Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm Bodies: With much of the world's population now an undead horde, R is a young and introspective zombie. While fighting with and feeding on a human scavenger party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens next is the beginning of a strangely warm relationship that allows R to begin regaining his humanity. As this change spreads through the local undead population like a virus, Julie and R eventually have to face a larger issue when the very nature of their friendship is challenged. Caught between the paranoid human forces and the ferocious "Bonies", zombies who are a mutual threat, R and Julie must find a way common bond bridge the differences each sides must overcome so that...

  • Currently 7.20/10
(32143 votes)
Released: February 01, 2013
Runtime: 98 mins
Genres: Drama Horror Romance Comedy
Actors: Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco, John Malkovich, Nicholas Hoult

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Warm Bodies (2013) Comments

Posted by TikiWeedKill

Awesome movie and I want everyone to watch this movie

Posted by Jokersapprentic

This movie has some funny scenes, but all-in-all this film is very slow and NEVER really picks up. The end was a let down also.

Posted by Maxibo

Thought this was only going to be some lovestory crap movie. But I was wrong. It contained many laughing and actions parts too. Actually a good movie. Worth a watch, 7/10.

Posted by reg

loved it,very funny,thanks uploader!!!!!!!

Posted by Maxibo

Good movie. Worth a watch, you won't be disappointed. 7/10. Btw, Teresa Palmer looks like a blend of Kristen Stewart and Hayden Panettiere :P .

Posted by Latah

Great movie! now i know how difficult life for a zombie must be! 8/10

Posted by precaious

PRETTY GOOD! 8/9 for crap quality but it earns a 10/10 for being a good movie; and different! :)

Posted by TenaciousD4

Good movie, a bit different from the book though. I can't believe they made Nora white lol

Posted by Alman86

Wow Richlaw84, I must have pissed you off for you to comment twice on my opinion. Which is just that my opinion. Perhaps if you had watched "the Woman" your point may be valid, however I'm not quite sure where or how I'm posing, or that you really have the ground to stand on to make the majority of these inferences. "I awesome! 6'2" tall and 230lbs. work out and love to train MMA(mixed martial arts)" is what your profile says right? "I Awesome". Actually i haven't seen any previews and only know about this movies based on articles I've come across as well as what I've heard from others. It's okay tough MMA guy, it's okay to get but hurt over a comment someone made about Tween romance movies. I'ts okay to refer to me as a "Troll" when it's quite obvious you're trying very hard (don't hurt yourself) to gain some form of negative reaction out of me AKA trolling me. For the record Zombies are not real therefore nowhere in "science" does it say anything about them (unless you consider voodoo zombies), there is a lot of of "science fiction" and mythology that supports that they do eat or at least kill the living. 20TOMC10MFC its a romedy about zombies, zombies are brutal. Shaun of the Dead was brutal yet maintained being a comedy, Peter Jackson's dead alive was a comedy that maintained being (very) brutal. All in all none of you really have no place to be saying most of these things to me. One look at your profiles suggests most of you don't have anything relevant to say on anything(dontpaniic is the only one with a semi valid point) based on all of you having negative Karma. thank you for your input though guys, I'm sure your mothers think you make valid points..

Posted by Alman86

To all you people saying "think outside the box". Stuff it honestly. I for one am quite sick of this progression into turning the monsters of my youth into lame emo romance characters. To all of you saying "zombies don't exist so how would you know how they are?", maybe they don't, but do some research, there are historical forms of zombies in almost every culture around the world, and in none of them are they made out to be love starved, on the contrary in most cultures (not all) they are the mindless dead sent to feast on the living. Zombies are meant to be brutal and frightening, Vampires are meant to be brutal and frightening, Werewolves are meant to be brutal and frightening....etc etc, not things to be admired and lusted over. Hollywood needs to just stop already. I'm going to take the majorities advice and stay the fack away from this. Zombies in love, pfffttt

Posted by angelbrown549

they did do it on purpose, that what their names are about also her friend is a nurse like Juliet's handmaid and Pete is named for Paris the bad guy in Romeo and Juliet, also I think his name starts with a b? im not sure but that's benvillio and another's marcrusico, this is a take on the original, it was made this way for example when Julie and Nora are talking to R that scene is meant to look like the balcony scene x

Posted by angelbrown549

this is a take on Romeo and Juliet, but obv with a modern/science fiction twist. thats why he is named R and she is Julie x

Posted by bigmike50

that was pretty good. a different concept of zombies.who says u can't go backwards.

Posted by brucewhiteboy

amazing i loved it!!

Posted by CatwomanVas

it was worth a watch not what i expected but...

Posted by chatpilot

My daughter kept pestering me to see this movie. Well I've seen it and I wasn't too crazy about it. Like the vampire genre these latest teen films have been messing them up in a bad bad way. Zombies regenerating and becoming human again? Dead cells of a corpse reanimating? Garbage!

Posted by chrissyroze

agreed.. i thought this was supposed to give opinions on the movie/show not a contest to see who can be the biggest douchebag... I didnt like or hate the movie and some d-bag just likes to thumb down all the comments.. smh

Posted by chrissyroze

Not the best, not the worst.. kinda cheesy at times but not horrible.

Posted by CyanideDizaster

Watched it the other day, such an awesome film! Great comedy too ^_^

Posted by duckmysuck

first 50 minutes were so boring.. but in the end it turned out to be okay in some way. give it 1/5 cause i just love nicholas hoult. But yeah terrible film

Posted by Jesus419

I thoought this was a pretty good movie

Posted by no_trogladore

This was very cute. Worth watch for sure. what do you really expect from this though? Have a good mood and enjoy this.

Posted by PATRICIA101064

Want to watch this but don't speak or even understand Russian :~((

Posted by sab1960

I loved the film, not sure why the horror genre has been added? Was cute and funny. And I agree with callow, Teresa Palmer does look like a blonde haired Kristen Stewart, but Teresa can act. I could certainly watch this again 4/5

Posted by jaytheoriginal

I could see how this could not be to everyone's liking, and of course there is always room for improvement. But all in all I have to say that it's not a bad film. It had a bit of everything in there, and some good acting. I really can't complain as I had put of watching it for so long thinking it was going to be rubbish. But I was really surprised. A good 8/10 and well worth a watch !!

Posted by amha24252

10/10, my fav part bwas when he said "bitches man"

Posted by TheEmi1y

Well I watched it but it's not really very memorable. Quite clich├ęd too.

Posted by trenalaray

love zombies movie

Posted by trukr

I liked it. Coddry was still funny despite not being able to play his normal hyper-active self, and Teresa Palmer is easy to look at. It's not Walking Dead, and it's not Shakespeare. The trailers are pretty clear about the intent of this movie. Enjoy it for what it is.

Posted by xKyaraaa_

Good movie!! I love the end!

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