Apollo 18 (2011)

Apollo 18: Decades-old found footage from NASA's abandoned Apollo 18 mission, where two American astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the reason the U.S. has never returned to the moon.

  • Currently 5.20/10
(32696 votes)
Released: September 02, 2011
Runtime: 86 mins
Genres: Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors: Warren Christie, Ryan Robbins, Ali Liebert, Jan Bos

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Apollo 18 (2011) Comments

Posted by wieichbin

Not bad. It would

Posted by LegendHye

Kinda reminded me of "Blair Witch". It was OK for a one time watch. I think the guy video camera started to film about 10 minutes into the movie, but dont think anything too important was missed.

Posted by nocheeseplease

It got more interesting after the first half hour or so. It wasn't anything special though and there was no surprise - the 'Blair Witch in space' tagline seems to pretty much accurately describe it. A few times when they make the audience jump doesn't really qualify it as a scary movie though. Some people might appreciate the space equipment and the old style cameras/equipment etc.

Posted by Liger01

your right has there is no air in space, but you forgot about amount of dust in space which is moving around, all the time, so it create air like atmosphere. Last thing it doesn't matter if we didn't go to space because we beat ussr, that was the real goal not to get to the moon, so even if it is lie its pointless, since we can reach moon now.

Posted by Sleepyboy916

Good Movie I Loved It!

Posted by Jmack1215

I thought everything was good except for the little spider rocks could've been a little more creative but still pretty good 4/5

Posted by dailyllama

My interest got "fragmented" and so I gave up at the 1 hour mark.... 3/5 for novel archive-y type moon film:

Posted by brandonIDGAF

This was crazy. Some of the editing got a little out of hand, and i found myself dizzy with the constant clips and switches of camera angles. But they used the found footage to its best ability here, and created an utterly frightening movie that compels the fear of the unknown... the ending was very emotional. Absolutely scary movie. Not good for story/meaningful standards, but very terrifying and creepy.

Posted by MetalThrashingMad

I can't beleave They wasted money on this piece of trash! . Just another Blair Witch Project

Posted by movie_fan629

This is no way real! Do you think an Apollo 18 type rocket could have taken off from anywhere on the planet without anybody knowing about it?I think it's a little noisey and it would light up the sky for 100's of miles.Just saying!

Posted by Solo713

As opposed to Final Destinations, Screams, Paranormal Activities and the Saws....this wasn't any worse than those, in fact, better. But not by much.

Posted by BeyondFierce

It was alright, kinda reminded me of the Aliens. It was a bit slow but it kept me interested. Wouldn't watch it again though. 7/10

Posted by Razz2206

I Expected more from this simple put boring !!!

Posted by jayt8

first half was a little slow but the second half made up for it. pretty decent movie, id say a 7/10.

Posted by Dscaggs

This is the first film I had to cut short in years. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for this type of film....maybe it just plain stunk. All I know is that the stop botton was pressed about 40 minutes into it.

Posted by User1993

Very creative alien concept. Was never a fan of "Found Footage" type movies.

Posted by hashermasher

2/10 ya pretty darn bad whey would they use that crappy style of filming unless it was a true story .....ooowweeeeoooo (tries to play the theme music from the x files)

Posted by Al_The_Killer

I do not fear the down votes so here goes..I enjoyed it. I liked how different it was. I liked the filming and story. I loved the feeling I got while watching it. So go ahead and downvote me and everything I say, I dont care.I have the right to like this movie and by god I will say so. There are better, there are worse. Its just different. Watch it, see what you think. Dont let someone tell you what you should or shouldnt watch. Try things out and see what you think. If you hate it, say so. If you like it do the same. That is all.. -already hears the "useless" clicks..- lol.

Posted by thebigdee

This was a good watch creepy at some parts but all in all a good watch 7/10

Posted by palsarmir

Apollo 19 is coming out in November Opening in Selected Theaters at the 11.th! Will be about the secret Apollo 19 mission which went to the Moon in Dec.1974.They made a shocking discovery.On Mission day 3(on the Moon)at 14:33.pm they found A Luxembourg and a Lichtenstein Flag inserted into the Moon's sand side by side.After about 18.hrs of non stop investigation by the A-19 Mission and NASA's Houston Mission Control they discovered that Luxembourg and Lichtenstein had a joint Moon Mission where this two European Super Powers at the time,planned Nuclear attacks the USA,Britain,Cuba and the Soviet Union!!!We're owing our and our Children's lives to the 4 Unknown Apollo-19 Astronauts for discovering Lux.and Lichtenstein's evil plans of starting a Nuclear Holocaust by turning the US & Britain(NATO) against Soviet Union & Cuba(Warsaw Pact).Thanx for our Anonymous Heros!!! Peace

Posted by Kenbenmog

yeah it was not bad. I just want to know all the top secret stuff! I know the governments are batty's, so who knows what the truth is. worth a watch though.

Posted by AdenSky

Damn good movie...I found it suspenseful, gripping and damn scary...definitely not boring, that's for sure...I give it 8/10.

Posted by ralahinn1

Good movie, but if you like movies of this kind, " Apollo 13" and" Silent Running" are better.

Posted by rosepassions

100% horrible... boring! i fell asleep too many times... the whole thing was a waste... a big waste... this a warning don't watch!

Posted by GotSanity

the film starts off a little slow as we are introduced to the characters via these family shot home videos, but things start to get very creepy as they land on the moon. The whole thing came off as plausible, which is what you expect from found footage films. It was terrifying, but it was well put together and was a good watch for found footage/horror fans. Plus it has that sci fi horror element of the unknown. I give it a 7/10.

Posted by _Vincent_

I was hoping this was a good movie not even close

Posted by Crazyhumble

It was ok. Just thought it was going to be actual footage :( but the movie was decent. 6/10

Posted by Squareyez

I kinda enjoyed it...had to ignore the style of the film but worth a watch 6/10

Posted by MansPresley

this movie was decent and was unpredictable and i enjoyed it alot

Posted by bknewstash

This movie left me speechless. I dont know if it was bad or not. I definitely felt like it was lacking. Moon rocks that sprout legs and turn into killed crabs? Wtf is that about? Waste of time imo.

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