Chronicle (2012)

Chronicle: The shy, lonely and outcast teenager Andrew Detmer is bullied and has no friends at high-school and lives with his abusive and alcoholic father Richard Detmer and his terminal mother Karen. Andrew buys a camera to film his everyday life. His cousin Matt Garetty drives him to school and invites Andrew to go to a party at night. They meet their schoolmate Steve Montgomery in the party and they overhear a noise and find a hole in a field. They decide to explore the underground and they acquire powers. Soon the trio learns how to control their telekinetic abilities and Andrew becomes the most powerful. But he easily loses his temper and becomes dangerous while Matt tries to control him. When...

  • Currently 7.00/10
(147007 votes)
Released: February 03, 2012
Runtime: 89 mins
Genres: Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Action
Actors: Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Patrick Walton Jr., Steve Kramer

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Chronicle (2012) Comments

Posted by brad0198

what an AWESOME unique, can't say I have ever watched a movie like that before. Bravo. Sometimes I found myself making remarks like 'just go rob a bank' because the main characters thought very with all that power why would you rob a 7/11 or bunch of street kids....more like the federal reserve bank lol. I wonder if it was his personality that made him stronger than the others (being picked on and repressed for soo long?). Watch it, you'll love it!

Posted by Akydra

First off I could watch the whole movie without feeling like I was about to puke, so that is a big plus! I think it was a great movie for many aspect. I feel it ended too soon, but that is cause I just wanted more. I don't know how or if they will make another one, but it's going to be hard to top this one. I give this film a respective 4/5 and put it under my favorites.

Posted by kekiakw

This movie was amazing I thought I wouldn't like it but I loved it I seen it more than once. 10/10

Posted by Eric0901

a good premise, but a so-so film. a quality 8.5 out of 10

Posted by Terrordar

I guess I'm one of the only ones that didn't like this. I liked the concept, but characters seemed very stupid and they just didn't make sense to me at all. I felt like there was a lot of missed potential with this.

Posted by gino316

solid movie, good acting 7.5/10

Posted by misslb

Excellent action movie....horrible copies

Posted by davidwaits

2 on a 10 scale.

Posted by ladylefaye

just saw this at the movies, it was epic, it went from funny and light hearted to extreme!! loved it

Posted by RaptureRider

Why are most of these out of sync?

Posted by DeGwynbleidd

lol yea, I was just about to say the same thing.

Posted by ptyes

I felt the same way after watching District 9. To me it's one of the best Science Fiction movie I have ever seen. Reminds me of Akira

Posted by vtanisstoll

the main character is the definition of a tragic hero 10/10

Posted by daville1

Great movie. Its like a breath of fresh air & way better than I expected from these "found footage" movies, becuase paranormal activity has already played itself out.

Posted by Domeshaats

i seen in the trailer andrew turns back time to restart

Posted by DeGwynbleidd

what I learned: bullies turn people into monsters.... damn I felt sorry Andrew...

Posted by 00Chuck6400

What are you people smoking...blair witch meets apollo 18...totally lame. Hand held cameras....the next academy award winner? scary.

Posted by lipslizard

not a bad film the copy didnt do it any favours 7/10.

Posted by blkbrit

this was quite good actually i never really like those kind of film it yourself movies but it worked and it made it really real so i give this 7/10

Posted by esperanzamccann

By far one of the best sci-fi film I seen in a while

Posted by petitcon666

pls put ***spoiler alert*** ffs

Posted by wantkiewicz

I read the post and then I watched the movie and I have to agree with them 15/10

Posted by shadow_sw

if spoken about quality i totaly agree with you but, even if the movies are free on this site that doesn't mean we shouldn't comment, everyone has the right to express his/her opinion.

Posted by ohholyshackles

lmfao, even tho this has nothing to do with the movie.... go cartman

Posted by carlosprice

Why the black man had to die first?????

Posted by Ryder_

The movie was actually pretty good. It was a different take on the whole "superhero" aspect, like how Unbreakable put a different spin on it. Not that these two movie's are the same but just another kind of movie of the same concept.

Posted by aligamer70

This movie is one of my all time favorites!

Posted by TiaMarie

It took me so long to get around to watching this and now that I have I am glad I did. It had a unique feel to itself and the acting was superb. A different style film but I think quite accurate should those kind of powers actually be possible to possess by any human being. Well worth the watch.

Posted by modzquad

I liked it, I liked the characters and they really do portray teenagers perfectly. It goes slow then it picks up speed rapidly, very interesting movie might watch again later on, 8/10.

Posted by asreal

this could have been a pretty good flick, {take off of the TV series Heroes}, to me it just took a lot of wrong turns,the camera thing really took a lot out of this as well,very aggrevating:D+.

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