Epic (2013)

Epic: Young Mary Katherine (M.K.) returns to her eccentric scientist father's home, but his all-consuming quest to discover a tiny civilization in the neighboring forest drives them apart. However, M.K. soon finds herself shrunken down by Queen Tara of that forest, mortally wounded by the putrefying Boggans, and charged to deliver a pod bearing the new Queen to safety. Together with a veteran Leafman warrior, two goofy mollusks and a young maverick, M.K. agrees to help. As the villainous Boggan leader, Mandrake closes in, M.K. and her new friends must draw on the best of themselves together and discover what they have to save their world.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 102 mins

Genres: Animation Adventure Family Fantasy Comedy
Actors: Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Christoph Waltz

  • Currently 6.60/10
(14526 votes)

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Epic (2013) Comments

Posted by MM1311

I like the movie, but the ending was not so good. ( That's my opinion. Don't sue me if you think it's great)

Posted by ipawklaus

Not very much epic-ness happening :/ waste of time.

Posted by Sharman91

Watched 1 hour of it then couldn't be bothered to watch to the end because it just bored me.

Posted by cnv

The quality is actually very good and the movie is great overall it's a 5/5 for me:D.

Posted by lee22319

all you's who hating this film are bunch of dkhd's ... its probs the best to buy the movie or go cinema's to watch the full graphics of this movie . you are not expected to get an HD on this websites

Posted by guerrak37

the movie was crap as usual but, jackie chan is awesome !!

Posted by TrafficFortuneRev

I loved it until the end. Great movie with action and a good moral: 8 / 10 overall...Quality is good by I rather seeing free movie in High quality. I found this and I would like to share with you: tinyurl.com/Watch-Free-Movies-Here. Hope you like it!

Posted by xbeex

really good watch, the ending was a bit blunt, but overall still really good

Posted by Ukelelian

Just like Fern Gully but not as informative or educational as the bad guy in that movie was pollution - something we can all help reduce if we know about the problem, whereas here the bad guys were midgets who like to make things magically rot and decay. Not much we as humans in the real world can do about that. Overall I enjoyed this movie but that was my only bugbear.

Posted by Sunshine7907

This was a very good movie. Great for the whole family. 5/5 rating. Can't wait til the DVD quality version comes out :)

Posted by duckiechick89

Really great movie for the family that has little kids, I saw it in theaters first and will continue to watch it again and again.

Posted by mamabrumble59

fabulous movie and this is really good quality for the rating they chose of medium. You will definitely be happy you watched this one , great story.5/5 Laura

Posted by tasha027

Hands Down One of the Best movie of 2013!!!

Posted by Sasya

I'm going to watch this with my friend in the cinema first, so I don't want to spoil it :) But if I see the comments I'm sure I'll watch it like 5 times here. My friend's sick allot so she never go's to the movies, I'm happy it's going to be a good movie ;D

Posted by warsteiner1

Awesome watch as usual by the makers. If you enjoyed Ice Age 1 2 3 4 Im quite certain you will enjoy this. My only suggestion is that you make it available to any child you can. Its Magic.

Posted by lotte310

Great movie, loved it. The art was amazing and the story was also really good. I wish the end would be different, that she could change how she looked, small or tall so she can live in both worlds. but overall an epic movie ;) 10/10

Posted by chailover

i thought i was going to love this, but it fell a bit flat for me. christoph waltz is perfect, but the rest was pretty slow and most of the humor wasn't working.

Posted by cannibalcarol

It's a beautiful movie, and like Killfate, I would have to agree that it also reminded me a bit of 'Fern Gully', which in my opinion is a must see. 4/5

Posted by rue26

this was so much fun to watch...lots of jokes..

Posted by roberto1144

Looks like a good movie.

Posted by j1e9s8s6ica

What can I say say? I love me some faeries and the magical allure of nature. Here "Epic" delivers with aplomb the visual feasts of an enchanted forest coupled with ages-old tales of combat between good and evil - or as portrayed here as a conflict between life and decay. The obvious flaw to be pointed out is the generic and predictable storyline, which delivers essentially what was to be expected, failing to really instill any sense of novelty. With some well-placed humour, thankfully low on the adult kind and more focused on family laughs, "Epic" does however deliver on its base promise: offering entertainment for both adults and children.So for me the Epic from 1 to 10 i will give a 9 it was a very cute and nice movie for all the family a big kiss to all and a very sweet day

Posted by DragonLover96

I loved it but the end could end up happier, if you know what I mean :)

Posted by DragonLover96

Gotta watch!! :D

Posted by mania17

It couldnt have been any better!

Posted by grossly

Why is it TS? It's great quality...

Posted by tasha027

Hands Down One of the Best Movie of 2013!!

Posted by Andy_Stone

The movie was awesome but I didn't like the ending very much.

Posted by Killfate

Great movie reminded me a little of Fern Gully I give it 8/10

Posted by VixenJasel

Now this movie was hillariously funny. I like the characters and it is also for those that love natural life and cartoons.

Posted by IToldYouSo

I'm really not trying to be mean or start a discussion, but wasn't this movie kind of EXACTLY THE SAME as 'Arthur and the Invisibles' (movie/book saga by Luc Besson). I mean: tiny people living in the back yard -> main character comes to visit father/grandfather -> gets shrinked -> saves the day.

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