Superman vs. The Elite: The Man of Steel finds himself outshone by a new team of ruthless superheroes who hold his idealism in contempt.

  • Currently 7.00/10
(3429 votes)
Released: June 12, 2012
Runtime: 76 mins
Genres: Animation Sci-Fi
Actors: Nolan North, Pauley Perrette, Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle

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Superman vs. The Elite (2012) Comments

Posted by MikeBrezz

a good dc comics movie!

Posted by lordnightowl

wow.nice movie.8/10

Posted by Taken104

This was a fantastic movie and I especially loved the end when superman went crazy!!! 10/10

Posted by makasx

another great superman action,

Posted by krga94a

Pretty good. But it's very message oriented. But I'm down with the Elite's concept of "get done what needs to get done".

Posted by hrrslnz

Now that was sick!!!So many step up just to get knock down.when will they ever learn?You do mess with man of steel,EVER!!!

Posted by Atomade

It gets a little preachy but Soop cartoons are usually good this ones no different! 810

Posted by jakhamr


Posted by batbat29640

Fantastic! How I wish Warner Bros. would pay CLOSE attention to how their animation department is kicking their asses on their DC Live Action properties.

Posted by cooksad

I rate it a 4/5. I really enjoyed it and it made some good points on both sides. That why Superman and Chester were both right. I've always thought that superheroes should try to do everything they can to uphold the law, but to think that they should not be allow to make a judgement call to deal with a super-villians in the same way the military would deal with terrorists if they were roaming around killing people and destroying cities is ridiculous. I believe that if they keep escaping and harming people every time they need to be put down to save lives. I know I would not want to lose someone I care about because someone decided they wanted to prove a moral point when if the same happen to them they would most likely throw those morals out the window and kill the one that took someones life that mattered in their life. Well hope you enjoy the show. Later

Posted by blueeyes_af

In my opinion this has a blockbuster quality plot, it's a must watch for any Superman fan, and even people like me who never got all that into him can enjoy it. Solid 8/10 if you ask me.

Posted by sethboyy

orbit...he went into orbit at mach 7....

Posted by boolie_cap

yeah it's true in the box office records MARVEL has the edge over DC

Posted by nota

Well neither side postulated a philosophical thesis. You don;t watch an action film to see words thrown about..- If I'm to be good I must be beaten into a double bind so in a-round-about way, I project your opinion. If people insist on imposing their opinion with a two by four then yes, they should be splatted. Salting the meat is a necessary evil. However this in-it's self gives rise to cultural conflicts and thus the 2 by 4 to establish which ethic-group is the best. If In salting the meat only respect for the multifaceted ever changing world is instilled these problems of "in group against out-group" would stop. It is only in change that anything is perceivable. The illusory and impossible concept of resisting change is the cycling of memory projected though paradigm glasses, to which all must conform...

Posted by jakhamr


Posted by Aldridge517

Manchester was right, Superman was wrong. The point of this movie isn't that killing murderers, terrorists, and super villains is immoral, the REAL POINT is that the person with power (Superman) gets to decide what's right and what's wrong. The Atomic Skull was killed and therefore did not come back a third time to terrorize the city. The leaders of the quarreling countries were killed which may not have ended the dispute, but surely postponed an all out war. This movie was great because it resurfaced a dialogue that fans have been having for years. Classic superheroes never kill their enemies so they ALWAYS come back and cause more trouble.

Posted by cassiopex

A perfect example of why DC kicks Marvel's ass every time. Good animation and some very important questions explored here makes this fun, realistic and more interesting than many regular Hollywood movies out there...

Posted by ninthninja

Good job, well done. Superman sticks for his super morals. Marvel is still better than DC in my mind, because they will not hesitate to destroy an enemy of earth that can not be rehabilitated- NUFF SAID!!!

Posted by gdkool

I was just waiting for him to send them to the Phantom Zone, but it never happened boooo!

Posted by ameofonte

i was not sure of watching this but wow it was awsome !!!

Posted by ripvoid

LOVED IT........

Posted by darthKalEL

another great one. Dc does it again. Love the twists in this one. Truth Justice and Supermans way!

Posted by otakutwin

One of the better animated movies. It shows that sometimes even good heroes need to cross that line in the sand to do the right thing. Worth a watch 5/5

Posted by asertuyi

beautiful movie, had me on the edge of ma seat there

Posted by DeeBrosch

great movie. loved Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto n.c.i.s.) as Lois Joanne Lane-Kent.

Posted by DGTV

Superman doesn't fly, he leaps. Why are they always showing him hovering around? It's not right...

Posted by Don_Piyush

Great movie... 9/10....!!! Recommended to all Superman fans...

Posted by georgejefferson

i'm about 30 mins in and this is great, give me more!!

Posted by Patrick1906

I just finished watching all the animated superman movies on the site, and even though they are all great ones this one is the best i have seen...Nice one...

Posted by TheDeliciousBrain

Superb. Frequency Magnified. It's a nice twist enjoy the ride.

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