Frozen (2010)

Frozen: At Mount Holliston, snowboarders Dan Walker, his girlfriend Parker O'Neil and his best friend Joe Lynch don't have enough money to buy lift tickets. Parker bribes Jason, a lift-worker, with one hundred dollars. When the system is nearing closure, they force Jason to let them have one last pass. However, Jason needs to resolve a problem and his colleague misunderstands his instructions and stops the lift. The trio of skier and snowboarders gets stranded on the chairlift near the top of the mountain. When they see that the lights of the ski resort had been turned off, they need to make a choice: leave the chairlift or freeze to death.

  • Currently 6.20/10
(33419 votes)
Released: January 24, 2010
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres: Drama Thriller Horror
Actors: Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore, Kane Hodder, Adam Johnson

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Frozen (2010) Comments

Posted by ramanprasad

Cant watch it

Posted by ren420

Really good movie.better than I thought it would be.6/10

Posted by FrostFire

Amazing film...some great toe curling moments. This film was recommended to me by my mate and im so glad he did, cheers bud. Kept me gripped till the end.

Posted by yasmy_girl_2010

this movie it's so sad ...i liked it but i wished at least the girl to survive

Posted by cindy1977

A great movie a must see. I cried made me sad 9/10

Posted by xKyaraaa_

The girl survived

Posted by boxler

oh my god what a great film, brilliant, a must see

Posted by drtronemh

there is sound but it very low and headphones just about lets you hear but it not in english

Posted by Thenat

Surprisingly good movie. Had some pretty intense points. The acting was impressive. I didnt think I was going to really get into a movie about people stuck on a lift. Especially since I had family who did work as a lift operator. Assuming they completely forget or neglect to do the safety checks before closing, this could happen.

Posted by PrincessKary

Everything u shudnt do in that kind of situation, they did. Standing ovation, Plz! Lol

Posted by ferdy123

amazing 10/10 must watch

Posted by livibabe

this was a suprisingly good film thought it was going to be a slow film but in fact it was intresting a must watch well at least once 8/10

Posted by movievixen

I loved it simply because of the idea...I thought it was good acting and in some parts the characters weren't "smart", but 8/10! Watch it

Posted by contrastvloeistof

hahhaha indeed without a cellphone was i thinking to;-))

Posted by raven13

This is a really good movie, much more than just 3 people stuck on a chairlift. 3.5 out of 5.

Posted by denizt

a brilliant movie. I wasn't expecting much but I was wrong. Everything that happened from the beginning until the end was very possible and believable and that makes this movie a great thriller.

Posted by jessie_baybaay

i love these sorts of movies, so Frozen really appealed to me. even though the acting wasnt fantastic, the fact that the senario was reasonably realistic made the it more true to life. even though this movie was quite low budget, and didnt have that many cast members, i still really enjoyed the high level of suspence. i didnt empathise much with the characters, but i did like the senario they where put in, and all in all it was a good survival movie, and worth a watch for people who are sick of your typical slasher horror. 7/10

Posted by Akydra

This is one of those...this could really happen kind of movies and not the over the top unbelievable kind. So for that I would have to say I did enjoy it. Also the fact that the characters just as realistic, made me like it even more. I'd recommend this movie to anyone that likes realistic situations and edge of the seat kind of film. 4/5

Posted by jessmagic

Awesome!!!!! 8/10

Posted by zace

started off a bit slow but turned out to be a good movie i say give it a watch

Posted by blackbrit

its an ok one time watch kind of movie nothing special however it does make you wondewr what you would do if you were ever in that situation score 5/10

Posted by MetalThrashingMad

Didn't like it , Cause the chick was sooooo annoying all she did was whine and whine and did F*ck all to help and the end just annoyed me more

Posted by agevey

Really good movie, better than I thought it would be. Wish I could find more like it! 8/10

Posted by DDforever2808

This was a pretty dang good movie, 5/5 :)

Posted by jker

fantastic film. I was really impressed with Adam Green. Horror movies don't even stress me out like this one did. It was brilliant, the dialogue was realistic and everything about it was perfect. This is real horror. It could happen to anyone. 10/10 stars.

Posted by versebtm

I kinda had a feeling what I was in for, before sitting down to watch this movie. I am usually not a big fan of movies geered towards hopelessness. Although this movie has its faults, I enjoyed the characters being established at the begining of the film, and how they develop through out the duration of this frosty chiller feature. It is a definate watch , and very suspenseful. Kewl movie!

Posted by Kaasbammetje

Good movie, great acting. A little bit like Open Water. I give this movie a 7.

Posted by drbadass11

wat happened to the second guy>??????? great movie btw

Posted by rozebudd1983

This movies was really good and suspensfull.. kept u wondering on what was gonna happen next.. wish the ending was a little bit longer cause it was good :) makes me not want to go skiiing tho lol never wanna try it ...

Posted by ilikecatz

I love Kevin Zeggers. OUCH when he 'broke' his leg, that would have hurt beyond words if that happened. Good movie, recomend. 8/10

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