eCupid (2011)

eCupid: Marshall is a cocky young ad man working at a dead-end job for a boss who overlooks his talents. After seven years with his boyfriend, Gabe, Marshall's love life has become too comfortable. On top of that, he's turning 30! He is desperate for a new life. He goes looking for it online, where he comes upon a mysterious app called "eCupid" that guarantees to find true love. From the moment he downloads it, "eCupid" scans every inch of Marshall's online world and instantly turns his life upside down. Marshall suddenly gets everything he thinks he wanted. Newly single and ready for adventure, "eCupid" overwhelms Marshall with sexy guys at every turn, each promising to be the man of his...

  • Currently 4.80/10
(553 votes)
Released: June 23, 2011
Runtime: 95 mins
Genres: Romance
Actors: Morgan Fairchild, Brad Pennington, George Gray, Chris Rubeiz

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eCupid (2011) Comments

Posted by reham55

soooo stupid, can't believe I finished that!..the only good thing about it is the cute cast...

Posted by Joey_Pham

I loved the movie, I really enjoyed it. It just the parts that the phone done everything itself were kind of over the top, but it doesn't really matter. Other than that, sexy actors, great acting, great movie. I give this movie a 9.9/10

Posted by pinmony

Aww, it's cute and simple... oh, there're lots of hot guys in it too.

Posted by LadyAmbar

@MrsPam Madam, I have thought the same! XD

Posted by Dragonair

It was an enjoyable ( although fairly predictable movie)....NICE STORYLINE and now we all hate those phones LOL. 7.4/10

Posted by iservercuxen

worth watching ! :)

Posted by deerwatcher65

1. answer: well if the 2 woman can have offspring and the 2 men have the abilly to fretalize then all they need to do is 1woman and 1 man change places for a few days that is one way for them to concieve. 2. answer: so it is possable, and verry natural its done all the time. just differnt terms used. ok now ? for you. well if concieving and having offspring is the basices for being natural,then there are a lot of people and anamils that must be unnatural like me i cant carry a child so does this mean i'm crude and non-natural thing? or a man that has no speram is he too a crude and non-natural thing? oh then you have a mule that can't reproduce does this make the mule a crude and non-natural thing? and what does this have to do with the movie? have you read the rules? i'm thinking no becuse your to bissy trying to find ways of making some people feel really bad. its a good thing that i know that sence i wasnt blessed with the abitily to carry a child i'm still verry mush a woman and still as natural as any person! i just wonder why this comment is still on here and wasnt taken off for the mean and hateful things is has in it!!!

Posted by deerwatcher65

this is a real cute movie. i'm glad that someones comment made me decide to watch it, i'v never even heard of this move before i read it on the camments list. so ty for ur comment. after watching the movie i read some of the comments made and i wonder if some of thease people even really watched this film.(plz dont go by some comments to dicide to watch this movie)i love the fact that they used a computer to site as a way to take over all of this guys info not only just on his laptop but everything that conects to his laptop. then uses this info to show him just what he asked and shows him is true love. and yes most of this is done over cellphones. i went through most feelings, funny-sad. even emathy for the both guys. its like most movies about 2 people who have lived togher for a long time. the only differnce is the 2 are men and a computer site takes over everything and uses the phones as a way to move to the differnt secens right up to just before the ending. and this guy looking for true love and a better outlook on his life finds out from this computer takeover just what he had and changes his blik outlook onhis life at 30 to a new good outlook,and his true love. so if in the mood for a movie that is just a little differnt than most try this 1 out i was glad i watched it. i give it 5.5/10 just for movie but for the fiffernt way of showing the story i give it 8/10

Posted by wantkiewicz

loved the movie and the acting was good the actors were cute must watch 10/10

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