Project X (2012)

Project X: Three seemingly anonymous high school seniors attempt to finally make a name for themselves. Their idea is innocent enough - let's throw a party that no one will forget, and have a camera there, to document history in the making. But nothing could prepare them for this party. Word spreads quickly as dreams are ruined, records are blemished and legends are born.

  • Currently 6.60/10
(91992 votes)
Released: March 02, 2012
Runtime: 88 mins
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Alexis Knapp, Colleen Flynn, Peter Mackenzie, Rob Evors

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Project X (2012) Comments

Posted by Jesus419

Epic of epicness

Posted by just4got

i miss those days, nice job

Posted by Sixten69

Incredible movie... A -->must<-- see!!! 10/10!

Posted by uduD

I was dumb enough to take this long to want to watch it! EPIC Movie... great acting and directing, GREAT party, hilarious ending!

Posted by uduD

Was Milo the dog? *-)

Posted by Wyneberg

They did it lol they made the best party movie ever. EPIC!

Posted by rissho

This movie reminds me of how Raves use to be in the early 90s,when they got started.You would have to go to different phone to find the Rave free drugs booze it was crazy.This is a party movie damn make me want to go back to school and get super fucked up E anyone!

Posted by SmknJoe

another movie where everyone talks to the camera but the filmer doesn't have any dialog

Posted by dianaluvsnyc

what an epic party. this reminded me of one of my favorite 80's movies a little similar to this, Weird Science. i enjoyed it. 3/5

Posted by enit_halog

it was so 10/10!!!!!!!

Posted by rozebudd1983

makes me wanna PARTAY ;)

Posted by DVO

Hhah, that was great! I want a party like that!

Posted by apdpr

It's a great movie to see.

Posted by Valdentia

I wish I could go to a party half as good as that.. Amazing!

Posted by tremor_ncafc

Meh, I've been to better parties ;)

Posted by doublekk

Whenever I feel like partying and I cant, I watch this movie!:L This movie is nothing but a good time and it's very realistic:) 6.9/10 I would love to have been at this party, and its quite funny. Not any famous actors in it unless you count Simon Rex:L Because the actors are unknowns it felt more believable. I was also surprised when looking at the end credits cuz Joel Silver is an executive producer and he normally only does action movies, hmmm he must be in a transition phase. I love the pacing off the movie, it's some what of a funny thrill ride which is totally awesome:D I dont think they would be able to do a sequel because I feel like they used all the great ideas for this one Although I would love to see a sequel and hey maybe they do have new ideas.

Posted by yoruichiparamour

only people who dont know how to party didn't like this movie.

Posted by hrrslnz

The Greatest party ever thrown in the history of all party ever thrown.10/10

Posted by kylekir

This was a good movie. It was fun to watch and pretty entertaining. Had me laughing at times too!!

Posted by Aldridge517

Fuck EVERYBODY who didn't like this movie. Thomas Kub is a legend!

Posted by Rubenchitito

I expected the movie to be a little bit better. Still a good watch tho!

Posted by lafndead

5 minutes in it seemed MEH / 15 minutes in this kid is channeling the spirit of Seth from SUPERBAD / 20 munites in You can see the potential for EPIC PROPORTIONS / 30 minutes Clothes Start Coming OFF / 45 minutes This Party is ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!.... Any more else would be a spoiler ;)

Posted by Blade4Action

not bad, but not amazing either... it may inspire the teenagers to do such stuff... well this movie is unique coz of random recording on home cam but i'm not gonna recommend this movie... I won't lie, the movie was worth a watch...

Posted by brad0198

Hilarious parts throughout the movie, but there are multiple moments throughout when you think 'I'm soo glad that's not me'. Kinda like any epic house party when ur a guest and don't have to bear the burden when reality kicks in. Weeee! 4/5

Posted by lurpapy

what an epic (party) Movie 11/10

Posted by Ericocaine

Oh man, this movie is amazing. I haven't laughed this hard in ages. LOVED IT.

Posted by RMT197

amazing, funny, epic, hot, sexy, party, flamethrowers, drugs, cops, jail, destruction, tazers, midgets, garden nomes, fights, news, fire, explosions, girls, pool, fame. these are just the begining words of which describe this incredible movie!!!

Posted by krazymama1

WOW...Now thats how you do a good party movie!! Thats all it was about and it was no doubt an awesome PARTY Movie!Dont watch if tit shots arent ur

Posted by bluesnowbliss

The most epic party movie ever made... in terms of visuals but the characters fail flat for me, but good concept.. fun for a one time watch. 3/5.

Posted by maniacsot

One crazy movie! Def worth a watch!!! Once,Twice,.....!! 9/10

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