Geordie Shore (2011)

Geordie Shore: MTV cameras follow some of Newcastle’s finest lads and lasses, as we sneak a peek into their glamorous lives and party lifestyles From the city that gave us Cheryl Cole, Ant & Dec & Gazza, meet the real Angels Of The North as the girls strut their stuff in mini-skirts shorter than their belts, whilst the guys pump iron at the gym and drink more vodka shots than Newcastle Brown Ale.

  • Currently 5.10/10
(1003 votes)
Released: 2011
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Reality-TV
Actors: Gary Beadle, Vicky Pattison, Khloe Evans, Gaz Beadle

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Geordie Shore (2011) Comments

Posted by Sci_Fi

i saw the first 3 minutes and i just thought that people must think we are arrogant dicks that get what they want, which is partly true xD

Posted by collins32117

totally agree 100%

Posted by collins32117

I know my comment will be voted down but I don't care. This show along with the jersey shore is crap, a bunch of annoying spoiled little rich bitches acting retarded and getting drunk. Definitly not entertaining

Posted by hmmichael4141

The dogs went to the dogs lol.the ones that were running were better looking lol

Posted by hmmichael4141

geeez,all you geordies mingers up there?not a fit bird in sight since the programme started.

Posted by hmmichael4141

these women have no class at all,there so rough talking,they should atleast act a bit feminin.geordie whores not shore lol.

Posted by hmmichael4141


Posted by hmmichael4141

god what a bunch of slappers,im from london and i dont understand half of what they say so god knows what u americans think of it lol.not as good as jersey shore at all and i dont expect this boring show to pass the first series.

Posted by qballcuddy

Thanks MarisaMeyer!

Posted by dianaluvsnyc

vicky: "Cancun Chris is a f*&^ing Cancun Co*k!"... i was dieing :D

Posted by dianaluvsnyc

reunion episode anyone?

Posted by dianaluvsnyc

Charlotte is hysterical lol :D "It's like the parsnip sends it's brainwaves"...LOL. It's so funny how she talk about herself in third person. She's my favorite.

Posted by dianaluvsnyc

this is funnie. sophie is suppose to be snookie i guess. loving the accents and def like that there are NO censors. 3/5

Posted by kokanee_vtec

Vicky got fat.

Posted by imakecomments

I live in New Jersey and feel the same way about the Jersey Shore.None of the cast is even from New Jersey just that 1 of the seasons took place there.I think most people just take it at entertainment value and are smart enough to know this is the furthest thing from reality and most of it's scripted reality shows always have and always will be scripted.Cause most people are boring in front of camera.

Posted by tremor_ncafc

Where was Jay in this episode?

Posted by tremor_ncafc

really can't stand rebecca!

Posted by tremor_ncafc

episode 2 is up!

Posted by tremor_ncafc

Shame Greg isn't returning. Don't like the new girl. Ricci's alright so far though.

Posted by tremor_ncafc

Sorry to drag this up but what does "way eye" mean?

Posted by tremor_ncafc

All the girls look the same! WTF And all the men do is work out and show off (apart from Greg, the only normal guy in there haha)

Posted by weetsy

Their British accents, although distinctly northern, make the trashiness of the show very hard to believe. I can't help imagining them all working in a cobbler's shop of a toffey store on the off seasons, wearing bowler caps and monocles. Too much implied politeness and stiffness.

Posted by 2judge1

what a rip off of jersey shore, why dont the uk find there own unique programme instead of copying something that wont come close to the original!

Posted by Duuuuuuuuuude

Those broads are friggin' disgusting

Posted by Noles506

lol @ some of the comments.. like "this cnt top Jersey Shore"... Jersey Shore is a fad..that will be gone before you know it, and no one will ever speak of it again..

Posted by SandyScareCrow

I got through the whole show..Its a long one too

Posted by SandyScareCrow

All these people seem abit weird,like who can really go out drinking every night of the week.

Posted by ouch110

Vicki is such a hard faced cow. LOVE THIS SHOW!

Posted by ouch110

How sexy is Sophie's boyfriend? wowzers! Love Geordie shore...yeah, they are a hot mess but they are entertaining. Charlotte's little analogies are hilarious!

Posted by werbelow

(HEAD IN HANDS) Makes me embarrased to be American, in case ur daft this is a pot shot @ jersey shore 100% spoof

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