The Newsroom (2012)

The Newsroom: A news anchor, Will McAvoy, returns from a forced vacation to find his staff have jumped ship for another show. He is forced to work with several new team members brought on board during his absence.

  • Currently 8.60/10
(30748 votes)
Released: June 24, 2012
Runtime: 60 mins
Genres: Drama
Actors: David Krumholtz, Terry Crews, Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill

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The Newsroom (2012) Comments

Posted by 6357brussell

this is the best episode yet!!!!

Posted by RogueRequest

I just started watching this and I already love. It's been a long time since I watched a show that left me feeling truly happy just from watching it and nut just entertained.

Posted by boomshakalak

This show is sharp, funny, clever and well written. Could not love it more if i tried.

Posted by ripvoid

Okay and you most likly feel this way after watching A tv show ..woow all three above really - both repubs and democrates are liers and users .. follow anonymous!

Posted by kiwi8877

What a great show! SOOOOO intense & incredible !!! I agree with downstairs the 1st episode itself is great enough to be worthy of an Emmy!

Posted by annabanana88


Posted by fredthemechanic

First off, Aaron Sorkin does it again creating another show (especially this episode) that almost entirely one sided preaching hiding behind nothing more than one republican character who gets a 10 second ramble about conservative values being the only other side that ever seems to get a mention. Second, I still love the show, I can stand to watch it because my principles are pretty well decided and a tv show isn't going to change my mind. The characters were great, the premise was much needed in America, and it's the next best thing after The West Wing.

Posted by RogueRequest

I loved this episode. Seeing how such a diverse cast reacted to such a train wreck.

Posted by yanky128

i agree great premiere looking foward for num 2

Posted by annabanana88

love this show, brilliant episode got me a bit emotional 10/10

Posted by ripvoid

FYI PEOPLE Aaron Sorkin Is a liberal...

Posted by wieichbin

Nice introduction. I

Posted by Trish3809

I was really looking forward to this being available on here. Thanks so much contributors! I predict this is going to be one dynamic series. Loved it (and I don't like watching the news either, lol). Outstanding - Good one HBO. I hope it continues along this path.

Posted by nicksteez

i wanna be a movie maker i wanna inspire people ,,dont know how but after seeing this..that will be my path from now on!

Posted by alheab

Be the integrity ... I like this line

Posted by TracySwingKid

I am trying to love this show, but just like other Sorkin shows, it is so chock a block full of people talking at each other rather than to each other that I am just exhausted. Some times, more is not better. It's just more, and it detracts from the moment.

Posted by Calzetta

Ignore Eat & Alice44. I like the show but I agree with what you said 100%

Posted by RobertsT16

This show is great although it's clearly biased in it's political opinion. The story lines are deep and the sub-plots are great.

Posted by minntown11

By Far my Favorite show on tv right now!!

Posted by Alice44

Oh! Yeah! Quality.

Posted by wolfgarr

God this show is good. I have a concern though. It tells too much truth.. I don't see how this show can survive... regardless of how many people watch it. There are too many powerful people who don't want this truth to be told.

Posted by fredthemechanic

Do you also believe 9/11 was an inside job? That Oswald didn't act alone killing JFK? That we didn't actually land on the moon? Conspiracy theories follow every major event in American history, do yourself a favor, and stop buying into the most preposterous assertion I've ever heard.

Posted by Gwydion777

Christian Bale is not English, you twats! He's fuckin' Welsh!!!

Posted by LM69

RT America = Russia Today America

Posted by leeannieno1

Oh!!!, Such a Great episode- I Did cry- a little :)

Posted by iheartagoodstory

Speaking of Law & Order...After growing up watching Sam Waterston do his thing on network TV, I always do a double take when I hear him curse on this show! I love it!

Posted by Aranea

I want to thank you for your very useful comment on the series! It gave me that final boost to watch it, and it was worth it :)

Posted by cs570

My favorite show. Love the cast. I think Olivia Munn who plays Sloan sabbeth has a real talent for news casting, she seems to have a certain kind of voice and flare you see with some of real Anchor women. She also was the reporter on Iron man 2. she had a very small role. You see her in the first 5 minutes into the movie for about a half minute. She recently came out she suffers from OCD = Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Posted by 22blanche

Excellent pilot, flawless. Loved it. Sterling cast. Really appreciate the nod to poor US TV journalism and how invested 3rd parties overly influence or have baring on how the news is briefed. Good complex characters. It reminded me of ER, for some reason, so perhaps there's some relation I'm unaware of. Looking forward to the next episode.

Posted by nicksteez

i wanna be a movie maker i wanna inspire people ,,dont know how but after seeing this..that will be my path from now!

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