The Dark Knight Rises: Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight, in which he took the rap for Dent's crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its police force which is struggling to cope with Bane's plans to destroy the city.

  • Currently 8.60/10
(582403 votes)
Released: July 16, 2012
Runtime: 165 mins
Genres: Action Crime Drama Thriller
Actors: Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Liam Neeson

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The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Comments

Posted by marillion

Thought the movie was pretty good. If your looking for constant non-stop traditional action you might not be as impressed. The movie while very entertaining is probably the least favorite of mine in the trilogy. That said it gets a solid B 84%

Posted by 1Fractured1

2/5 Not so good for me,and the bad guy sounded like Sean Connery to me! Great cast,but weak story line,for a Batman movie. I agree with 'foolmeonce' and 'MirandaLyn03'.

Posted by enchantressa

wow that was one long movie it was hard for me to finish it wasnt terrible but wasnt great but if u have 2.5 hrs to kill & nothing else to watch then go for it

Posted by Godisgood2

Movie was ok. was slow, I was missing more action like most of Batman movies have 8.5/10

Posted by army1959

it was enjoyable

Posted by bigmike50

great movie. seen it b4 & still love watching it. love his toys.

Posted by Bioshock

yeah guns.... because we have seen how much good they do in the world.

Posted by Bioshock

I have never enjoyed a movie as much as I did this one. It was better than I even expected and I expected a masterpiece. That was Batman. I don't think I'll get over this feeling of bliss for a long time.

Posted by cdogg87

this is an epic film 10/10

Posted by Deslug

this is actually a good quality for a cam.

Posted by DigitalScan

it is free dummy

Posted by ebab2010

I thought the movie was good I say 8/10. R.I.P to those people that died in that shooting!!!!

Posted by Handsome_Hank

Am I the only one who did not like the second batman movie (the dark knight)? In my opinion batman begins was the best one. This movie is good but just like all the other batman movies, it is really over-hyped.

Posted by JAKAL

slow and long.The quality and story line is like a tv movie.

Posted by alhanouf

honestly, BORING .

Posted by ladale74

It seems to me most people didnt like this installment,but i found it to be good.The acting was superb,both fight scenes with bane were cool I give it a 8/10.

Posted by malaysiaboy

Watched it in theaters yesterday. As every1 else have stated,this is the best superhero movie n one of the best movie ever made in Hollywood. Christian Bale,Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy n Michael Caine were all outstanding in their roles. I think Gary Oldman's n Michael Caine's character were most noteworthy in this movie rather than the other 2 movies in the trilogy. Tom Hardy was award worthy with his imposing n powerful portrayal of Bane. As good as Heath Ledger was as the Joker. A fitting end too. Sad 2 know that the Nolan won't be making any more Batman movies.

Posted by moviecrazy100


Posted by MSJewelryAU

Loved it! The twists & turns were terrific. A more sinister Batman movie has not been made. 8.5/10

Posted by redfive

This is the best of the three. The greatest Batman movie there will ever be. You have to understand that Nolan didn't stick to one Batman comic series, he took pieces from different ones. The Bane in this is the only one that would have worked. If he had of tried to make him like the comic version it would have been a tragedy like that rubbish from Batman and Robin. In my eyes Nolan has just completed the perfect trilogy!!

Posted by sab1960

I will defo watch this again, great film, good script, excellent cast 4/5

Posted by seenanygoodmovies

Have to agree one of the best cam jobs i have seen, The movie wasnt bad either

Posted by street

i agree with you there GOD is good just not a enough action till the end ,still pretty good over all

Posted by rissho

Loved this movie as much as i loved the comic

Posted by gfunkxl

well said cruiser, just voted you up :)

Posted by gfunkxl

So the question remains, the only one left unanawered, what does blak become? Robins name was dick grayson so he cant be that, and he was trained under batmans wing. I suppose he could use everything in the cave and become nightwing, but nightwing used to be robin so thats hard to believe since there is was and never will be a robin without batman, so no robin, no nightwing. or, perhaps the most radical solution that can be drawn, blake dons the cape and cowl to become batman. Before u freak out for such blaspemy of claiming batman not be bruce wayne, consider all the talk throughout the trilogy about becoming a symbol, that cannot be destroyed? with training and all the batgear at his disposal, i think its possible, who would question it if someone reappeared with the same gear and everything to follow the legacy? Just food for thought

Posted by gfunkxl

much better than dark knight, who gives 2 shitsthat heat ledger was in dk, it was the best thing he ever did, the rest of his career was rathr unimpressive. a single performance doesnt elevate the film itself to epic heights. this movie is the bst because it brings ideas to an end, and begins a few of its own. in the trilogy its the most significant, dk being the least and begins being the 2nd or tied with most important, depending on what you knew before the series

Posted by gfunkxl

greatest movie ever. to those who complain about hathaway, bane, the end, or the plot youre all morons. best of the trilogy due to pacing, character rounding and bringing everything full circle. as for the thoughts of batman and robin to come, i doubt it, bale will not reprise his role and nor will nolan direct another. i took away that robin will become the bat, thus the emphasis on becoming a symbol that can be everlasting, since who is robin without batman? perhaps nightwing. heres hoping

Posted by pascos

great film, saw at Cinema last night - definitely one to see on the big screen, good acting, good story and a good end to the trilogy- 4 stars

Posted by thebigdee

WOW this movie was epic great ending as well top class will definatly watch this again top marks 5/5.

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