stone that the director states it IS a prequel.

Posted by MSJewelryAU

Was even better watching it the 2nd time! For those who don't know....this idea is based on actual Summarian mythology. The Nephilim (or Annunaki) were the creators in ancient Babylon (today's Iraq). I hope there is a sequel! 8.5/10

Posted by MSJewelryAU

Even for a bad cam version the movie was unique in the fact they tie in ancient creation stories with the Alien series. I liked the movie a lot & will re-watch it when a better version comes out. 9/10

Posted by njenkinson

No hunky Hardy in this flick, no.

Posted by onetoughcrowd

Had the original "Alien" movie feel to it. It was interesting! And some parts gruesome! Enjoyable. :) Me like.

Posted by sssrt4

The "Xenomorph" is not the Queen. It's a first of its' kind facehugger, you can see that when it wraps around the giant alien's face. After that, the facehugger deposits the Queen's embryo into the giant alien, and the Queen later bursts out of his chest. I have no idea how you can confuse the Queen with a facehugger, just plain derp on your part.

Posted by sssrt4

This movie is part 5 of the Alien series. You need to see other Alien movies before watching this, otherwise you'll find yourself confused at times. It's still a decent standalone movie, but if you know the backstory and details of the previous ones, it becomes a much better movie.

Posted by tasherit

I think that this story is the origins of Aliens, but way too in the past for answering any questions yet. If they continue to do sequels, then more questions will be answered hopefully. Enjoyed it in Russian, but would like to see it in its original.8/10

Posted by TatiLe

Entertaining; Yet Worthless. Its A Big "Scifi Question" w/No Answer. I Feel If Your Going To Do A Movie Such As This One "AGAIN & AGAIN" One Of These Movies Should have @ Least Given Us A "Scifi Answer", Which So Far None Has DARED To Do.

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