This Is 40 (2012)

This Is 40: Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) are turning 40. But instead of celebrating, they're mired in a mid-life crisis with unruly kids, debt and unhappiness mounding. Pete's record label is failing and Debbie is unable to come to terms with her aging body. As Pete's 40th birthday party arrives, Pete and Debbie are going to have to rely on family, friends, employees, fitness trainers, aging rockers and ultimately each other to come to terms with life at age 40.

  • Currently 6.20/10
(36456 votes)
Released: December 21, 2012
Runtime: 134 mins
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Charlyne Yi, Melissa McCarthy

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This Is 40 (2012) Comments

Posted by wayno1979

Good film Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann work well together.7/10.

Posted by movievixen

I love this, great quality, the putlocker version. It gives you a realistic view of marriage, kids, friends, family. I loved it, it was really funny 8.5/10

Posted by LostLilGurl

its good, not that fantastic tho ahah

Posted by nani012

i thought it was pretty good considering the more "mature" content and approach. i laughed a lot, although i felt the movie should have ended several times and it went to yet another scene. it wasn't meant to be in comparison to the first. i mean, they're older and deal with what majority of us have to these days, but leslie mann looks damn good for her age, her daughters are hilarious, paul rudd continues to impress, coulda used more jason, melissa mccarthy had me dying in laughter and stole her scenes, the chick from the airplane in bridesmaid/the writer is someone to watch out for, john lythgoe is a genius, the jewish father is always great, and the asian girl was dumb-tarded for no reason. some scenes should have brought more heat, and some could have been cut short, but overall was a great movie.

Posted by taisha27

Great movie with lots of laughs 10/10

Posted by Cheetara

Good movie to watch for a laugh about life around 40. 6/10

Posted by benicia_99

Katherine Heigl is untalented and fat

Posted by stacious01

honestly thought this was a hilarious and relatable movie, love that its supposed to be a couple years after knocked up. Had me laughing out loud quite a few times, and thought the girls did an amazing job they're funny as hell, then again i suppose it's in their blood lol. great watch 9/10

Posted by DooMZie

It wasn't what I expected. It certainly was not a laugh out loud comedy but more of a mid life drama. Still worth a watch

Posted by Ericocaine

This had some real laugh out loud moments. I really enjoyed it, and I thought Melissa McCarthy was too funny for words. 4/5

Posted by diehardgolfer

oh my goodness this is funny and awesome cast. gotta love it.

Posted by lafndead

Qhat dont i mean buy everything Bacon. Buy bacon.

Posted by Hesher

super fuckin weak

Posted by lasagna50

I loved this movie. The streamed version that I watched was a little jerky and unsynched, so I will watch it again in a better format. Definitely worth it.

Posted by panzer78

how can ne 1 tell if YOUR wife was happy or not by this movie? lol

Posted by exampledoe123

Haven't laughed this hard since the titanic 9/10

Posted by Knauer_Power

I don't understand people's rating system...10 out of 10 is like for the elite movies: Godfather, Rocky 1, Gladiator, Shawshank, Pulp fiction, Lord of the Rings ect...ect how is this mediocre movie receiving 10's from people? It made me laugh and was entertaining, but at best a 6 out of 10.

Posted by thecritic2007

one of the best and most funny movie i have seen all year well worth a watch 10/10 check it out. its a great movie

Posted by ziggy5

good quailty enjoyed the movie

Posted by StealthyVex

This is about what I would expect from Apatow, nothing more, nothing less...which kinda bugs me. Shouldn't he be growing and changing, as a director? (shrug) Whatever. Mildly to guffawingly funny in some spots...but not the best thing he's done, IMO. The performances are on point though, and I did get the sense that the actors cared about their characters....which is always a good thing. I also liked the more realistic take on a family, rather than all this candy-coated nonsense we are usually fed. Overall, worth a watch. 6.5/10

Posted by enit_halog

nice movie :)had a few laughs

Posted by freestuff1234

Not a comedy, not a good movie, two thumbs down. Not sure what movie all these people watched that laughed the whole way through, I would like to watch that movie because this one blew chunks. Again...NOT A COMEDY!

Posted by Jowel


Posted by WhiteLightz

That was an absolutely fantastic film. I was 'lol-ing' the whole way through. Much better than I expected!

Posted by leon_

it was really low at some places and i actually got bored and had to skip parts. Overall it aint a really bad movie. Its good to pass the time

Posted by Heddyy

Good entertainment !!

Posted by primerock

she is a cutie, isn't she? just love her!

Posted by joshuapingley

Beside "Mean Girls" and "Bridesmaids", this is the funniest movie I have ever seen. I wasn't expecting much going into it, but it's flaw free in every way. 11/10

Posted by directaction

@benicia_99 Heigel fat? Get your eyes examined and ask the doctor to check for your pulse.

Posted by kellerbustinout

I love this one...I think it is a good movie to get fucked up too. also I thoroughly enjoyed how they talked about how their wives would die. ya know something nice like cancer. then your a widow and she will blowjob your sadness away

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