Would You Rather: Desperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman unknowingly agrees to compete in a deadly game of "Would You Rather," hosted by a sadistic aristocrat.

  • Currently 5.80/10
(2048 votes)
Released: October 14, 2012
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres: Drama Thriller Horror
Actors: Sasha Grey, John Heard, Jeffrey Combs, Larry Cedar

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Would You Rather (2012) Comments

Posted by annmariecrr

I'd rather cut my own eye out than watch this again. Turned it off with 20 minutes to go. I'm not even slightly curious as to what happens at the end.

Posted by Drdmt

Very lame and contrived. More or less a Lifetime version of Saw. 1/5.

Posted by horror14

cheesy poster would not wanna watch this movie with that poster but then I wtach the trailer and I loved it and yeah the movie is awesome! 3/5

Posted by Icunvmenow

AWESOME!! 8/10

Posted by manuelkazanjian

Liked it very much, but wtf was with the ending? 4/5! This movie also remind me of another movie called: House Of 9

Posted by SkullBunnySen

Decent movie; fun and entertaining. I just wish they would've gone into the Lambrick family's backstory a bit as to why they do this. Even though I called the ending, I really hated it. It could've worked as a very punishing regret but it was way too abrupt.

Posted by aphrospice

Predictable yet ironically sound ending but engaging up until that point. Anything for money? I can't say what I would and would not do if in a life or death situation, but if a stranger offered to help cleanup my life, I'd probably get caught on the bait, too.

Posted by FrostFire

Excellent film, well worth a watch...couple of daft bits, but then there always are with these films sadly..predictable ending too, but smoke a fatty and enjoy it none the less..just one question if you slit your eyeball wouldnt there be blood?? Always good to see Jeffery Combs too..

Posted by bethan_y

Was worth a watch, very squirmish because you can put yourself in the characters shoes being backed into a corner and given an ultimatum in which neither option is at all pleasant. The ending was obviously meant to be ironic - which is was - but it just didn't do it for me. But apart from the ending, I would recommend a watch 3/5.

Posted by RMT197

despite the terrible cover aha it was actually a pretty decent movie. im not one to judge a book by its cover i just thought id mention that. although this movie was predictable it was quite enjoyable, and who doesnt like looking at brittany snow ;) it had many twists and turns, along with gore and many bazarre torture methods. a great watch, although the ending could have been better, was dissapointed in that, but overall great movie!!

Posted by diehardgolfer

this was a bit crazy and although not very scarey it was a thriller fer sure and worth a look at.

Posted by m0ne

Pretty good movie. What a f**ked up ending though. 4/5

Posted by CharcoalMocha57

Worth watching at least once. 3/5

Posted by lezza

Really good film. The concept is very much like the Saw films. Would recommend 9/10

Posted by TiaMarie

Not a terrible watch, but definitely a one timer. The ending was completely predictable though. Completely saw it coming and you will too. Watch it, it's not a bad waste of time.

Posted by whistler1979

Not a bad flick to watch, it could have been a bit more imaginative with the "would you rather" but apart from that it kept my interest and the twist at the end i knew there would be one just not what it was....Bravo!! I would say that this is worth the watch and would rate it ***/***** with a smile at the end too :)


would u rather see a part 2?

Posted by urizen

1/5 it was stupidest movie i've ever seen. ridiculous story similar to Nine Dead and stuff like that.

Posted by warlord90zzz

most outstanding comment thus far.

Posted by warlord90zzz

a thought provoking watch. it thoroughly captures just precisely what people are capable of when the choice isnt theirs to be made, and gruesome options are forced upon them. the only distinction between man and animal is morality. take it away, were one of the same. i really enjoyed this one. 3*

Posted by DollieFace

I liked it and I felt the end was going to be like this, I knew it !

Posted by DooMZie

Psychological and sadistic horror. If you like that sort of thing then you will enjoy this.

Posted by LemonColdIce



It was an okay movie not gonna win any awards or anything but worth a watch, and it doesn't feel like saw, saw is completely different.

Posted by MoviesWithBoobies

Great flick, after viewing the trailer I knew I had to view it. Though I wish Iris would've showed her tots :( Rate: 8/10

Posted by 007Fritz

Liked it very much, but wtf was with the ending? worth watching 7/10

Posted by delhirose

I dont know what the comment is about this film being a documentary. I found this refreshing really. A thriller/suspense more than horror. I disaree with capraleo, its different to the typical themes out there, made me wonder what the outcome would be and the decisions they all made. Predicability can still make a film entertaining. Its a good to watch at least once.

Posted by DrakeSouth9

I really liked this one. It had some really good intense and shocking moments and it was really entertaining, plus i was not expecting that ending at all!. 8/10

Posted by Dr_Teddy

I did not enjoy the ending. WAY too obvious. so obvious you are going to wait for it. and then you kind of wait for the movie to end. but at least this isnt a movie that goes on forever.

Posted by fio639

This was a good movie it makes you think 10/10 an emotional gut wrencher

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