Storage 24 (2012)

Storage 24: In London, a military plane crashes leaving its highly classified contents strewn across the city. Completely unaware that the city is in lockdown, a group of people become trapped inside a storage facility with a highly unwelcome guest.

  • Currently 4.30/10
(2133 votes)
Released: January 11, 2013
Runtime: 87 mins
Genres: Horror Sci-Fi
Actors: Noel Clarke, John Hasler, Ned Dennehy, Davie Fairbanks

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Storage 24 (2012) Comments

Posted by 1Fractured1

Pretty good all the way through. I too,hope there is a sequel. Just a note,my cat tries to kill the toy doggies too!

Posted by bigmike50

that was alot better than i thought it would. not bad.

Posted by immortaltech11

putlocker or sockshare pls

Posted by Rodjenka

First half hour (the build-up) was all right. As soon as they show the monster the movie is over. Spoiler: Predator and the fly had a child on a $100 budget, thats what it looked like.

Posted by psukegreen

Clarke wrote, produced and starred in the British sci-fi thriller talk about doing everything. Not great and I would be ok with the friend instead of the ex gf much hotter.

Posted by FrostFire

Absolutely fekkin brilliant, I love Noel Clarke this was written and produced by him, hope theres a sequel to this that explains were the creature came from..Well worth a watch ignore the stupid reviews and get yaself right on this now...

Posted by diehardgolfer

awesome horror sci fi loved it. this movie rocks.

Posted by arwen44

Not quite as good as I hoped it would be. Could have done much better with the scary thing. Lot of gaps in the movie. Not something I would watch again.

Posted by versebtm

A very interesting creature feature, that if I didn't belong to this wonderful site, I would've never had the priviledge to watch. A group of friends/employees are trapped in a huge storage facility with one of the weirdest aliens in monster movie history. The acting is plastic, the story is dull and the direction seems phoned in. But its a great movie to pass the tme with.

Posted by asreal

not too bad of an alien flick, kind of intensed in the end, give it a look see:C+.

Posted by mamamonster

Finally!! A REALLY GOOD sci-fi. It gave my heart a workout!! A+

Posted by Babby

Not bad, but not great, either. It was better than I thought it was going to be. Worth watching on a cold, rainy afternoon/evening. 6/10

Posted by Wjennings246

What this bit of piffle lacked in suspense it more than made up for in bad acting. Save your retinas. 0 /10.

Posted by 71kitt

Not too bad except they were so loud no wonder they were found through out and that toy dog did more than all the rest. give it a 5/5

Posted by adrienne2009

it was a good movie i thought, was not as bad as the people here claim it to be.

Posted by amira1986

hahah so funny the dude found a dildo.... ok I'm immature... good movie give it 6-7/10.

Posted by cancunamerican

A good way to pass away 83 minutes... Kinda low budget B-movie from the UK that is somewhat predictable to me, BUT quite enjoyable from start to finish. I am now looking up more about Noel Clarke - Lead actor and Co-writer. I'd never heard of him before and according to IMDb he seems to be a very accomplished star in The UK and a possible rising star for my USA :) Yet I live in Mexico (Cancun for many years) and therefore had NEVER heard of him. CHEERS FROM CANCUN, Y'ALL! :)

Posted by matrix501

was a really good movie!!! 5/5

Posted by delhirose

good to see the Brits bringing out some movies. Though predictable,I agree with some comments, I watched the film then read the reviews. I didnt mind it really, bits of everything in various alien movies we have already seen, just chill out and watch it for the entertainment. There has to be a sequel surely, the story has really only just begun...

Posted by Goddess9

Great flick I actually wanted to see everone make it out alive (except the 1 azzhole) very suspenseful and surprise ending 7/10

Posted by Gus_Lucas

A lil bit rubbish but watchable.. 5/10

Posted by Maddhatter

I loved it , the brits took the horror ball and ran with it and it my view scored with this movie. it`s your typical b-rated horror but the all around feeling and on the edge emotional trip is right on the money. give this a 4/5 stars.....

Posted by RBLRDR

It's a B Movie and I give it a 2 out of 5. It's comparable to a SyFy original.

Posted by sasskat

Surprisingly I did enjoy this movie in spite of not expecting to after reading all the negative comments.I should have followed my own advice and motto in life of not judging till I give it a chance myself. Now after watching it , the only thing that I would care to add about it is that there should have been more thought put into the ending, it left much to be desired,or maybe it was made that way to leave an opening for a Part 2 lol

Posted by Trucker

Terrible, terrible, terrible!

Posted by UkCuppaTea

anything noel clarke does is amazing after doghouse etc just great brit actor/writer. As for the film not great but worth a watch

Posted by SorrowsToy

nothing i haven't seen before but kept me entertaed

Posted by ohholyshackles

hahahaha a dildo are you serious?

Posted by eveie

i would`nt watch again but was an ok movie

Posted by Necroclysm

This movie wasnt terrible.... It wasnt fantastic but it wasnt bad. The story was weak, acting was meh, special fx and gore were well done, definately deserves a 6/10, better than your average syfy but its not syfy :)

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