Basketball Wives: It's not easy being the wife or girlfriend of a basketball player. In this reality tv series, the lifestyle of basketball players and their relationships are revealed. From large homes to designer wear, and even questioning fidelity while on the road, this is the life on Basketball wives.

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Released: April 11, 2010
Genres: Reality-TV
Actors: Tami Roman, Royce Reed (30 episodes, 2010-2012)Suzie Ketcham (28 episodes, 2010-2012)Gloria Govan, Kenya Bell (10 episodes, 2012)Kesha Nichols (10 episodes, 2012)Jennifer Williams (8 episodes, 2010)Maddy Wooten

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Basketball Wives (2010) Comments

Posted by skkc18

Tami's antics you used to make me laugh but it's so uncomfortable watching her BULLY Kesha. She's talking about wanting respect but you probably don't get it by taking someone's purse from them without their permission

Posted by Nikki_Nines


Posted by zangose

Its interesting how men listen, Dezmon and Royce, she says all that stuff and then tops with with "I didn't think I would be in this spot right now in my my life" he hits back with "you don't like the spot your in right now", just process a small part of what is said MEN you are special kind of breed. Evelyn need to stop climbing tables, throwing bottles, plates and shoes whatever else, one would think she is a teenage and not a grown ass woman and a mum of a grown child, EW!

Posted by neviboo

royce is so down to earth....evelyn party was nice, tami is genuine. kenya still have me puzzle and kesha shud be a runner or magician that chick knows how to disappear fast lol....

Posted by GoldPeach

Gah I want to watch this reunion episode so bad!!!!! lol

Posted by versebtm

yeah right, no your not done, you are hooked, its like

Posted by neviboo


Posted by The_Jackal

Susie, in my opinion, is the worst kind of friend anyone could have. She is NOT trustworthy, she is a "shi+-stirrer" (so to speak) and she just can't keep her mouth shut. She caused all of this, but even so, Tami's just a bully and expects that everyone should resort to her way of things i.e. violence and drama. Kesha is too good for this show and I think that she did the right thing by not owning up to what she said at that point in time because Tami was going to hit her. She also did the right thing by leaving that kind of environment. Kesha's too classy, unlike Tami and some others on this show, and it's unfortunate but I don't think that she is right for this show since she will not put herself as low as some of these women are. Kesha was truly a breath of fresh air and I genuinely like her and respect the woman that she is. I truly hope that Tami can change but a leopard never changes its spots. Hopefully Kesha sticks around for another season but I won't hold my breath.

Posted by GoldPeach

The whole episode was pretty boring. Till the preview for next week. No he did not! Eric is such a lame ass. I was not sure what I thought of him at first. But this passed season he has really shown his true colors. WOW Jen just keep going forward and don't look back.

Posted by neviboo

girl i second you on dis and also hi5 you......suzie oh how i strongly dislike dat girl....

Posted by hello121090

this will be a crazy season =)

Posted by neviboo


Posted by versebtm

This recent episode of Basketball Wives was quite interesting, Royce came across as mature and well put together. Evelyn came across as a non factor, Tammi came across as wise. Jennifer never came across. Suzie came across as drunk and Shaunie is still queen bee. Keisha seems kewl , but that Kenya, I can already tell. SHE IS BIG TROUBLE

Posted by GoldPeach

Tammy is exhausting.

Posted by neviboo

it wud be nice if evelyn and jen made up....but too much have gone done and have been said for them to truly bounce back from all the drama... nice episode, next week finally looks interesting also....

Posted by GoldPeach

Jennifer stop just sitting there while people are coming to assault you!!!! Kenya is on some serious single black female silence of the mother fucking lambs types shit. Evelyn Enough with the roid rage wtf is up something has to be wrong besides these girls for her to be on one so hard. Tammi - Sad Keisha - She was a non mother fuckin factor in this episode.

Posted by versebtm

Basketball Wives is a riveting look into the lives of these married, used to be married, want to be married and might be married to Basketball players wives. Royce the out cast dancer of basketball teams seems to have made a complete 360 from, being the bullied, to now not taking any mess from anyone, Suzy changed from drink throwing diva, to, running out the door scared, every chance she gets, Jennifer and Evelyn(Who I cant stand) are still the bad girls. I love Tami, and Shaunie to me is the one that plays both sides. But all in all this show says its reality, but I am starting too think alot of this madness is mostly planned out. But its still a slam dunk of a series. Gloria and Ashley has become the trimming.

