Blue Lagoon: The Awakening: Two teenagers become stranded on a tropical island, after a boating accident whilst on their high school trip to Trinidad. As Dean McMullen, a lonely slacker in high school, and Emmaline Robinson, a perfect student, explore and learn about each other, they also learn about themselves.

Released: June 16, 2012
Runtime: 85 mins

Genres: Romance Adventure Drama
Actors: Denise Richards, James Jolly, Eric Bivens-Bush, James Moses Black

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Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012) Comments

Posted by SwampBlonde92

I really liked this movie. I liked how they weren't just walking around naked (on account of it being a TV movie and all, and then there was that cleverly placed palm tree during all the lovin' scenes), it made watching it a lot less awkward. I know a lot of people are comparing it to the original and its sequel, but I think the whole point of it is that it's supposed to be different. Obviously, it's modern day and they have a much better chance of being rescued, and then there's the fact that they're seventeen/eighteen years old, so they didn't grow up together and aren't ignorant of what's going on with their feelings and such, so it makes it a different type of love story. KINDA SORTA SPOILERS: It's not quite a Blue Lagoon movie unless the girl gets knocked up. I mean, I guess it might be logical that since they were already teenagers when they got stranded, that they knew exactly how babies were made and they counted days or pulled out or something, but still. I just told myself that she really was pregnant, and she just didn't want to admit it to him, and that's why she was avoiding him when they got home, because she was in some sort of denial that what she did on the island with him followed her home (i.e. pregnancy). And since they got back together in the end (and that was only weeks after returning home) I'm just gonna pretend she was pregnant and everything somehow works out for them, because then it will be more like a Blue Lagoon movie (except for the fact that they made it back home). So, yeah, that's just my version of that. Also, when he killed that panther and had the blood on him and stuff, that was legit the sexiest part of this movie. Manly as hell. (:

Posted by xbeex

i really liked this movie, except that emma was a bit horrible at the end. i give it 8/10

Posted by cindy1977

I like the old with Brook. Maybe because I'm older now but this one is more for teens,,,,3/10

Posted by TimeIsBlood

Just finished it and I have to say it was very very good ^^ I love stranded on an island films!!! It was very very good xD RECOMMENDED big time

Posted by TimeIsBlood

I just started watching this :) start is good so far, just want to state how annoying it is to see the women in movies always wake up with makeup on!! I mean I can understand why foundation and stuff, you cant really see that anyway, but mascara and eyeshadow is just weird, unless they wake up from a party. In this movie it was only mascara, but still, for me it makes me wake a little up from film land, im other words, it's harder for me to imagine this is real, like you should with movies and books according to me. I know I made a big deal out of this, and it is no offense to this movie only! I look forward to see the rest of it ^^

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