Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion: One of the few remaining drone repairmen assigned to Earth, its surface devastated after decades of war with the alien Scavs, discovers a crashed spacecraft with contents that bring into question everything he believed about the war, and may even put the fate of mankind in his hands.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 124 mins

Genres: Action Sci-Fi Adventure Thriller
Actors: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Zoe Bell

  • Currently 7.10/10
(83749 votes)

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Oblivion (2013) Comments

Posted by SurvivorX

Like another comment states, another movie in which Tom Cruise plays "Jack"... also I saw the movie Moon and this seemed that it tried to rip it off a bit, its a mix of other movies and expensive CGI, was a bit disapointed.

Posted by silverwolf1177

wayyyyyyyyyyyy too slow at too many points

Posted by yang12

Wow that was shallow, didnt expect a 2013 movie to be that biased and this bored.The typical Tome Cruise agenda was the movie ofc 2 girls after him and he shooting everything in sight so important, the movie had no real science fiction no explanation it was like smeone got up in the morning had the idea and jumbled it up really fast the movie is predictable stretches unnecessarily (i literally fell asleep) would advise not to waste time....

Posted by Sargon7

amazing story and amazing acting , at first is boring but after middle action start , def. gone watch it again

Posted by delhirose

I read Marillion's comments and the comment was said perfectly. The script was taken from bits of this and that, and to me Cruise is now sterotyped as he is always the goodie, predictable in his characters and always a Mills and Boon in it. To me Cruise's characters will usually always win which makes it less suspenseful and thrilling, cause you know. The film was well made, the story had its flaws and could have been as Marillion said, a classic, but its not. Dont get me wrong, well worth the watch, at least once. I used filenuke, the copy wasnt bad, thanks to the uploader, the visuals blurred here and there, audio was good and had no streaming hassles. It did start off in Russian for a few seconds, then went into English. Great stuff.

Posted by MarvLX

Had alot of potential but kinda ehhh for me, good to see Jaime Lannister though in sum other than GOT lol...

Posted by donte06

I found it just ok. 6/10

Posted by Heddyy

An okay movie

Posted by lostfear

Worst movie Tom has made to date, almost fell asleep through it and the only reason it was almost is because my phone rang. 0/10 2 thumbs down.

Posted by Yourpleasurejob1

The alleged "HD" versions must be a different kind of HD than I'm used to. "High Definition" is more like "Horribly Distorted". I'll wait for the DVD version.

Posted by djfree

The cinematic value was good but I'm not gonna lie, the plot was essentially a complete ripoff of Moon from 2009. Its worth watching though, anything with Morgan Freeman is.

Posted by TheMoonCheese

This was a fantastic movie. It kinda reminded me of Aeon Flux.

Posted by charlie8613

just finished it was a pretty good film tho it is pretty easy to read ahead ove all I give it an 8/10

Posted by Hesher

2 things: -to buy this the robots would have to lack the ability to communicate & -tom cruise is an idiot

Posted by krutik123

This movie was a bit good. I'm confused, I am very confused but overall, the movie was good. 7/10

Posted by TCGchirp

Wasnt very captivating, there is very little explanation or backstory. Tom cruise was pretty good, i enjoyed his performance. you couldnt really connect with the characters, especially at the end, which made some of the plot pointless and any character development thus far irrelevant. 7/10

Posted by ProphecyV

★★★★ Well worth a viewing. A kind of futuristic I AM Legend feel for the first 40 mins or so which if you have an imagination for it is brilliant. Highly recommended for any SCI-FI fan. Plus there is some great tech eye candy.

Posted by TheMantisMonk

I loved it. Awesome Sci-Fi Flick...You won't be disappointed...

Posted by theory816

I was put off at first because it seemed like one of those Tom cruise movies where he plays a generic hero. Well, im glad I watched it because the story line was truly amazing. Almost cried at one point because of the psychology and not so much the story line. Fkd with my mind that the notion what if this were true? 9/10 because I feel it could have been shorter at some point.

Posted by spider6969

So bad, So cliche and way too many Tom cruises for my liking. This was an awful effort and so glad I didnt pay for this.

Posted by glennc80

Yet another good movie watched, haters gonna hate lol, 9/10 good storyline and for Cruise good acting haha :)

Posted by KnightStark

I like Tom Cruise... always have, always will. But I have to be honest: this movie is certainly NOT worth watching, I mean the CGI is great and the concept is refreshing, also the final plot twist is "interesting", but that is where the pros end. Character development is missing, the story isn't invigorating, the initial 60 minutes are pure agony and the movie is, for the most part, quite predictable. Movie Rating: 5.5/10 (Mental Torture)

Posted by Lisalou4sho

Movie was good....confusing at times. Good ending. 7/10 Tom Cruise is weird! But a good actor!

Posted by GoldSawdust

Yeah getting sick of "Jack" but still a good movie. Giving 7/10

Posted by MrMarlboroReds

this site needs to get rid of ALL the FUCKING pop ups...jesus fucking christ, i click once and i get 50 pop ups

Posted by FilmCrew

meh . . . 6.5 / 10

Posted by SuperNinjaMan

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. I can't believe I watched this crap right to the end. 5/10

Posted by richw13

Very good movie.Probably best sci-fi in a long while . Would rate it 8/10. Good quality for a change.

Posted by HondoMan

I'm impressed. Sci-fi flims are not my type, but this was really good. Very enjoyable.

Posted by vonmunchousen

the first hour a little slow, had a hard time staying awake but the second half was worth the wait! I give it an 8/10. Thank you

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