Posted by neviboo

shaunie where is your loyalty? i thought it was all about you and ur friends....this is why i cant stand you your too damn 2 face....

Posted by GoldPeach

All these girls are shady even Royce.

Posted by seshe247

I know.... I just can't wait..

Posted by GoldPeach

The Train of logic these women display is terrifying to say the least. I just do not even have words that can describe just how despicable classless and sad this behavior is.

Posted by antpay

lol none mother f*$king factor! love it

Posted by neviboo

kesha is so slow, kenya was being mean but at the same time i could understand where kenya was coming from, because she and kesha had tension...jen seems to be moving on in a positive way and its weird but i tink evelyn is actually kissing tami`s ass...hmmmmm how ironic

Posted by neviboo

wtf is wrong with royce`s father? does he want royce for himself? like shut the f&ck up & sit the hell down. shes a grown ass woman, leave her alone.... he is so damn annoying bloody hell.....anyway next week episode looks so interesting...

Posted by ricoricardo

They need to rename this show Hollering Ass Gold Digger Bitches

Posted by BlackWoman2011

And Meeka needs to keep her mouth close and wait for the right time to speak cause you are looking really boo boo if its not the rite time den don't say anything at all unless they say something to you first okay Meeka boo boo!!

Posted by dennie62

While watching the show i had my fav's and my not so fav's but it all boils down to one thing, No matter how rich or famous whatever we (male/female) still GO thru the same trials and tribulations.I was taught that You havent past anything till your dead....And yes we make mistakes but dont let it be your downfall but its what you learn from it and as well what you could used as an advice or positive solution to pass on to yourselves as well as others with similar situations ,,,,,Love all basketball wives just like my family , i love everybody a certain way even though everybody is different,,But at the end of the Day we still LOVE Each Other!

Posted by nice_site

vidxden works - thanks uploaders.

Posted by zangose

Evelyn is such a beautiful woman, amazing body, this show appears to make her pretty mean, with the Suzie situation, yes i think Suzie was wrong however Evelyn made it such a point about the circle "i brought you in" and all that drama as though being in their crew is what life is all about. I don't know Evelyn i only know what i see so that what i going to judge however i must respect that what i see is not her 100% of the time and folks need to understand that and not be so quick to think they know her through and through. Yes i guess she should know but judging every athlete with the same pogo stick is not fair, it makes you bring baggage with you, preconceived ideas and judgements to a new relationship. My last comment is about Jennifer and Eric. Eric appears to have silver tongue and can talk his way out of anything, old Jennifer was very insecure about who she was so i'm not surprised that he talked her into marrying him after his affair, she must have been hurt and possible still in love, in hind sight i'm sure Jennifer would have said hold up let work this out before we marry. Check how Eric was so cool with divorce he was nonchalant about it and Jennifer couldn't even say the word divorce. Slowly she begin to gain confidence in herself and know that she had tried to save her marriage while Eric made excuses after excuses is too what he needs, disrespecting the marital home by disappearing not contacting "his wife" then appearing, remember the dinner where she said she was going to tag along she wasn't really but Eric didn't want her to come why because he was still being a rat. So people that she she married for money i think were wrong because he had been dating him since 2000 that is 10 years of which 4 was spent married. Eric stalling telling his friend who appears to know that Eric is stalling. Eric never thought that Jen would grow in strength & want to be away from him plus folks say she was with him for his money this girl has her own company that brings good a amount and she is successful. Folk are getting Jennifer from the start who constantly needed validation, constantly said she was not happy but was trying to save her marriage, even tried buy a new home, come on people really you siding with Eric and his cheating self, he gets what is coming for him, he straight up lied when she called him on txting her about still being in love with her blah blah blah, yes toss drink at him cause he was arrogant talking he made Jennifer since when did he do that, him throwing the drink made wonder what else he had done to her

Posted by neviboo

i agree with you about tami and kesha the whole bully ting.....but meeka? oh hell no dat chick was starting shit she cudnt flush, i cudnt stand meeka....but i like kesha and tami was wrong for the way she handle the kesha situation...but meeka oh hell no meeka deserved dat pop in di head...

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