Perception (2012)

Perception: Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuroscientist who uses his unique outlook to help the federal government solve complex criminal cases.

  • Currently 7.20/10
(4776 votes)
Released: 2012
Genres: Drama Crime Mystery Thriller
Actors: Rachael Leigh Cook, Jimmy Bennett, Eric McCormack, LeVar Burton

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Perception (2012) Comments

Posted by Sir_Boris

That's terrible I knew that media isn't totally accurate in what it tells story wise and knew about Monsanto but didn't realise that none of the farmers were recompensed that is so bad and sad for them when they have done all the hard work

Posted by grinchygreen

Yeah I agree, like in House where finding the disease/cure was just a little tiny piece of the show as a whole.

Posted by motanul

the simple fact that hi's schizophrenic ruins the beauty of the show... imo

Posted by moviefan543

I'm not really sure what it is I like about this show, and I definitely have a hard time buying Rachael Leigh Cook as an FBI agent, but I still find myself looking forward to it.

Posted by Geebus4

On August 17, 2012, TNT renewed Perception for a second season consisting of 13 episodes, slated to premiere in Summer 2013.

Posted by hardkoppig

very, very touching episode! You just feel the desperation and tension.

Posted by TracySwingKid

Finally an episode that was intriguing. This actually happened. Monsanto (the same people that brought you Agent Orange) developed genetically modified canola. Farmers typically glean their own seed from their crops to plant next year's. When GMO seeds blew off trucks and into farmer's fields Monsanto then sued the farmers for patent infringement because they used their seeds without purchasing them. Keep in mind, the farmers did not plant the seeds intentionally. The seeds were carried onto their land by the wind thereby contaminating their own gleaned seeds. Most settled out of court, but one famously fought them; Percy Schmeiser. Percy fought hard, but was eventually defeated in a 5-4 judgement. Heeding the advice of his lawyers, Percy eventually destroyed all of his seeds including his own strain that he had worked 50 years to develop.

Posted by TracySwingKid

I am still not invested in this show. It just seems like a clone of all the other cop shows with a (writer, former con man, psychic) interloper that magically solves cases that easily stump the experts. I love Eric McCormack so I hope they get the rhythm of the show worked out and come up with a hook.

Posted by 22blanche

funky comment!*#! I liked it.

Posted by psukegreen

My mind just went on a mind trip on a mind trip to another mind trip. Great episode.

Posted by Kerry_V

Really enjoyed it, Good to see him back working. LOVE the little things put in if your a truth seeker you will appriciate it. :D Hope it remains like that.

Posted by annacolleen

This shows what we call,"mentally ill", as someone who is smart, like most of them actually are, and working in a place that he loves. Maybe it will make some realize that people are all people.

Posted by Words3Music

I like it, very good beginning. I think I'll keep watching... This Episode 10/10

Posted by yungC310

this show is alright not the greatest gets boring fast but it's alright


Love his voice!!!

Posted by antjuh26

good first episode. This role is so much different than his role in Will & Grace, where i remember him from. Looks like a good show.

Posted by biancak1

ok show. i hope next episode is better.kind of a copy of the mentalist, but just not as good.

Posted by blukarnachion

OMG!!!! I was all into this episode. Totally absorbed. Great writing and Great acting. I agree with the post by psukegreen. I was on a continuous mind trip. Now on to part 2

Posted by blukarnachion

I must admit I would probably just watch this show because I can look @ Eric McCormack all day everyday but I ABSOLUTELY love this show. It is much different from most criminial shows because of the psychology and philosophy aspects of the show. The main character reminds of the character from MONK. The only thing I hope for next is developing the Louicky character much more. I would like to see the Pierce/Louicky interaction more. This is a must see show. 10/10

Posted by cassieman1

brilliant new series, was hooked in the first 5 mins, Eric McCormack amazing can't wait for more

Posted by cesvargas2003

a beautiful mind

Posted by fateddreamer

a well done and interesting new series I hope makes it.

Posted by fio639

7/10 great show!!!

Posted by fio639

excellent,movie i think that it better then Monk,Monk was funny this more on the serious side.

Posted by FlexRe

So what you are saying is this is a copy of all the shows that we LOVED... most of which have ended and are no longer shown on television ? from where i am standing i gotta THANK them for creating this show than lol because i miss all the shows u mentioned :D

Posted by hyperion8

Watching an episode of this show gave me a real schizophrenic episode. I called the FBI, Mulder offered me the chance to solve complex criminal cases cause Scully ran away with Jason Gideon. Dr. Spencer Reid and Charlie Eppes told me only those with mental problems can figure out complex criminals since the FBI is full of jocks like Derek Morgan and Danny Taylor. Thanks to this show and bath salts, I have a great job flashing my "badge" to my fellow hot FBI agents Elena Delgado and JJ Cook. Now whenever I see Clarice Starling walking in the FBI hallway, I always compliment her nice rack. She looks like a rack of babyback ribs. I guess that is what they were going for in their audience.

Posted by Narff

I just take a class and the problem with the old guy is on it! awesome show

Posted by sheski

I liked the first episode, it looked promising although very familiar (been done before), but the second episode was really boring. I can't put my finger on it and it is probably my fault, but I just couldn't pay attention to this last episode.

Posted by sheski

Thank you, I kept trying to figure what this show reminded of and you got it Raines, I enjoyed this show a lot, maybe not as much as the Goldblum show, but that may have more to do with him than the show itself. This also has a bit of that Monk, Life, and so on feel to it, basically a functioning but mentally/emotionally impaired crime solver. It's a fun character and not bad storyline for a tv series . . .better than a reality show.

Posted by showmeyours13

Wow! Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks! Havent seen her in a while

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